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im not even into trap music but bibby and herb my niggas they actually got some lyrical ability
aint none worse than a good girl with a hoe friend
Bitches be 6'0 tryna dance with you in the club and it look like you got caught in a layup line
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if u tlk abt me when i'm not around ion wanna b ur friend.. i really dnt
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girl: i like tall men me: my dick tall
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if isaiah rashad get with sza, imma be salty
all yall rock the same clothes, on the same shit…..
gotta keep that instagram search history cleared, cant be out here getting caught up
all i can say is, it be like that sometime
dont fav my girl selfie, im the only fav she need
If I make it to heaven I hope they're still drinking brew
my moms swear she can be my ass, i be looking like gurl u betta chill
"I whooped that bitches ass"
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my girl not allowed to "lmao" at other niggas im all the funny you need
@NIGGVBOY: let my girl laugh and blush at a nigga like that.....”smack da shit out of her
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let my girl laugh and blush at a nigga like that.....
boondocks just televised black twitter
lowkey this shit true though if girls think a nigga cute they'll let that nigga get away with anything.
yall this supposed to be chris brown
*raps boondocks theme song*
this girl titties taking control of my life