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Holes In The Foam
You know they're out there... :P -
What the fucking fuck Sweden??? Sweden's liberal reputation tarnished as race attacks rise - The Guardian
Ok now, it's getting ridiculous... Kim Davis Busted: Vatican Won’t Let Her Throw Pope Under The Bus
"Jaclyn #Glenn Is The Human Centipede Of Atheism" - VIDEO - #Plagiarism
The rhetoric can be used flexibly... - #GopIdiots
Right Wing Round-Up - 9/30/15 -
Wait, what? Did Faux News just side with #Obama? - VIDEO - #FauxNews #FirstResponders
Something tells me Jebby-boy will be getting a lot ... - #Bush #GopDouchebags #Wilmore
Ah geez, what did theocrat-idiot #Huckabee tweet now? - #GopIdiots
‘Days of Revolt’ with Chris #Hedges: #Isis, The New Israel - VIDEO - #MiddleEast
Oh yeah, that's a hero. Forget Oregon’s Gunman. Remember the Hero Who Charged Straight at Him. - The Daily Beast
How soon before the NRA and Faux News blame Obama for the ... - #Oregon #Shootings
Let the spin begin! Vatican: Pope’s Meeting With Kim Davis ‘Should Not Be Considered A Form Of Support’
10 Signs You Were Raised In An Atheist Household | ClickHole
Joe #Rogan explains the harsh realities to a gay xtian ... - #Yiannapoulos
We can only hope. Cruz is toast: It’s not just that he won’t be president, his days in the Senate are numbered, too
Was just thinking, wasn't USA about due for one? Oregon college shooting: gunman identified as Chris Harper Mercer
Tired of capitalism? There could be a better way. - The Washington Post
Liz Warren is on fire... This Is How Elizabeth Warren Plans To Take On The For-Profit College Industry |
Very interesting... Elizabeth Warren lobbying query leads Brookings Institution fellow to quit |
The Nearly Abandoned, Historic Hamlets Of Europe May Provide A Solution For The Refugee Crisis | ThinkProgress
Uncanny... 5 Ways Donald Trump Perfectly Mirrors Hitler's Rise To Power |
Vatican? Weird? That never happens... Why The Vatican Is Being So Weird About The Pope’s Meeting With Kim Davis
Right Wing Bonus Tracks - 9/29/15 -
Liz Warren gives a fiery speech about America and its racism problem... - VIDEO -
IN GOP’s House Leader Resigns After Texting Sexually Explicit Video of Himself to Everyone on his “Contacts” List |
He apparently broke the story... Letter #38, 2015: Kim and Francis - Inside The Vatican
Yep, that's pretty much it. :P What The World Looks Like When You Were Raised Catholic - CollegeHumor Post
Trevor #Noah launches the next era of The Daily Show... - VIDEO - #TheDailyShow
Pro-Israel groups targeting Palestinian organizations in US, report finds | World news | The Guardian
We Asked a Military Expert What the Hell Putin Is Up to in Syria | VICE | United States
Sam #Harris debates With Dean Obeidallah... - VIDEO - #MuslimBatshit
Powell: I stay Republican 'because it annoys them' | TheHill
Richard #Dawkins scathingly accurate commentary on America, ... - #AmericanIdiots
VICE: Trevor #Noah Is America's New Political Stepdad - #Stewart #TheDailyShow

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