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hannah labarrie
I need something different
I love love love late night long drives
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Remember me when you're famous @nshumpert_22
I'll see you in a month @Drake
People that don't eat the crust off their pizza?????????
Ask me how many times I've cried watching greys anatomy
I looooveee everything about CU except for the fact that 98% of my high school is going there
need a boy that enjoys the same music as me so we can have sing alongs
My album title is VIEWS FROM THE 6. The 6 is Toronto. Rih is a great girl who I know is about to kill this tour with Eminem. It's all love!!
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When im out of town my friends aren't allowed to have fun without me sorry
Just re-downloaded infinite campus and am emotionally unstable
Drake performs "All Me" as video of him lint rolling plays in background. #OVOfest
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I wish I could just ram it into people's heads that there is life after high school!!!!!!!
If you're rude and disrespectful to your parents, don't talk to me
Ask me if I do this everyday, I say oftennnnn
Can we all just take a moment and appreciate @hlabs11's twitter picture😍😍
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And if you don't know what's on September 10th.... Bye
I will be arriving at red rocks at 8 am on September 10 WATCH ME
Happy birthday to this angel @MollyMathews222, so lucky to have you in my life. I LOVE YOU P.S. you're fucking hot