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Awkward photos with my students but my god I love doing this
If this tweet reaches 350 FAVS, we will do our best to make this shirt available to buy!
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I always expect doors to be way heavier than they are
4 hours if work left and IM SO HUNGRY
On a scale of 1-10 how weird is it that I'm listening to Chelsea dagger in my office?
Congrats to my hometown @NHLBlackhawks on 3 titles in 6 years - we'll see you and The Cup at the White House!
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I once went through this weird phase where i listened to an absurd amount of Edith Piaf
Wearing the custom jersey buddy got me. One more period!
That was a fucking beautiful rebound
Jordan told me I'm not allowed to sing we are Siamese because it's creepy
All I ever want is m&ms, popcorn, and raspberry iced tea
Second round of interviews Thursday, I'll know if I got the job on Friday
Oh god damn, out of the way Poussey, Stella is the new hot one on #oitnb
Bella is snuggling on my chest and not letting my thumb let go like a little baby I love her
Jordan decided we're going as Owen and Claire from Jurassic world for Halloween
45 minutes until work is over but SIX HOURS UNTIL JURASSIC WORLD
I think I stepped on glass. I was wondering why my shoe felt so sticky
Round one of interviews at my dream job on Monday. Prayers please?
Sometimes when I see @SDarling_33 during the game it warms my heart because I remember how awesome and sweet of a guy he is.
Ben bishop left with an "undisclosed injury". He pooped his pants @johnald90
I prayed and prayed last night and this morning. Just got an interview at my dream job
The gears on my bike have finally been fixed and my legs no longer feel like jello
Apparently 5 miles is too much for Remi. Poor puppy needs a snooze
My face is a circle and I don't do my hair hellllllur
Now that there are no Fredericks left in WI where am I gonna get my undies 😩
Looking for housing in downtown #MKE? We have a room to rent in the luxury blatz condos! Swimming pool, fitness center, and way more!
Jordan thought a bike ride would be a good idea before bed but now I'm wide awake and my legs are sore
Why don't bars have ice cream
I asked Jordan what do I have to do around here to get six pet cats and he thought I said six pack abs so now he's giving me ab workouts
Why am I so weird I miss my best friend
I've never seen a picture that so adequately describes me
We have three people doing the jobs of what I was doing as a "first impressions coordinator" at my first real job. Jeezus
I was looking into a laser hair removal groupon... Except I can't get it if it's done on red or blonde hair??? Looks like I'm disqualified
What sucks is I need therapy once a week but I don't have time for therapy once a week.
Shooting with Jordan's gun is the hardest thing because it is ten million pounds
What do you wanna bet this wedding is gonna be a shit show
Thought of the thousands of times "the best part of believe is the lie" was my away message on AIM.
Sophomore slump or comeback of the year came on while I was in the shower.
I just want a portobello burger.
If we lose in this minute I swear to Saad I will vomit everywhere
I'm gonna make Jordan leave the room more often, those two goals were seriously each time he was out of the room
God bless those of you who were friends with me tongue-ring and short hair circa 2011.
I'm applying for the admissions position at @RooseveltU. I love being an admissions rep and Roosevelt changed my life.
This is the second time this shit has happened. Pull Crawford.
@UberFacts: Twins interact with each other in the womb as early as 14 weeks into the pregnancy.” @JordanDBorst
Jordyroo and I were thinking of going to six flags tomorrow. Any friends wanna come with?!

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