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Hortus cartesianus
Periods of inactivity open your mind up for new sources of inspiration, new approaches and new projects.
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What step...TODAY? No 62 Blue autumnal skies, sunshine, vibrant colours...Let's forget about #migration for a day.
Flüchtlingspolitik: Neuburger Oberbürgermeister fordert Aufnahmestopp
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"Asylbewerber fragen mich oft, wann sie ihr Haus und ein Auto bekommen " #Merkel hats versprochen.
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What step...YESTERDAY? Tea and talk in a lovely country hotel.
What step....TODAY? No 61 Trying to practice Christian charity towards useless garden helpers.😁😁😁😇
Putting up a shelter for hedgehogs in convent garden. #hedgehogs welcome
What step....TODAY? No 60 Treat yourself to a delicious supper. You will need your strength.
Carry the radiance of summer into the darker days to come. #autumn #politics
The Fintry Trust has compiled a new website of resources and study materials which we are making freely available:
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Inklusion durch Exklusion - Warum wir Grenzen brauchen | Cicero Online…
Christmas in 2 months... school garden kids making presents for bazaar🎁.z
Positive thinking requires as much knowledge and expertise as any other art or craft.
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May rational thought and action prevail. Emotion without reason acts blindly. #LawsOfLife
May the Celestials guide us and all beings. #Angels #Intelligences
Amazing pic by Reuters. Refugees/ migrants on their way to #Germany passing here through Slovenia @akhbar
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Die große Fracht des Sommers ist verladen. Das Sonnenschiff im Hafen liegt bereit... #Bachmann
Der Krug geht so lange zum Brunnen, bis er bricht. #Deutsches Sprichwort
Willkommenskultur gegen Abwehrreflexe - Deutschland ohne Maß und Mitte | Cicero Online…
Wann hören Einheimische und Zuwanderer die Wahrheit über Wohnungen, die nicht vom Himmel regnen?…
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What step... TODAY? No 59 Home and harmony. #The Hall
Realizing your vision.
What step...TODAY? No 58 130 yrs Studiengenossenschaft ND. Philosophy, music and good conversations.
Check out "Genius intelligence: Three steps to being an #intellectual #genius: The success guide" @amazon-->
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Immer mehr Menschen mit Merkel unzufrieden …. Jetzt beschweren sich schon erste Flüchtlinge über die vielen Deutschen in ihrem neuen Land.
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The creatures of nature are naturally happy. #LawsOfTheCosmos
Those who really keep up their values do not always need to act accordingly. Instead they cultivate them.
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What step...TODAY? No 57 Teaching "🌟The Age of Enlightenment🌟" to students who don't know that these ideals are gravely endangered.
Truly great minds base their positivity on a realistic viewpoint. Dabblers mingle self-lies with some facts.
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We are lucky to experience the seasons of the year - endless summer would be boring... #SeasonsOfLife
What step ...TODAY? No 56 Digging #garden beds has a grounding effect.
Remember that rough times will pass.
What step...TODAY? No 55 Concentrating on intellectual issues can take your mind away from current political problems. #Oxford calling
Our new school #garden group (10-14).
Flüchtlingskrise: Klaus Bouillon, Innenminister des Saarlands, spricht Klartext
Briten über Deutsche: „Sehr unsympathisch“ - Flüchtlingskrise - FAZ…

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