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cant keep myself awake😩
lmao even my dad dont wanna spend time w me smh
cant believe everyones fingerin themselves over some lads party when his dads on the door checkin bags for booze aaaaa😅😅
some 1 help
i mean wtf would i wear a black top or a white top w them
want white skinny jeans but my legs r gross
i want 2 be pretty n i want 2 be skinny
£110 for gettin C's in my mocks lol ily mom
I'm heartbrokennnnnnmmmmnn without your love
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“@acehoodflow: your girlfriend is posting half naked selfies on twitter mate sort her out ✋😂”
listen niggas dont set your standards so damn high
a lot of girls mindsets of what a perfect boy is are so surreal
why you so salty hot tamale is on
wanna go underwear n bra shopping
mingin that ive got to go school to do an exam n then go home, wtp im gna fail anyway
cuddles n a cup of tea is all im askin for
grab ur girls butt and don't ever feel bad about it
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why are ppl in my year getting 8 A*s n i cant even get a C lmao
so a 13 n 14 year old lesbian r engaged lmao u go wazza
cba w schoool