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Adolf Hitler
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Adolf #Hitler speaking to a crowd of 60,000 Hitler Youth - Sep 12, 1936
#Hitler visiting the third zone of the occupied Sudeten German territories - Oct 3, 1938.
Adolf #Hitler and Heinrich Hoffmann look over Hitler’s gifts on his birthday.
#Hitler takes a walk through the wintry landscape on Obersalzberg - 1936.
Adolf #Hitler with cheering women at the Song Festival 1937 in Wroclaw
#Hitler and his entourage arrive in Munch to comemorate the first aniversary of the Nazi takeover of power in Bavaria
#Hitler with a daughter of Reich Minister of Propaganda Joseph #Goebbels, 1933
#Hitler addresses the Hitler Youth in Nuremberg - 1938
#Hitler and #Mussolini inspect a guard of honor in Munich, Germany - 1937
#Hitler receives the Hungarian Prime Minister Julius Vitez Goemboes at the Chancellery in Berlin - 17.06.1933
#Hitler and entourage during memorial services in Berlin for Germany´s war dead - 1936
#Hitler salutes members of the Workers Corps as they march by during a review at Zeppelin Field - 9.15.38
Hitler leavng the old chancelery,Wilhelmstrasse,after reception and swearing into office by president Hindenburg 1933
#Hitler delivering an address in Kassel, Germany, to veterans of the Great War - 1939
Wearing gold rimed spectacles, #Hitler edits the Wehrmacht report. In the background is his personal physician Morell
#Hitler at the Eagle’s Nest, located on top of a mountain in the city of Berchtesgaden.
#Hitler speaking from the balcony of the town hall in Karlsbad, Czechoslovakia - 4.10.1938
Adolf #Hilter’s room in the prison of Landsberg at Lech during his imprisonment after the attempted putsch 1923
Commemoration ceremony for ’those who fell for the #Nazi movement - 11.09.1938
#Hitler visited by #Nazi rank-and-file and others at the Braunen House hotel bar in #Munich, 1931
Adolf #Hitler, at the May Day celebration, in the #Berlin Lustgarten, 1938
#Hitler taking the salute of a guard of honour upon his arrival at the train station in #Weimar - 03.07.1936
Adolf #Hitler on his way to the platform on the Bueckeberg nearby Hameln. 30.09.1934
#Hitler arriving in a Mercedes car for the main manifestation in the #Berlin Lustgarten - 02.05.1935
#Hitler listening to Rudolf #Hess giving the opening speech at the #Nazi Party convention - 05.09.1934
#SA marching past #Hitler and Ernst Roehm at the Adolf Hitler Square in #Nuremberg - 03.09.1933
#SS units are lined up at a reception for #Hitler at Weimar Castle - 03.07.1936
#Hitler being greeted by cheering crowds at the Marienplatz - 27.03.1939
Adolf #Hitler saluting parading columns of the ’NS Combat Units’ - 12.09.1937
Convention of the district commanders of the #Nazi Party at the #NSDAP training facility #Vogelsang castle - 1936
#Hitler walking past a guard of honour of the `Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler’ - September 1935
Adolf #Hitler and Francisco #Franco stepping out the Guard of Honour - 23.10.1940
Ceremony in Munich marking the first anniversary of the takeover of power by the #Nazis - 11.03.1934
#Hitler speaking at the festive event for the anniversary of the ’Machtergreifung’ at Berliner Sportpalast-30.01.1941
Note the black armband worn by the dictator! Munich Beer Hall - 9 November 1939
Three girls watching the traditional parade of #SA stormtroopers, #Nuremberg, Germany, 1935
#Hitler returning to #Berlin after signing the armistice with #France - 08.07.1940