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Half asleep boyfriend rolls over to say "can we name our first kid Toby flenderson?"
The movie super is literally what would happen if Dwight Shrute made a movie and starred in it
The good thing about my job is that I'm still in education. Just education for old people
Jordan thinks I'm asleep but I can hear him giving Remi treats that little sneak
Whenever I order a portobello burger, someone always asks if I'm a vegetarian. No.. that's just how much I love mushrooms.
Eeeeep so much to learn at he new job. Financial industry has too many acronyms!!
I am very okay with spending Halloween at my parents handing out candy and then coming home to snuggle up and watch scary movies
You're the one that I want #woohoo #mydrinkon
people who don't go trick-or-treating or dress up for halloween because its “too childish” are halloWEAK
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Ughhh why does Tyler sequin look like the grinch so much
I dreamt I got new snow boots. I was so disappointed when I woke up
I miss chelsay and coray and watching one direction videos and vodka and monsters and buying outfits for thirstdays
I miss living in Chicago. I miss our weird little garden apartment.
It's little things like a sunrise on Lake Michigan that remind us to slow down and just enjoy it. @…
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Like yeah I love some Chardonnay and Brie but I just want a fucking juice box moscato all the time
I will always love moscato best out of any wine cause it's just like a fucking juice box
Hello my name is slug girl and I take selfies in our roommates bathroom
On this weeks installment of "how to stop my cat from" licking the tv, trying to eat people food, throwing herself at shut doors
My most frequent Google search is "how to stop my cat from..."
Jordan's never seen silence of the lambs! We have to watch all of the Hannibal movies now.
I used to be hella cute and now I'm like minimal cute
My only talent is recognizing actors with minimal roles from other shows that they had minimal roles in.
The voicemail I just got from my boyfriends grandma is the cutest thing ever
In the past two months I've eaten my first PB&J, started to kind of enjoy yogurt, and can tolerate orange juice. My palate is changing.
Halpppp cramps making me hurl #EndoProbs
Biopsy results back! Cancer free since ninety...two!
Whenever I call someone a cunt I hear it in @xchelscrustx's voice. And my fucking god this girl is such a cunt.
Whole grain graham crackers are poison
Woke up with Darian on one side of me and Remi on the other, both bundled in blankets #snuglife
I took so much melatonin last night that I started making jokes to myself and fell asleep laughing
Halloween captain crunch doesn't even turn the milk green and the crunch berry ghosts just look like Cheetos
Thinning out my closet and selling some of my hockey jerseys. Is it an inappropriate time to sell a Kane jersey?
I have been sleepwalking every night for the past four nights. Aren't I too old for that?
I cut off over 5 inches of hair yesterday and it's barely noticeable. That's saying something about how disgustingly long it was
Things to look forward to October🎃 1. Halloweentown 2. Halloweentown 2 Kalabar's Revenge 3. Halloweentown High 4. Return to Halloweentown
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Despite my crummy day, I got a haircut and my stylist was beyond amazing.
My whole diet is pretty much cheese.
It's not even 6 and I already hate my life
A career-high four-point night? Let it out Landy.
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Man oh man stalberg has gone from the Hawks to the ads to the Hawks to the Rangers.
Panarin looks like mini (but taller) Kane. That score was mama Kane and baby Kane
Chicago dogs and Hawks. It's like I'm home #raisethebanner
And now we're taking him to court since he's been ignoring us for a month! Drama
He had a contract with Jordan's mom and then bounced two checks and has been ignoring us and Jordan's mom even called his boss
Our old roommate owes us a couple grand and i keep getting really excited about all the drama were going through to get it back
Boyfriends dad referred to himself as my future father in law. 😊
Whenever I'm sad I look at me and Chelsea's fb friendship. There are tears
My god we need a king sized bed so bad

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