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hol ❁
confidence is gd until you start believing ur better than everything that moves
can i just sleep til school is over
sick of my school and everyone in it, dunno how people miss it😷
mingin that 4 children were beheaded for not converting to islam😷✋
Recent obsession with jackets 👛
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crying is cheaper than makeup remover
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always punch myself in he face when i pull my blanket up😐✋
angelina jolie is unreal😍
i drop my phone at least 3 times a day and it has never broken ??
Barber: what trim you want g? Guy: just give me the chart showing the increase in immigration to the UK
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littlest things make me happy
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still haven't decided what i want for christmas help me pls
you've left school but still hang around with year 6s and offer them weed, alrite😷✋
honestly would love to shoot josie cunningham the ming
I think one of my favorite feelings is laughing with someone and realizing half way through how much you enjoy them and their existence
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❤️ being ugly !!!
all the 13 year olds in oxford still bum out going rink on a Friday night for the disco skate lool
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can't believe it's been a year already😩💔
literally nowhere in my house for me to practise my dance ugh
i wish someone would come n see mcbusted with me :(:(:(/(
how do people sleep with socks on
i cant wait to see josh it's been so long😩😩
wow the vamps r really bad
I don't know who's more annoying on Twitter, feminists or fan girls
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why did i apply for accounts and biology at college😩
but then again i'm so excited to get my own car and house and to get married and have my own family
i really really don't want to grow up
"I think as you get older your Christmas list gets smaller, and you realize the things you really want for Christmas, can't be bought"
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still can't believe it's been a whole year since paul walker died, like it feels like it was only a couple of months ago😪
being called "baby" just does something to me
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how can mel b criticise anybody on their singing ability
probably the only person that doesnt find jennifer lawrence attractive
i wish i wasn't such a sensitive person
i'd rather not wake up tomorrow lol
literally don't have the patience for anyone
all the topshop clothes on sale for black friday are minging😭
the topshop black friday sale is going to be beautiful thank u holy god
@fxckry4n: My Twitter is so dead right now" says the guy who follows over 300 thousand people
in the worst mood ever😤😞
granola is so nice😍
everythings getting on my nerves :(
love the sound of rain hitting my window