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Holes In The Foam
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Claire Felicie’s photographs Marines’ faces before, during, and after Afghanistan. htt ... -
Behind the Bars: Guantánamo Bay: The Declaration of No Human Rights -
SpaceX Will Soon Be Launching Satellites For “Unfettered, Low Cost” Internet | IFLScience
More Kirk Cameron Batshit: Schools should celebrate Christmas because ‘education is inherently religious’
Southern Discomfort — Real Time with Bill Maher Blog
More"conjecture?" Bill Cosby raped me. Why did it take 30 years for people to believe my story? The Washington Post
Wowww! :o Graphene-Based Supercapacitors Could Lead To Battery-Free Electric Cars Within 5 Years | IFLScience
Something tells me he will change his mind in the joint - Rapist Quotes Bible in Court, “God Intended It For Good”;
Enjoy prison, you sick fuck - After Raping a Pre-Teen Boy, Christian Broadcaster Will Spend 25+ Years in Prison
Explainer: Why Rosetta Comet Mission is Such a Big Deal | IFLScience
It's gonna be a fun next couple of years, and not in a good way...
U.S.-China deal on emissions reductions won't stop climate change, but it's still good.
The Strange Case of the English Porpoise That Fucked Itself to Death | VICE | United States
The GOP is playing the religious right and the tea party like a ... - #FuckedUp #GopBatshit #ReligiousRight
Another day, another gun idiot shoots himself playing Russian Roulette... - #Derp #GunIdiots #StupidStates
Stephen Colbert slams Breitbart for standing by its lies about Obama’s AG nominee
Wow, George W. #Bush is still a clueless, fucking idiot... - VIDEO - #Birthright #Denial #GopIdiots #Stfu
Burn ISIS Flag Challenge, Free Weed, #Atheism (feat. Jaclyn #Glenn) - VIDEO -
Middle-class wages: Are they really sinking?
Rudyard Kipling’s war poetry, the obligations of Veterans Day, and Gayle McLaughlin.
I gotta say, this was a solid chess move :D . Michael Moore anonymously pays medical premiums of his biggest critic
Europe's cycling economy has created 650,000 jobs |
Hahaaaa :D - New Wearable Feedbags Let Americans Eat More, Move Less | The Onion - America's Finest News Source
Big surprise :P - House GOP Re-Ups O-Care Repeal Bill After Big Election Wins