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Hope Eckert
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I didn't know Teala Dunn voiced a Wonder Pet...
I'm really craving Chinese food right now 🍚
@Katy_McCullough idk lemme see if I have plans today.
@Katy_McCullough he is literally my favorite viner.
anything over $10 is expensive
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Wait but people will actually wait for six hours in a line to get the new iPhone.
Yesterday my history teacher called Leonardo DiCaprio "Leonardo DiCappuccino".
To be completely honest the only reason I'm going to watch DWTS this season is because Bethany Mota.
Who would actually buy a faux blood stained sweatshirt? Urban Outfitters, what is wrong with you?
boys that wear nike socks, cargo shorts, and blast rap music. no no no no no no.
Does anyone know where I could find a black long sleeved peter pan collar dress? 👗
Can the weekend please be five days and the week be two days?
Needless to say, New York Fashion week confuses me.
I want to go on a road trip.
Every time I get a green tea frapp at Starbucks someone asks me what it is.
Every year on #911 I post this photo hoping 2 return 2 owner. Found at #groundzero #WTC in 2001. Pls RT
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I want to be Wednesday Addams for Halloween.
@taylorantonucci if I still went to that school I'd sleep through all 7 of them
People that FaceTime in public and talk really loudly are actually the worst.
RIP Truett Cathy.
Watching the US Open makes me want to go play tennis.
Tom Hiddleston is playing a country music star in a movie. I'm dead.
Gabby Douglas followed me 😱😊
Now that I'm not at CA I have nothing sassy to tweet ☺
The Giver is an amazing movie.
@Ihannah_bananaI that's so ridiculous they can't just take homecoming from y'all.
@Ihannah_bananaI why? Did they just totally cancel it? That sounds like something they'd do.
I wish my hair would grow 6 inches like now.
One of the biggest mistakes of my life was watching cooking shows right after I've eaten dinner.
Pumpkin spice tea is life.
Can I be at the US Open now please.
Pumpkin spice frappuccino. Holy cannoli.
No one else my age watches Youtube as much as I do.
I'm ready for fall.
@Katy_McCullough I want a collie, I haven't had a dog in like 3 years 😔
You really don't know how many situations the crying Selena Gomez picture can describe.
When you make plans with your friends and they get cancelled
Yesterday I went out to lunch and I walked by this old lady and she looked at me and said "wow, nice eyebrows, honey!"
it's funny how just a couple weeks ago I was all about summer and all of a sudden I'm like LETS CARVE A PUMPKIN AND GO TO A FOOTBALL GAME
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First pumpkin spice latte of the season 🙏🙏🙏
Hello Kitty is indeed a cat. Do not tell me differently.