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omg sexy!!!! love it RT @MELISSAMARIE: lil bit of summer, lil bit of fall
Sometime shit just happen, stay strongRT @EllaEyre: 89% sure this flight will be cancelled but i (cont)
Place your heart next to mine and i will keep it safe always.
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Hope the trip with @ALLISONGREEN have lots of fun, where u wanna go after sista?? RT @MELISSAMARIE: Another ✈️
You'll never be able to please everyone, so stop trying. Focus on pleasing the people who matter most to you.
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Calm down, everything gonna be ok RT @EllaEyre: lord i hate airports.
That 6 if u do that.. go for it ;) RT @8ierrakay: Sometimes I just want to marry Shia LaBeouf and get life over with
Both of u must have coffee run againRT @deadmau5: @Skrillex theres some kinda hipster joke in here (cont)
U gals Must be miss sweden so much, right? RT @FirstAidKitBand: Just had some Scandi style (cont)
Look awesome, sista.. great makeup RT @PixieLott: #Charleston Make up by @lisaAmakeup hair by @LisaDavey3 💃👯💃
Respect is earned. Honesty is appreciated. Trust is gained. Loyalty is returned.
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U gals Must be miss sweden so much, right? RT @FirstAidKitBand: Just had some Scandi style (cont)
I want someone who'll save my texts just to look at them when they miss me.
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this dogs like "Go on, tell em I ate your bitch ass homework. they ain't never gunna believe ur dumb ass"
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No one will ever care like I did, I promise you that.
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Awww soo cuteeee!! RT @emilyhartridge: It's nice when you're missed isn't it?
Comeback to island life... miss u island peeps, lets meet up yoo
Girls get jealous because they know what other girls are capable of doing.
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Just Drive like a bossRT @ALLISONGREEN: I'm driving a gold mini van right now. Stress level is out the roof.
Yeww look fun RT @TheHannaBeth: You can never go wrong with a little baby doll dress @dollskill
I don't stay pissed off for long, soon enough I just stop caring
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My jepun peeps saz the party name is "Last night in edo", finish at kabuchijo -- roppongi here we come, wicked night yoo
Time to hit the futton again... hit me later ya, love you all peeps zzzzzzzz!!! (*.*) Walking to the moon
Me neither hahaha RT @linklamont: Thanks to my dream last night I now know that I have no clue how to respond to a giant attacking bear.
Oh shit! Where is it?? RT @EllaEyre: horrified forever that I ate dinner unaware this was nailed to (cont)
Wow, its international???... btw yaaaaaayyyy :D RT @rhettandlink: Happy International Men's Day. WE ARE MEN
Wake up early morning in autumn is really not good... i just wanna back cuddling more
I fall for Joanna:)RT @FirstAidKitBand: Back in LA for the day. Got some pretty exciting things lined up.
Which stories?? RT @itsYasmin: plot twist: childhood hero isn't a paedo
Congratulation :)RT @taylormomsen: UK!! #goingtohelltourUK starts Monday night at Rock City in Nottingham
They have amazing woman as theirmom, wish u the best :) RT @MillionairesMom: My girls @MELISSAMARIE (cont)
Good work mel, bright color... do u use intenze??RT @MELISSAMARIE: 💥
The one that make it special is when you wear it... simple sense RT @ALLISONGREEN: Some of my dreams just don't make sense
Time running fast tho RT @MELISSAMARIE: There are only 3 more days in
Shit hahahahaRT @ThisIsMax: Starts with an S ...... ends with a T .... 😜
Need to find your poster first sista ;) RT @AnneMarieIAm: Say you love me to my face.
I love when we stay up late and just talk to each other for hours.
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I fell in love with you. I don't know how. I don't know why. I just did.
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