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shordy told me that she do do the fakes... same bitch got weave.
This is for all the kids that are in school. Reach for the fucking stars.
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im so proud of my Bears rn
this new Gambino track fire btw
i rly be sayin anything
u gone wish you texted me back when i get my refund check lmao
the astronomical kid slept on, i aint trollin either
Create your own identity
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RT “@OnlyHipHopFacts: U2 took "bruh listen to my mixtape" to a whole different level”
DMX coulda been the goat if he aint hit that pipe
the fuck wrong w me nowadays im so quick to wanna throw hands smh
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college really make me wanna kms fr with these assignments
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dont know if its more overrated or underrated niggas in the rap game.
i've traveled here from the land of 10,000 poor decisions backed by good intentions to remind you that intentions don't mean shit. actions.
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RT “@MF_Dunbar: niggas only talk anime bc banks did it ugh”
my hatred for the Packers is indescribable, get em Jets
“@danieljaziz: I would buy a blank disk from @XtotheV” he ain't made a tape in a while smh
stop living up to stereotypes
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let my nigga AP play, he aint do shit
People scrape the bottom of the barrel to find something to say about you. The bigger you are the lower they'll go. Like you're not human.
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everybody know this shit nigga lmao
If you make a girl feel bad about her body u a bitch
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C5 gone be fire
a little mustache on the pussy is fine
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only built 4 cuban linx nigga
debating to jailbreak my phone or just wait for iOS8
when u trynna fuck and her cinderella blankets distracting you smh
everybody wanna be the back of the D. Rose
gotta get it how u live
people don't like Floyd because he knows he's good. people don't like Kanye cause he's a god. people don't like you when you confident.
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my hatin’ joint
Lol... Listening to the radio and couldn't tell when a new song came on...
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tru “@ZOMBIEJuicee: What if I told you guys new music was coming out in a few days ?”
if Floyd lose this fight, 50 gone be on his ass lmao
Learn to accept direction .... If you are truly tying to go somewhere..
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Family Business: Kanye West
imagine holding the internet
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RT “@wizkhalifa: Make the best of each scene.”
Ready to Die is still my favorite hip-hop album all-time.