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I'd like to get my one snaggle tooth fixed. #TheStruggle @ Secure Dental
Guess what business is getting all of our money? Spoiler: this one. #NoH8
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This month, we're in nautical love with Blueberry + Himalayan Salt!
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#GrowingUpShort tippy toeing in a 5 feet pool cause if not, you'll drown 😊😊😊😊😊😊😊
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5 more of Kenya's endangered elephants slain
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Just some geese going to the mall. #FuckYourRules #ThugLife @ SouthPark Mall (Moline, Illinois)
I like it. I need to color it and I'm all good.
I've been using @panel_app. It's super easy to earn gift cards and cash. Check it out:
@MiloVentimiglia what is going on?! We can't take the suspense!!!!!!! #The whispers #WhoIsDrill
This is one of the best shows in a long time! But seriously #whoisdrill?
Just posted a photo @ Ultimate Fitness Centers
when u wanna have a fun summer but u got -3 friends
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So #Drill is helping Shawn? I'm so confused! #IsDrillBad? @TheWhispersABC
"Throw that ASS in a _____" πŸ‘πŸ˜‚ A. Square B. Rhombus C. Circle D. Octagon#AskRachelel
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Just gonna leave this pic of aarontaylorjohnson here. #YoureWelcome
Ninnie & Meaty and some fat person @ El templo de Mindy
@MTV i missed the 02/02 #MTVEyeCandy eppy and it isn't on demand. I missed last night and you don't update on demand for like a week. Grrrr!
Bad news, bad news, bad news. You can't ever move forward from the past. You screw up and that follows you and inhibits you forever.
Walking at a Leisurely Pace with the Devil #RuinAClassicRockSong
Dad's still a sicko pedophile but it was an accident. Have a feeling mom will let dad take the fall. #Gracepoint
Wouldn't your first instinct be to wonder if he molested your own children? #Gracepoint
#RIP to #Illinois comptroller Judy Baar Topinka. Illinois was proud to have you.
@kohouse @YesYoureRacist I see. I'm dumb but without providing any facts or evidence you resort to name calling. Brilliant.
@kohouse @YesYoureRacist numbers don't lie and the numbers show things are better. There's always room for more but he's trying.
@kohouse @YesYoureRacist @YeezyOnYourSofa very presumptuous to assume people don't fight for social change in millions of ways.
@kohouse @YesYoureRacist @YeezyOnYourSofa most people on welfare are white so which race are "they" racist against?

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