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Holes In The Foam
Sounds like Germany needs the 'time out' more than anyone. Grexit: An Indecent Proposal From Germany - The New Yorker
Don't complain GOP, you made him, he's yours... - #GopAssholes #Trump
Shocking revelation! Latest Disturbing Twist in the Case of 73-Year-Old Who Killed an Unarmed Black Man in Oklahoma |
Mrs. Betty Bowers Explains the Differences Between Conservative Christians and ISIS -
Image of the beast (Secularism) PT2... VIDEO -
Alas, his Achilles' heel. Bernie needs to get his shit straight on the gun issue. Bernie Sanders Parrots the NRA -
Let's at least agree that Insane-asshole Savage is creative with his ... -
As if they need help to do that. :D Florida Republican: Donald Trump is a Democratic plot to make GOP look stupid
Analyzing Atheism w/ Jonny Brotherton... - VIDEO -
More people to tell it like it is to Faux News idiots like this guy... ... - #FauxNews
Let's watch what the GOP and Israel does now... How The World Reacted To The Iranian Nuclear Deal | ThinkProgress
Friendly Atheist Podcast Episode 63: Ray Comfort’s Audacity: A Review and Discussion with Actor Travis Owens
Hola Senor #Trump, I'll be waiting downstairs for you, mang... :D - #Chapo #Uhoh
Let's widen the net! What Federal Prisoners Are Saying About President Obama Freeing Nonviolent Drug Offenders | VICE
Not Texas or Tennessee - University Of Toronto Teaches Students That Cancer Is Good And Vaccines Are Unsafe |
Nobody's going to hell. There is no hell. Shut the fuck up already. -
Tough choices for Xenu-worshipers. Scientologists not yet ready to sell historic South End building -The Boston Globe
But you must act now for this limited time offer! :P -
Non-doctrinaire, non-dogmatic and non-committed - good things to ... - #Cronkite
Well, no need to have an election, folks. He is the chosen one. Walker Says His Presidential Bid Is 'God's Plan'
Shame on Germany and the EU. Thoroughly disgusting. The euro "€˜family"€™ has shown it is capable of real cruelty
Give 'em hell Texas! Never surrender! :P Wake Up! The Military Exercise That Drove Texas Insane Is Finally Here
Atheists Watch a Creepy Christian Kids Show... - VIDEO - #FunnyShit #GooberVideos
What don't you get, you fucking cracker-idiots? - #StupidStates #TakeDownTheFlag
Uh... eeewwwww... "The Lord’s My Sex Guru": Pious Perverts and the Twisted World of Religious Sexual Repression -
Ok, so explain to us how that ridiculous comment would be IN context, Jebby-boy... - VIDEO - #Bush #GopIdiots
Yep, still a piece of shit... Millionaire Rocker Gene Simmons to the Poor: ‘Try Being Nice to Rich People’ |
Seriously, Obama needs to stop giving the GOP so much ammo ... - #Boom #Iran #NukeDeal
Keep talkin' Donald. Please don't stop. Trump Calls FBI After Getting Profanity-Laden Threat From Mexican Drug Cartel
Is SE Redefining Faith? (RE: McGrew and Gilson on ... - #StreetEpistemology
The shit funnel of the south. ‘Backlash is beginning': Miles-long convoy of Confederate flag supporters rally in FL
Just another day in police state America... Man dies in police custody after being pepper-sprayed in Alabama |
Worlds Worst Creationist? - Atheist Challenge Level 1... - VIDEO - #CreationistIdiots
Well at least we know where Australian idiot PM #Abbott gets his ... - #Australia #Wtf
Hahaaaa, this is gold! :D FB trolls turn Jade Helm ‘monitoring military takeover’ page into a hilarious train wreck
Watch Creationists Talking About Creationism... - VIDEO - #CreationistIdiots
Ya hear that you "luke warm christians"? Ya hear that?? - #XtianHaters
Oh, I get it... Oklahoma Gun Nuts Paint Rainbow Flag On Target: 'We'€™re Not The Brightest Crayons In The Box!'

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