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@HollyGShore Gutted I have finished ur book. Was an amazing read and can relate so much to chapter 32 ! #NotQuiteAGeordie Amazing 💋
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So comfy in tracksuit from my range, on the way to work 😙💤 get it here >…
@HollyGShore Short layers completely transformed with long luxurious hair with zero connections on show. @Easilocks 💗
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@daniel_tooth: @HollyGShore I met you yesterday at faces wolverhampton I was so happy thanks for coming”☺️
There's no seats on the train so I'm sat on the floor of the vestibule from London to newcastle👍 and u lot call me a celeb#amafuckc#peasantnt
@millie_shepherd: @HollyGShore thank you so much for meeting us! The best night!❤️” no problem hunni
Am I ever gunna be aloud to forget my past or is every random Tom Dick n Helga gunna go on about it asif they've never made a mistake✋fukoff
@millie_tyerr: Actually can't believe I met @HollyGShore !!!!!👌💕💕” nice to meet you girls
@samlomas1995: just offered to help @HollyGShore down the stairs with her suitcase and she completely pied me... I understand"I'm strong 😘
Thankyou so much @Easilocks for sorting out my boy hair!!
Boy hair has been well and truly sorted out!! Ignore my face I havnt slept in 3 days hahaha thanks so much @easilockshair @shane_o_sullivan 😍
Lakeside book signing 📚✏️
@meganjosephXo: "Don't cry hun you don't want your makeup and eyelashes coming off " I love you @HollyGShore”😘
Mad how one little thing can effect your mood 😔
Everyone follow local business @TheCupcakeCo11 for amazingly creative cakes!!! 😍
En route to lakeside Essex for book signing with @WHSmith
Nah I feel like a boy with no extensions in! Thank god I bought a hair piece! Fresh locks from @Easilocks tomorrow so excited 💇
Didn't realise how addictive and how deep @HollyGShore book would be so intrigued!💕 xx
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"Ere can I drink the tap water in cork?" 😂 thick twat@KyleCGShoree
Seriously, @HollyGShore is absolutely beautiful! I'm so happy to have met her! Already started the book and I'm completely engrossed in it!
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Thank you so much for waiting Cardiff it was lovely to meet you all now onto Wolverhampton 😅
Traffic is an absolute nightmare guys in Cardiff I am so sorry to keep you waiting but I'm going as quick as I can
Sorry to everyone in Cardiff, I'm running a little late but I will be with you soon! xx
On my way to Cardiff, for my book signing at WH Smith, Queen Street. Can't wait to see you all there!! x
“@thehendy7: @HollyGShore that USTED to be you before you found fame and money, you cretin” I'm talking about me you freak and it's used*
Walking round manc with a full face of makeup on and a juicy tracky #chavcitybitch 👊
We're prepping for Movember, & need your support! Send us your rudest #ZOOMovember selfies & you could be in the mag!
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Ok quick stop in Manchester than a book signing in CARIDFF at 4pm @WHSmith Queen Street? Come and have a chat about last nights episode! x
Where can I get a synthetic hair piece in Manchester today please? Doesn't need to be amazing only gunna be used for one day
2 hours sleep after PA lastnight now manc for a shoot then Cardiff for book signing then wolves for a pa and apparently I don't work 😂👏
In all fairness to @KyleCGShore I was seeing someone on the outside in the beginning but he wasn't involved in the show.
"@isthatkatiel: @HollyGShore do you want to get married in the future?😘#AskGeordieHollyy x" one day yes now I'm Sassy#GeordieShoree
Right here we go #GEORDIESHORE omg omg omg omg
"@KeatsBen: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly When are you coming to America? and can you say hi to Ben and Janine please ;)" one day x
"@heszteg: @HollyGShore what do you think about Warsaw shore? 😘 #AskGeordieHollyy" I met them they're lovely#GeordieShoree
"@MxPollock: @HollyGShore will you ever leave Geordie shore?x" no plans to #GeordieShore
"@LilliSpice: @HollyGShore favourite hair colour?? #AskGeordieHolly #GeordieShore" I owe a lot to that red hair
"@danielaaajjj: @HollyGShore If you could visit any place in the world, where would you go ? #AskGeordieHolly" I'd never leave Boro if poss
"@jessica_sarah14: @HollyGShore #askgeordieholly do you enjoy Geordie shore?😍" yes I do but it has its moments#GeordieShoree
"@danihyde_: @HollyGShore #AskGeordieHolly how many times have you dyed your hair? X" countless #GeordieShore
"@Alex7Rowland: @HollyGShore favourite Disney character and why? #AskGeordieHolly 🙊🙊" Disney is a MASSIVE LI#GeordieShorere