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olaoye olaitan
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Happy Birthday to One Of My Best Friend Naomi Adeyinka,Wish U LLNP In Good Health And More U
Their God if Today I Lose My Hope Please Remind Me That Your Plans Are Better Than My Dream
I Wanna travel the world,Learn about as much as I can,Meet as many people As I can,& enjoy the Simple Pleasure of D world without No worries
If U are dumb enough to let me go,someone will be Smart enough to catch me and never make your mistake
Show feelings.,Get hurt....Be Faithful.,Get cheated on....Show Love.,Get left....Being Honest.,get lied to.......Oh What A Cold World
Change is not a Threat,is just an Opportunity to Transform
Pretend no more to me
You think you know people,then they suprise you
The difference between Like,Love and In love,is the same as the DiFlorence between For now,For a while and Forever
Sometimes the person who tries to keep everyone happy is often the most lonely one
Strangers can become best friends just as easy as best friends can become strangers
It has not been a easy ride but Nigeria still stands,I am proud to be a Nigerian. 9ja4Life!!! HAPPY NEW MONTH AND HAPPY INDEPENDENCE !!
If you Pretend To Love Me,May God Pretend To Hear your Prayer
Never give permanent feelings to a temporary person.
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No matter how angry you get,you always end up forgiving the people you really love
Not all those that wander are lost
Most people are only concerned with their own heart,They don't care if they break yours
Some people say I'm difficult,but I'm worth it
Am smiling now cos you made my day
Thank God for the mercy over life
Tired of waking up early just to read...can't wait to finish my #exams
What type of exams are u doing and which country are u from@HrishiOrton
#exam #dtu Why this happens the topic which you study for exams does not comes while the topic you leave surely comes. Facing this provlem
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Retweet if ur parents never let you sleep over at your friends houses
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Thank God its Friday, good luck to everyone taking exams tomorrow. I'll make sure I got something for you tomorrow night
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If he takes u out 4 a romantic date on Tuesday n Wednesday nyts instead of watching uefa champions league,it's not love,He is a Man Utd fan
Am I the only one annoyed by all these twitter accounts about love and relationships making it look like guys are the biggest assholes?
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Happy Birthday to my grandma,wish u long life in good health and more wealth,may u reap and enjoy the fruit of ur labour....Amen
Everything you'll ever need to know is within you; the secrets of the universe are imprinted on the cells of your body
When you think you're finally over them,that's when they suddenly show up in your life again
I may not be perfect but at least I'm not fake
Lord in you i put my trust,save me and provide for me
The tighter the hug the better i feels, I really fucking like you
Happy Anniversary GJCEM Church
I feel a whole lot better now
Nothing last forever,just thinking of the past
Make No Mistake. There's a Big Difference Between Those Who are Always Around You And Those Who are Always There For You
So funny how some old friends can still call you late at nite and ask how you have being living without them
I hate cough,please go on time
Happy married life sister
Back home thank God for today
Cresthill suit on point
I hate this fucking feeling since morning
Today is Another day to thank our almighty one, Rain or Shine Life is Beautiful to live with as not everyone is given the chance to enjoy it
Life is all about moving and enjoying every sunset and looking forward to the next sunrise #life
My dear friends, I am saying I Miss You All! And Hope that all is well with you All? Life is no fun without FRIENDS like you