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Holes In The Foam
YES YES!!!! Give me more! I want MORE!! Is Christian YouTuber Sam Rader Fair Game in the Ashley Madison Hack?
I know people who think that she's for real... *sigh* - #Caputo #FakePsychics
Bill Maher: 3 Reasons We Need More Scientists in Congress
The sad part is that people have been warning us the ... - #Berry #FightPlutocracy
He has to prioritize his time in order to maintain productivity? :P -
Ashley Madison Hackers Speak Out: 'Nobody Was Watching' | Motherboard
How a Disgraced KKK Leader Became a Key FBI Operative in a Bizarre Radioactive Ray Gun Case | VICE | United States
Ring of Fire: Why Do Republicans Keep Bowing Down To The Bloodsucking, Inept NRA? - #Papantonio
What? Finally? About fucking time! IRS Getting Pressured To Crack Down On Televangelists « CBS DC
Whoa. Mad Science: First Human Brain Grown in Lab, Researchers Claim -
Boohoo... Christian Pastor Lashes Out at ‘False Reverend’ John Oliver For Mocking Predatory Televangelists | Alternet
If #Goldwater saw it coming and warned about it, you know it's bad... - #GOPTheocrats
Surprised? Anna Duggar '€˜partly blames herself' and will never leave her cheating anti-LGBT activist husband: source
Porn addiction? Did I say that? I meant CORN addiction... Duggar Erases Confession Of Porn Addiction From Apology |
Peeping tom priest goes on the lam. Surely, the archdiocese ... - #Bien #PedoPriests
#Sanders refuses to mudsling. Press goes insane... - VIDEO - #Election2016
He "wanted it"... New Jersey priest raped 15-year-old in rectory and then said ‘evil’ teen ‘wanted’ it: report
Well, there's at least that... Donald Trump is Slowly Dismantling the Religious Right
Recommended reading: #Acharya's Religion 101 for Seekers - #Books
Of course there are women who like #Trump. What do you expect ... - #AmericanIdiots
Busted. Duggar admits to porn addiction and being €˜unfaithful€™ to wife '€˜I have been the biggest hypocrite ever'€™
It can only happen in...? Florida Man Fatally Shot While Teaching Girlfriend To Shoot A Rifle |
Sam Seder Responds to Secular Talk's New Atheists / Progressives Peace Proposal -
This class act sure knows his way around the ... - #Gremaud #StupidStates #Wtf
#Trump's "National Security Adviser" Says He's Never Talked Policy ... - #GopLiars
Climate Change is Helping Putin! -€” Real Time with Bill Maher Blog
Bill Nye: Creationism Is Not Appropriate For Children... - VIDEO - #CreationistIdiots
Will there be justice??? Bangladesh arrests three men including Briton over murders of secular bloggers |
Really? That's what you want from a leader? -
He's being modest. Bernie Sanders blasts Donald Trump as “an embarrassment for our country” -
Sounds like a perfectly reasonable reaction. In batshit world! - #BibleBatshit
The 9 Mindblowing Things NASA Has Already Discovered in 2015 - Mic
Ever notice how only the most idiotic gun nuts have a problem with this? -
Well, we already know the cure for religion... -
The sad part? TLC will fall for it... The Duggars want a new reality show in which they counsel sex abuse victims
If, indeed... but we're getting there... - #Ingersoll
What's next, a temper tantrum? FL AG won'€™t pay legal fees after losing fight against same-sex marriage
It would be like trying to sell air... -
The Obama Administration's Strategy On Heroin Addiction: Treat It As A Public Health Problem | ThinkProgress
Let's face it. It's basically why you try to buy elections... - #FightPlutocracy
Unfortunately, too many idiots can't understand this simple ... - #Obama #WomensRights
Meanwhile, in xtian-hypocrite-batshit land, pt 2... Mich. state reps' sordid affair made staffer's job 'untenable'
DL Hughley states a painful possibility, if not a truth... - VIDEO -
Classy as always... Witnesses: Confederate Flag Supporters Wave Weapons In Clash With Black Lives Matter Protesters |

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