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Possibly the best thing I have seen all day
Retweeted by hol
josh's room is so cold💀💀
can't sleeep😒
diet coke is disgusting
peter andre obviously doesn't shop at iceland
ugh i hate you
you're such a snob ugh
i feel so gross
lmao but what happened to tom watt like is he dead or in prison or what
If I had courteeners tickets life would be 100% better
Retweeted by hol
my emotions have been so bipolar lately ugh
october through december is my favourite time of the year🍂
imagine not being the ugly friend
my face is so chubby and fat i hate it so much
Retweeted by hol
put my hair up nice for the first time and now it's raining :))))
I wish I could drive so I could pick up you and take you places
Retweeted by hol
all these accounts with like 200k+ followers still beg for more like how many followers do you want seriously get over yourselves
if ebola hits the uk i s2g i'm not leaving my room
i envy people with perfect teeth
79 days until Christmas whaaaat🎅🎄
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eastenders storyline is so upsetting, makes my stomach turn😖
clueless is my fav film
cannot stand people who think they can just tell you what to do😷
why do people think drugs are cool theYRE NOT
my sister is beyond stupid
I'm giving my children little bear suits because
Retweeted by hol
josh can retweet but not text back smh
no one understands how much i want a human size teddy bear
Retweeted by hol
Why is it that whenever i can actually have a lie in, im awake at the crack of dawn 😠
Retweeted by hol
v proud of myself for losing nearly a stone🙊
wish my sister wouldnt steal my lipsticks😠
5 o'clock traffic is dreadful👋
My stomach feels like it's being knifed
Retweeted by hol
avoiding twitter tomorrow due to the "it's october 3rd" tweets
wish my hair was longer and thicker🙆
i must be the only girl to not find those pictures of nick jonas attractive even in the slightest
if you're having a bad day, just watch this 🐰
Retweeted by hol