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Ok quick stop in Manchester than a book signing in CARIDFF at 4pm @WHSmith Queen Street? Come and have a chat about last nights episode! x
Where can I get a synthetic hair piece in Manchester today please? Doesn't need to be amazing only gunna be used for one day
2 hours sleep after PA lastnight now manc for a shoot then Cardiff for book signing then wolves for a pa and apparently I don't work 😂👏
In all fairness to @KyleCGShore I was seeing someone on the outside in the beginning but he wasn't involved in the show.
"@isthatkatiel: @HollyGShore do you want to get married in the future?😘#AskGeordieHollyy x" one day yes now I'm Sassy#GeordieShoree
Right here we go #GEORDIESHORE omg omg omg omg
"@KeatsBen: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly When are you coming to America? and can you say hi to Ben and Janine please ;)" one day x
"@heszteg: @HollyGShore what do you think about Warsaw shore? 😘 #AskGeordieHollyy" I met them they're lovely#GeordieShoree
"@MxPollock: @HollyGShore will you ever leave Geordie shore?x" no plans to #GeordieShore
"@LilliSpice: @HollyGShore favourite hair colour?? #AskGeordieHolly #GeordieShore" I owe a lot to that red hair
"@danielaaajjj: @HollyGShore If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go ? #AskGeordieHolly" I'd never leave Boro if poss
"@jessica_sarah14: @HollyGShore #askgeordieholly do you enjoy Geordie shore?😍" yes I do but it has its moments#GeordieShoree
"@danihyde_: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly how many times have you dyed your hair? X" countless #GeordieShore
"@Alex7Rowland: @HollyGShore favourite Disney character and why? #AskGeordieHolly 🙊🙊" Disney is a MASSIVE LI#GeordieShorere
"@_TheLiamShow: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly are you proud of what you've achieved in the past year?" My Mum is very proud #GeordieShore
"@megan_meldrum17: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly is there anything u hate about Geordie shore? 😁 follow me? 🙏x" that house is freezing!
"@Keithy81: @HollyGShore will you stay in touch with Vicky after she leaves?" Yes #GeordieShore
"@alanfinn2004: @HollyGShore. #AskGeordieHolly follow absolutely love the show well there be more series ?" No plans to end it x
"@Sophwoodwardd: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly how old were you when you had a proper relationship" read my book #GeordieShore
"@RiqueroEmmanuel: @HollyGShore what´s next for you? new book? new music? #AskGeordieHolly" maybe some more new music
"@Poppy_wbu: Do your parents watch @mtvgeordieshore @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly 😂😘" I watch it with my mam
"@Courtneey_98: @HollyGShore did you think the tortoise wedding was pointless?😅#AskGeordieHollyy" this is blasphemy#GeordieShoree
"@NUFC1616: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly how old are you holly!? Love you!! Xx" like @taylorswift13 says 22
"@meantyler54: @HollyGShore #GeordieShore #askgeordieholly what do u think u would be doing if u wasn't on Geordie shore?" Call centre :(
"@1975irwinss: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly what is the one thing you would tell your teenage self?💗x" have more self worth#GeordieShoree
"@Dappyaddicts: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly What are your plans for the future with singing?🎤🎤" more to com@MattAATWTW
"@fetusdxmi: How do you see yourself in a few years? #AskGeordieHolly #GeordieShore @HollyGShore" I ask myself this everyday #GeordieShore
"@Joannedaviss: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly how long did it take for your book to be written ? Xx" 6 months total #GeordieShore
"@ffitarling: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly do you have any regrets?" Ne regrets just life lessons #GeordieShore
"@abbicookiexo what is your favourite part of vein on geordie shore? #AskGeordieHolly #GeordieShore" being able to help my family
"@ELSYYYsh: @HollyGShore #askgeordieholly what would yourself five years ago tell yourself today ?" Never wear 1 leather glove #GeordieShore
Our @HollyGShore & @GazGShore are now taking questions from you lot & will be for 30 mins. Tweet them using #AskGeordieGaz #AskGeordieHolly
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Can't wait for this stunning dress to arrive from @boutiqueboo LOVE IT!! Follow them girls
@abbie_cummings: Just met the Newcastle flight at work and @HollyGShore was on there, what an amazing figure she has!! #iwant” oh thanks😘
This weeks press #covergirllikeaboss 😜
Feel so lonely today knowing I'm away working til we go back filming 😢 hate being alone#needyass
"My scars show pain& suffering but they'll always be a reminder of how I survived"💝 best read ever😻@HollyGShoreore
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Ok just to confirm I am NOT leaving #GeordieShore
Who's ready?! TONIGHT 10pm MTV 😁😍
@HollyGShore nearly finished the book, interesting read some in witch I can relate too x
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