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Hope Eckert
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when u ask a question in the group message and no one replies
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My family has two volumes: loud and louder.
I watched My Big Fat Greek Wedding last night and now I'm watching it again tonight. That's normal, right?
Furbies are actually terrifying.
I feel like some people put on their mean pants today and thought that was a good look. It's not. #bekind
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Lip gloss is great. Unless it's windy. And your hair is down.
Blank space is such a good song adsklf;jaklsdf
Today I went to Target and cried happy tears bc of all the cute winter clothes they have.
I'm not going to lie, the Caramel Praline Latte tastes like plastic. But at least it was free with that deal they have at Starbucks 😂
Am I the only one that watched Zaboomafoo as a child? And can still sing the whole theme song by heart?
Maybe it's natural, maybe it's an Instagram filter.
So much for waiting to listen to 1989 on spotify.
*tweets for the first time in a while* *loses 6 followers*
"I am made and remade continually. Different people draw different words from me." - Virginia Woolf
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Big Hero 6 looks so adorable 💖
My little sister just asked me what a phone book is. If that doesn't say a lot about the upcoming generation I don't know what does.
There's Christmas stuff up everywhere and it's not even Thanksgiving yet *____*
I need a boo. And by boo I mean bowl of oreos.
Thinking about dyeing my hair...
We all have that one friend that we send our weirdest snapchats to.
Who is this Alex from Target character?
I think it's funny that the way movies portray high school is completely inaccurate.
Pilates? More like pie and lattes.
I wish I could illegally download clothes and makeup.
My tweets used to be sassy and halfway funny.
I didn't know there was such thing as a national day for cats until this morning.
Honestly I just wish I lived in the 60's and 70's.
God bless Marvel.
Honestly the only thing we need to know about Thor 3 right now is how long Loki's hair is going to be.
Not to sound like the white girl that I am, but Starbucks in coming out with a new drink.
Marcel the Shell with Shoes on. I've waited so long.
Midterms, papers, and homework, oh my.
To tell you the truth, I have trouble finding songs more inspirational than "Reflection" from Mulan.
That awkward moment when you think someone is waving at you but you're not sure so you don't know if you should wave or not.
when our phones fall, we panic. when our friends fall, we laugh.
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I may know nothing about writing checks or handling money, but I can certainly solve for x and y. #highschool
To all the Channing Tatum fans I know, he's going to be in Myrtle Beach this November.
Seriously considering never drinking a pumpkin spice latte again.
History mid term essays done 💪
Wait what there's going to be another Ghostbusters movie?
I think the world would be better off if people refrained from negatively commenting on other's statuses, pictures, and posts.