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Dustin Garonzik
Like honestly, Trap is basically the Rap version of EDM. If you like Rap, you pretty much have to like Trap.
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TIME SLOTS for tonight! 〰 See you guys there ✨ Red Light Lounge 2911 Main St
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throwback to @BorgeousMusic last year in Dallas! cant wait to see you again tonight 😍7
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@DustinGaronzik good meeting you last night my man. Always enjoy meeting cool people at shows. #goodvibes
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I don't understand why some people dress up in festival attire for a Friday night at lizard
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Tonight is going to be E P I C. Borgeous is bacckkkk. SOLD OUT SHOW PEOPLE
HOMIES @RiggiandPiros NEVER DISAPPOINT! Always a pleasure when they come through 🙌�#ElectroLightsts
Not bullshittin, @dj_bomb_cat put up hands down one of the best sets of the night tonight. Glad to see my boy going places #ElectroLights
That's that shit I've been on.
Who else is going to @ElectroLightsTX tonight? I still need some people to go with!
I was raised to treat the janitor with the same respect as the CEO.
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I wish more of my friends back from high school would give the EDM scene a chance...
I have work in a couple hours. I woke up and I can't get back to sleep 😖
Some people just need to make a scene for no fucking reason.
Sorry to inform you all but the Bear Grillz show September 5th has been canceled.
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The @itsbeargrillz show has been cancelled unfortunately. 😕
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Trump be like the DJ Khaled of politics, I don't know if he's joking or not, but he's got a lot of money so he must be onto something
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The @itsbeargrillz show next week in Dallas has unfortunately been canceled. I can't express how upset and mad I am about the matter.
I could really could listen to @Skrux all day
Kenz is secretly a bat. That's why she can't see sunlight. 🙈�…pk
If y'all' really knew how much I've had pizza over the past two weeks 😅 That pizza diet is something else 😂
Clean Bandit - Rather Be (Elephante Remix) Forever in LOVE with this song 😍😍😍
Wub wub wub wub wub wub
but really are you eatin though?
Every night is a good night for pizza.
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YO Dallas I hope you're ready for me on Sept 5th !!!!
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don't base your decisions on the advice from people who don't have to deal with the results.
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Waiting on the Dallas return of @MordFustang
quiet people have the loudest minds
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"If you work on your weaknesses, you will be that much better of a producer."
Don't take your girl around your "homeboys" as soon as yall break up your "homeboys" will be the first thirsty niggas, Lol the more you know
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Met @SamFedele the other night. He didn't just do jokes he talked about real everyday life. Great guy #FunnyManSam
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Trip was a success, Finally back home. Feels good to be back and I can't wait to see all of y'all this weekend hopefully.
sad raver memory: driving 4 hours to OKC in tornado warning weather to see @habstrakt first U.S. show EVER, and his flight gets cancelled 😩😩
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If I haven’t told you already, I’m gonna be gone until after MDBP. Can’t receive calls or texts until then. I’ll miss y’all ❤️

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