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I still feel the same way even though NOW it's every night with two animals 😑
Watching plastic surgery shoes makes me want plastic surgery and I don't even believe in/want plastic surgery
WHY AM I watching dear Zachary this documentary makes me cry every time
Thigh gap Thigh ga Thigh g Thigh Thi T Ta Tac Tacos TACOS
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I could make a list of all the boys who've used the pet name "pumpkin" just based on the ginge
You can see my tiny kitten in the window from msoe's campus! 😺
I just said "future hubby" outloud referring to @GabeLandeskog92 in front of my actual boyfriend. #sorrynotsorry
@carlinrobin: Gabe trying to run over people on his retro racer at #Avs media day. Photo: @KevinPreblud” 😎
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Who in milwaukee knows what these fireworks are for???
Hello who would like to read my essays for my grad school application?!
Yet again my eyes are infected and burning
The only way I can describe my feelings tonight is concert hangover. @edsheeran was truly an experience that I cannot get over.
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Which opener is weirder, Ed's or FOBs rando rapper two years ago? Awk
Jacuzzi suite and Jordan's booty
I neeeed someone to do Airobics with me
I am gonna murder @JordanDBorst in his sleep for coming home unannounced and into the bathroom while I was showering. Heart attack central.
It's been a very slow process moving into the blatz primarily because I'm lazy and my parents only live 10 minutes away
I've moved 8 times in the past four years and you'd think id have mastered how to transport clothes
A year ago i was 21 but looked 11. Hi.
Except @johnald90 THE SECOND ONE IS MY REAL FAVORITE. and it's a Christmas movie!!
I'm glad @johnald90 knows my favorite movie is gremlins because I'm literally watching it right now
GUYS. I'm seeing @edsheeran tomorrow!!!!!! 💚
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We just realized Bella is a polydactyl cat! She's got little mitten feet and extra toes!
I want a margarita cruise with @emilyroseschuch so bad right meow :)
Jordan, Mary Kate, and I are all eating from our respective bags of chips. We are the laziest kids
Worst hangover ever. Spending the day lying around with the love of my life makes it a little better
Can I eat without vomiting let's find out
All I wanna do is listen to @ScHoolBoyQ and @RichHomieQuan
I've done did a lot of shit just to live this here lifestyle
Drunk as fuck help me lord jebus
I cannot wait to see @Shalfanonzo tonight because I hate my life and need her in it
Saving Silverman is on Netflix I am so happy thank you baby Jesus
Trying to repierce my belly button. Breaking through the scar tissue is killing me.
I am too poor to see any bands ever
I DONT WANNA HEAR ANYTHING ABOUT RIOT FEST I'm gonna sit in bed all weekend eating rice krispie treats alone instead.
How did I go from waking up in the best mood ever to hating everyone in 2 hours.
My mom is 5'2". I can't find her short little head over anything
I keep finding destroyed things in the bedroom and I'm not sure which animal is the guilty party. Knowing Bella and Remi it's tag teamed
Proof that banana likes me* *on weekends, Tuesdays, and special occasions