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Hey cool kids I'm getting rid of a ton of clothes. Primarily a lot of bandage skirts & heels from when I was a student. Who needs clothes?!
Oh my gosh I have to teach a lesson at my next interview what I'm not a teacher help
Good luck lakers on your #RUFirstDay. I gotta say, I'm jealous of everyone of you
The movie wetlands is repulsive and hilarious.
Omg now someone in the documentary is speaking... I don't even know. Swedish? It literally sounds like a marble mouth. Still no subtitles.
Why would you have a documentary half English, half German, with absolutely no subtitles? Only people fluent in both languages can watch?
so thankful for my best friend @Shalfanonzo
I dreamt that I refused to cheat on Jordan for @Harry_Styles. That's dedication right there.
We needed some cigars for the sunset! @brewcitycigars
Sunburnt and mosquito bitten, snuggling up with bae and a thunderstorm after day 1 of vacation
Our roommates groceries consist of: mahi mahi, kale, three types of quinoa, leeks, and naan. I didn't realize people actually ate like this
Man I'm praying Kane is innocent. He hasn't been charged with anything... Yet
Came home from work to the news about kaner. My god. I knew he was a douche bag but this?!
I just realized I moved in with Jordan after only four months of dating. That's so weird I feel like I was a baby.
She's like a baby, I'm like a cat, when we are happy we both get fat
I'm actually really excited to go shooting with karli because her gun isn't gigantic like Jordan's.
Ps this is why you don't do your eyebrows at 4 in the morning. Mine are gone.
I have developed this weird habit of calling Bella names that don't belong to her. She now responds to lady bird and banana
My MA at the doctor this morning thought my crummy nails were jamberry. I'm pleased 😁m
My graduate psychopathology class was literally the hardest thing I've ever done.
Never again will I do my eyebrows at 4am because now I have no eyebrows
I'm just gonna accept the fact that I've only got two hours of sleep.
I took caffeine pills this morning as a diuretic. 17 hours later and I'm still wired.
Jord and I aren't even engaged yet, but we've already decided on @tallguyandgrill as our caterer.
Just kidding now time for his birthday party with his family
And Jordan's birthday party festivities are finally over.
County fairs have a very distinct sunscreen and fryer smell
Better off Ted is the funniest show ever
Never in my life have I had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich
No matter how hungover I am, I saw one of my best friends I haven't seen in three years last night
Jesus fucking Christ.
I always feel smart watching movies in French. Even if I use the subtitles.
My boyfriend is out of town for the whole weekend lets party
Ps thanks @GrogTag! The boyfriend loved his "Brittany beer"
Happy birthday baby!
Thank you @therave for putting a brochure on my window before it rained. I can't get the thing off!
Scott Walker will bring his annihilating contempt for the poor and unions to a national stage
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I just really want someone to rub my back and put aloe on my sunburn
God I fucking miss modeling
Good day with my bestay @Shalfanonzo
First day of funemployment and I am stacked with stuff to do
I've never been so excited to get out of an unethical toxic company, but my god I just got teary eyed saying goodbye.
Really flipping bittersweet saying goodbye to my students
She's quitting too and told me she's "glad I grabbed a life preserver from a sinking ship"
My manager is amazing and I love her. I just put in my two weeks and she said good for me.

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