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Holes In The Foam
No automatic R-E-S-P-E-C-T for you! Deal with it goobers... - #ReligionIsStupid
Guess he missed the big house... Jerusalem Gay Pride: Six stabbed 'by ultra-Orthodox Jew' - BBC News
Can we as a species maybe learn a bit more from our failures? - #Hitchens
The asshole cops work to get their stories straight after shooting Sam ... -
An Oral History of the West African Village That Has Been in South Carolina for Four Decades | VICE | United States
Oh there's more? Great... More Disturbing Revelations Emerge from the Jehovah’s Witnesses Child Sexual Abuse Inquiry
Atheists Watch "Doughnut Man"... - VIDEO -
The Amazing Atheist & Jaclyn Glenn VS Atheism Is Unstoppable... - VIDEO -
Let's expose a few more hunter assholes. Here are six more rich white people who get off on killing African wildlife
The Joys of Atheism: #1 Swearing ... - VIDEO -
Atheists and Privilege... - VIDEO -
Rampant Corporatism: SCOTUS Justices Rule in Favor of Companies they Own Stock In, 90% of the Time | Alternet
Mika Brzezinski gives theocrat-idiot #Huckabee a solid kick in the ... - #GopAssholes
The Boy Scouts Still Don't Accept Atheists... - VIDEO - #Mehta
Things You Learn When You Break Up with God | VICE | United States
Your God is Too Small: 50 Essays On Life, Love & Liberty Without Religion -
This shit can only happen in a stupid state... Oklahoma Guv's Daughter Living In Trailer Parked Outside Guv's Mansion
A Supreme Threat to American Democracy | Alternet
Faux News dolts don't know when to quit on the Planned ... - #Doocy #FauxNews #Stfu
Another mormon scam, in Florida of all places... Why Does the Mormon Church Want to Build a Small City in Florida?
Anybody with a modicum of common sense should be able to ... - #Hanauer #RaiseTheWage
Still think you're safer packing heat? Watch what happens when regular people try to use handguns in self-defense -
What? Huckabee is still talking out of his ass regarding climate change? No way! Huckabee’s Hot Air on Volcanoes
Funny how most believers always seem to have trouble picking the "right" morals... -
So fuck your goober smiley-happy-face, have a nice ... - #FuckReligion #Hitchens
Well, I know I am. Why aren'€™t we as universally outraged over Sandra Bland'€™s death as we are over Cecil the lion?
Will it ever end? ‘Quit faking': Police ignored Native American woman’s pleas for help before she died in jail
Was it worth it asshole? Pt Deux... Lion-killing dentist Palmer also preyed on women, sexual harassment claim reveals
Was it worth it asshole? Pt. 1 - Palmer, the dentist who killed Zimbabwe’s Cecil the lion faces calls for prosecution
Jack Black, Morgan Freeman, Natasha Lyonne and some others ... - #FunnyShit #IranDeal
It was all part of god's plan... :P Man dies from snake bite at church service in Kentucky -
Choice words from Jimmy #Kimmel regarding Walt #Palmer - the lion-killing ... - #Cecil
Noam #Chomsky raises some interesting discussion-worthy points on ... - #IranDeal
Did anybody really think it would? Playing it “Cool” Won’t Save Christianity
Recommended reading: A Call to Action: Women, Religion, Violence, and Power - #Carter
Thoughts on Barney Frank's take on Bernie Sanders' presidential run? -
My Boyfriend Is Jesus: 7 Experiences Of A Nun |
Richard #Dawkins: One Fact to Refute Creationism... - VIDEO - #CreationistIdiots
Sweet justice? Walter Palmer, alleged lion killer: He can be tried in the U.S., or extradited to Zimbabwe.

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