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John Hodgman
Final vote. Y/N. Is this a band? STATE BIRDS AND MOTTOES. Vote UP OR DOWN USING TYPING. PS: What kind of music do they play?
Is this band name. CRUMB BUMB. Y/N only PLEASE.
You're all set to come see @hodgman perform at the @aomtheatre in Northampton, right? If not get your tickets now:…
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PS: If I've met you in person & you want to come to Northampton to see @hodgman, I have an open guestroom policy for MaxFun/BoatParty alumni
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Hey. Is this a band name? LARCHMONT. Vote Y/N. Thx
The 11-21 @hodgman show in Northampton @aomtheatre is selling quickly. Most of center orchestra sold out. Hurry if you plan on going!
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I opened the "accessibility" tab on my system prefs today because my eyes don't work anymore. Prepare the suicide dome: I am done.
I almost bought a coke zero with the words "SHARE IT WITH YOUR BROS" on the label, but luckily I threw it into the street first.
@AndyRichter @MiahSaint Our prized possession: the original strip "enlightenment rat" with the third eye. Thank God for @tonymillionaire.
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The new Tweedy video features @hodgman, @chancetherapper, Mavis Staples, Michael Shannon; has a killer twist ending
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So I have John @hodgman's 2001-era Texas-style chili recipe. This may be the most fascinating thing I've ever seen.
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The reason for the rewatch of the Leftovers is that I realize only now how much was carefully planned from the beginning.
I have never wanted to just turn around and watch a show all over again but I am going to do just that with The Leftovers this weekend
@SYSKPodcast @hodgman The whole podcast world now knows how delightfully funny and cool Chuck's wife is.
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I got to be in a music video for this new band called #TWEEDY. cc @spencertweedy
Jeff Tweedy and his drummer son Spencer discuss Sukierae, their first collaboration, on @NPR's @MorningEdition.…
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@PipsBadIdeas: @hodgman @NYTmag the podcast lives on though, right? RIGHT?” OF COURSE
There will be a meeting of a SECRET SOCIETY on Oct 1, 2014
Sunday will be the last appearance of the One Page Magazine and Judge John Hodgman in the @NYTmag
@tacologic: @hodgman was right; De Blasio dropping Staten Island Chuck doomed us last winter.…” PREPARE YOURSELVES
The password for the next SECRET SOCIETY will be revealed to the mailing list today at 3PM
How can we tell our children not to cut up pictures of wildlife when Americas jigsaw-puzzle companies are doing JUST THAT! #Crapitalism
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Do not bee foolish and miss Davids Hill and Rees plus Maeve Higgins TONIGHT at Ask Roulette - Strangers ask...
Ask Roulette with Maeve Higgins, Dave Hill, and David Rees - Events — Housing Works - Strangers ask each...
@hodgman So the friend I was bringing to Secret Society bailed. I am still coming but my +1 can be given away.
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Some last minute tickets for SECRET SOCIETY are being given up on Twitter right now. - Go to...
Need a ticket to @hodgman's secret show tonight? Be me. (I can't go. There's a baby in town from NC i'm going to go look at. Parents too.)
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I have a pair of tickets to tonight's Secret Society with @hodgman at @UnionHallNY that I can't use. Shout at me if you want them.
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SECRET SOCIETY is sold out. Tweet me if you have spare tickets, or go to for best shot at next meeting.
I have two tickets to a certain something I won't be able to use tonight... @hodgman
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@hodgman My human body is full of sickness, so I won't be able to make it tonight. My ticket is up for grabs!
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Photo: putthison: Flotsam General Store: “Our Aesthetic Will Punch You in the Face” If you, like me, are...
Judge John Hodgman Verdict No. 177 featuring CHUCK from @SYSKPodcast is now POSTED…
Tonight's SECRET SOCIETY is sold out. If you have tickets you no longer need, tweet and I shall retweet them into good hands.
@Signs_of_Life: @hodgman The Hall of Internet Justice” BIG ONLY CHILD IS WATCHING YOU
@theretronaut: 1930s: Mussolini’s Headquarters, Rome (” add to my tumblr "alittleonthenose"
Don't miss the rebroadcast of funny men @hodgman & @donttrythis tonight on @KQED 88.5FM or listen online at
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A Judge John Hodgman listener sent me this MANDATORY LISTENING from prank callist "Longmont Potion Castle"…
I woke up from a nap so deep I honestly panicked over whether I had overslept for work or class. I HAD FORGOTTEN I DON'T HAVE EITHER ANYMORE
Lighten up this afternoon: tune into @KQED 88.5FM today at 1pm for @donttrythis & @hodgman! Or listen online at
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@d_dbragan: @hodgman, @NECN did a bit on the world's most famous banana man this morning. FOREVER
@hodgman We stopped at the southbound Kennebunk rest stop. There are fresh bananas hea but no @FreshBananasHea!
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