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Why is it I listen to 80's and 90's music more than today's music.....
You can't believe what U read, see on the Net, TV or hear on the radio. 99.9% have been paid to recommend it! Do your own research!
Don't tell me show me advice that will limit bullshit in your life
Being wrong can hurt your ego but failing to acknowledge it will hinder your growth as a person
What determines what your future will look like starts now so quit bullshittin
Bb Happy Bday to u n ur brother Kevin we love you
Just sittin here reminiscing when I was a kid watching the movie American Werewolf in London
If you have a dream go for it life is too short to wonder what could have been
@hodgetwins Thanks for spending your Sunday with us. Glad you had a great time!
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Got my @Chilis baby back ribs #DallasCowboys are playing great! This is a great Sunday! We'll better than the last.
Looks like the #DallasCowboys are on the right track #gains
A lot of times I want to start off disagreements with "First of all, let's be real. Fuck you".
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I hate it when I can't sleep! So I customize our vine URL!
what bodybuilders do in the mirror after working out
This is what i feel like after hitting legs in the gym #gains
"A tomato is a fruit, I'm telling you! I'm willing to bet my dick on it!" Hodgetwins quote of the day!!!! 😂😂😂@hodgetwinstwins
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@hodgetwins yeah, running was not an option. My grandma never spanked my mom (didn't believe in it). But my mom loved spanking
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Lol #AdrianPeterson got arrested for spanking his kids! That's nothing my dad used to beat us until our eyes rolled back in our heads.
When people get to close when taking pictures
Things could always be worse you could be this guy i apologize if photo has not been photoshopped
@hodgetwins Im in the hospital in Manchester England makin all kinds of health gains! Any chance of a retweet?
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Hodgenation just found a great deal on #CraigsListAd a 3 piece set what do you think? Allkinds of gains allkinds!
#Obamacare raised our insurance premiums over $12,000.00 per year and we have less coverage Thanks #Obama
@hodgetwins Some family members had your EXACT teeth pre braces, I was like, they look like xyz - then bam #TeamHairston - legacy lives on
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@hodgetwins can I get a retweet for my 16th birthday and for making all kindzzz of gainz....all kindzzzzzz?
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@hodgetwins #TeamHairston baby! Almost fell off my chair when you held up our family book in You Are Not Black
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#RogerGoodell we know you have a spine! How else would you be able to stand so perfectly😉
Apple with their #iphone6 thinks they can do whatever the fuck they wanna do! I will just keep my 5
The #iPhone6 looks like a laptop computer too big!
We guarantee the #DallasCowboys will be better than the sleep walking #NewYorkGiants
nothing wrong with defending yourself but you provoked it and you didn't have to mike tyson your wife @hodgetwins @RayRice27
The #Ravens have terminated RB Ray Rice's contract this afternoon.
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In America, no one has it rougher than a black man who lives righteously and produces. Not because of racism but because of his own people.
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@NB2Raw: @hodgetwins because Tony Romo wants to go balls deep and leave them nuts hanging out” #lmao #GoCowboys
Please explain why #Dallascowboys don't run the ball more in the red zone
@hodgetwins All kindz of interceptions...All kindzzz.
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Cowboys it's halftime! Time to regroup! #GoCowboys
I love Romo but can someone tell him to stop throwing the ball into double coverage!
Time to make some mo #gains Making Allkinds Of Gains @hodgetwins @GymShark
Making Love Versus F@¢king @hodgetwins.. @YisaacL you gotta watch this one! I was dying the whole time. Best one yet
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Don’t allow people to control your life. It is your life. Live it the way you want.
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Thanks for following my big white ass @hodgetwins. I still die watching that video.
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