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Hope Eckert
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*rushes to Walmart to buy Fourth of July themed apparel*
There is no such thing as wearable Fourth of July makeup.
@taylorantonucci is that your hand wut happened?!
That new Transformers movie doe 😍😍😍
It's a Sephora shopping kind of day today 👍
I need a new @ name.. anyone have any ideas???
Shout out to my friends for helping me through my Sebastian Stan crisis.
Either girls act like they're interested in the World Cup to get a guys attention or they're just watching it for the soccer players.
White girl Fourth of July fashion... no ✋
Do you ever like a particular name but then meet someone with that name who's really rude and don't like the name any more?
See what I did there.
Unfollow spreeee timeee.
I literally make the same smirk every time I take a selfie wut.
New obsession >>> beef jerky
If you've never been in a Harris Teeter you haven't lived your life yet.
Crying bc I got to go to my favorite store in NC today.
@taylorantonucci I MISS YOU TOO. We need to get together soon 😭
If I never message or text you and we're good friends I'm sorry I just forget but I still love you all 💖
I try not to judge people, but when they get their selfies professionally edited it's hard not to.
I love watching vlogs.
I hate burpees with a burning passion. #cheesyfitnessjokes
I just want a toothless plush is that too much to ask.
Yass to gifs on twitter.
My tweets are either really boring or really sassy. There is no in between.
Craving an Arizona green tea right now.
iPhone 5c or 5s? I need advice.
HTTYD 2 was amazing.
I refuse to respect people that treat my parents like crap.
A goal of mine is to always dress cute, but I always end up wearing a tshirt and athletic shorts.
Movie day with bestiesss 💖
Taking a moment to be thankful that I'm not like you.
I love hearing people talk about things that they're passionate about. Just the way that they smile makes me smile.
Laughing at you rn.
My twitter feed is all soccer related. No ✋
I belong with you, you belong with me.
Having mutual feelings with your crush would be nice.
I want a Toothless plush.
I want to grow my hair out and dye it a really funky color. Then again I don't.
Yes I'm fifteen years old and I want to go to build a bear do you have a problem with that.
It's not called stalking, it's called intense research of a certain individual.
How 👏 to 👏 train 👏 your 👏 dragon 👏 2 👏
There is a wasp stuck inside my bedroom window 😳