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I just want wine and cheese
Someone asked me if I was a uwm student and I said no. I just realized I actually am.
Jordan made a custom mouse pad... It's the cutest cheesiest thing I've ever seen.
Am I the only one who just saw that @maydayalex favorited @xchelscrustx tweet about us?!
Went to urgent care to check on my jaw. Apparently the doctor should have bandaged it for all last week. -_- at least it's healing.
I've seen what to expect when you're expecting three times now. I DONT KNOW WHY I LIKE IT SO MUCH
And people asked "didn't you already have mono?"
One time @xchelscrustx and I were planning a party but we didn't want it anymore so we told people I had mono. ...and then I actually got it
When I eat snacks in bed I always eat on Jordan's side. ENJOY YOUR PEANUT CRUMBS TONIGHT SUCKER
People in relationships dream about their significant other about 20% of the time.
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A year ago @Shalfanonzo, @ScottyAlbright, and I went to the pumpkin farm. Hopefully jordy and I can go today!
Jordan's in the living room putting together a lego penguin, I'm in the bedroom watching paranorman, eating Halloween candy. Grownups fasho
Baby girl got a manicure. New glittery purple claw caps
I made cinnamon rolls for Jordan today and now I smell like cinnamon sugar. Uch
I absolutely love my career and my kiddos and psychology but in theory id kill to be a housewife
I was terrified of failing my stats class because of how hard I'm struggling. Getting a 94 ๐Ÿ’ช
I donโ€™t need fesmism my friend here is correct all femisists are fat because the tears of men are high in calories
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You know, if you wanna be pro-life, whatever I can't stop you but my god these pro-life commercials are such bullshitting lies.
Mushroom soup, fresh bread, and gala apples. Perfect fall meal at my parents house
God bless Chris Pratt.
๐Ÿ˜ this jerk is da best for putting up with these texts while he's in
. @kinagrannis will be in Milwaukee in two days! Holluh at me boo
I just found four more bruises
Baby @PortableShua in snow day is the cutest thing ever
This morning I woke up with pink eye, a panic arrack, and srrrrsly lacking the will to live. It's a bad day already
Snow day is on Netflix. That's all that matters @johnald90
When I showed the woman who administered my workers comp drug screen my "wounds", all she said was "God bless you"
And in January we brought home my baby tazer ๐Ÿถโ€ฆ
Who would think a 6 year old could fracture your jaw and leave your arms like Rorschach tests
So the cool thing is I now have to wear long sleeves because people will think my boyfriend beat me from these bruises
This beer is making me very sleepy
โ€œ@ltsTina: marry someone u want to annoy for the rest of your lifeโ€ @JordanDBorst
Why can't someone just rub my back and play with my hair ๐Ÿ˜ 
One of the worst parts about not having a roommate is there's no one to do homework with/complain about everything with @hihoneybunnyy
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I freak out if I'm not 15 minutes early but then I always end up sitting and waiting looking like a stalker
So proud of the love of my life and the entire msoe team for placing first in the @DBIAnational student competition.
I just found this on my phone from lord knows when. I love you @JordanDBorst
Kumas is on food paradise. Feed me.
I am literally in the worst mood possible right now
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I think Mary Burke is dumb as a stump but I honestly would rather have an actual tree stump be governor over Scott Walker.
And I know it's pretty impossible for anyone to get into our building, considered it's pretty high security. But I'm still scared
Honestly can someone please talk to me. Because I'm kind of still terrified
THE ONE NIGHT IM BY MYSELF (except for Mary Kate who I'm too nervous to wake) my dog starts growling and barking for no reason. HELP
House hunters is on Netflix. I am beyond happy
Why is cookie dough/brownie mix/cake batter so much better than the finished product