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tumblr chicago hockey 512 followers
Trying to make the spins go away before Hot the hay
Why is lorde on my hoodie Allen pandora get outta here
My name is definitely not Anna. Don't call me that.
I didn't realize pulling your cami over the butt of your leggings was still a thing
He said he the "raddest" kid in the mall
My 9 year old brother: what type of sick world do you live in. Why are there so many people at this mall
Mattys making paper voodoo dolls so he can pinch peoples butts. Regular day in the Linn household
I just wanna watch really lame horror movies all day
Hi I'm the biggest daddies girl
Two weeks till I get to see my sistuhh!
My first "boyfriend" from when I was 12 is trying to hit me up. Guess I'm glad I grew up to be attractive?
Sorry but @shayeashlin is tew kewt singing Hercules songs
I have a tanktop on. I'm also drunk
Fuck I'm drunk
"He's gonna find his dad. Pegasus is gonna go brrrrr and he's gonna go the distance" @Shalfanonzo @shayeashlin
Can't get outta bed not gonna get outta bed
Ryan and I have been trying to do his math homework for three hours now. We've done nothing
My mom almost burned the house down this morning so there's that
I just found my future husband bye