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John Hodgman
.@hodgman will be making a one night only appearance next week! Don't miss out
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woodsaddle: in the most recent episode of the knick, john hodgman is credited as “Man Entrusted with...
Photo: arcaneimages: Paul Lynde
The day that anyone in the world cares if I walk into an apple store is apparently now long over.
Going to Philly this coming weekend to see @hodgman and probably visit - finally! :-) #fb
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@hodgman - I know you'll be Madison on MaxFun Meet-up Day, but can you help let Western Mass ppl know about this:…
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@CineTalksSam: Oh crap, I just saw @hodgman on @AtTheKnick.” DEAL WITH IT, HUMANS
Video: Dick Cavett is just going around to restaurants to tell young women to watch him in “Hellman vs...
Howard Chaykin just said hi to me guys.
Photo: I honestly do not understand this.
I honestly do not understand this.
BOSTON!! come to my nov 10 book @HarvardBooks signing at HARVARD, the "HARVARD OF THE EAST":…
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@aaron_hunter: @hodgman Was that you in The Knick??” CONFIRMED. I am still surprised.
The tall kid with the finger splint has not yet agreed that all human negotiation can or should be replaced...
.@hodgman I only left out THE BROOD because I figured including three Cronenberg films would be taken as blatant nationalism.
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Norm Wilner of Canada sends in his proposed JJHO 31 Scares list - Another well curated list, with many good...
Photo: Attention JJHO scary movie club. I failed to watch Trick R Treat because I got this job not playing...
Attention JJHO scary movie club. I did not watch Trick R Treat per David P's recommendation because I got this non-Doctor Strange acting job that has me working all night long. BUT when I walked into my trailer this afternoon the TV just happened to be showing DON'T LOOK NOW by "coincidence." It is
Brother lovers of Philadelphia: I am coming to see you in ONE WEEK
Meanwhile here is listener David P's scary movie club. - It is a very good list even though it doesn’t have...
The Best Show is Back - betheboy: It’s happening, tell your friends
Oh, Jan Hooks. I love you.
@FreshBananasHea: @FreshBananasHea @hodgman @JesseThorn Do the pair of you want to see me on Americas Got Talent?”INDEED
Just bought Tig Notaro tickets for next week and I am SO EXCITED. Seats still available, Oct 16 at Paramount. YOU SHOULD GO TO THIS.
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via @WUWMradio: Want to see John @hodgman live in #Milwaukee? Well, enter to win tickets from WUWM!
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Want to see John @hodgman live in #Milwaukee? Well, enter to win tickets from WUWM!
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Photo: Thrilled to begin filming DOCTOR STRANGE today. Thank you Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios for the...
Thrilled to begin filming DOCTOR STRANGE today. Thank you Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios for the surprise of my life. And Ayn Rand bless Steve Ditko. (October fool's! actually starring in the asylum straight to video knock off MISTER WEIRD)
I think I've mastered the Elevator Conversation 'cause strangers are like "Weather, huh?" and I just shriek and shriek and spit out spiders.
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I just realized this is pepper spray in a face cream formation which is to say WHAT I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED…
And I prefer to know, then not know. Even if I can't do anything, I'd much rather know. I don't want to die not knowing.
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I think I've decided on my hilarious social media halloween name.
@mrdavehill: Get pregnant watching my hot rock band @valleylodge w/@DeadBoots TOMORROW at @MercuryLoungeNY…” ENDORSED
@jonronson: Ah @WNYC's new podcast Lies is funny.” I agree
Do you think Andrew Cuomo will let our books debate each other?
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@grubstreet: Get ready for ghost pepper mayonnaise:” Scare-onnaise!
ANGEL BOY - new episode of Tim & Eric's Bedtime Stories premieres TONIGHT at 12:15 on @adultswim its a creepy one! RT
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I wrote this about cover letters because cover letters are insane/hilarious
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@memoir: @hodgman This pic from a year ago deserves so many high fives. We love your stache! #TBT” I miss it so!
To Combine Atoms in Such a Way - robfranks: I saw John Hodgman at The Bottletree Cafe in Birmingham Sunday...
"Are you tweeting right now? Can you tweet about me?" Lola Kirke, the last minutes of October 8, 2014.
Ryan and I brought our beard disagreement to Judge John @hodgman Listen here:…
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Does a man have A RIGHT TO BEAR BEARD? "Hear She: Shear He" on Judge John @hodgman.…
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