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Guys, I can just ride the green line straight to @hihoneybunnyy's house and do you realize how great that is??
Retweeted by annie
It would be super cool if @LyndsOldenburg moved to milwaukee.
I have a huge container of coconut oil left from my Christmas presents. What are some good uses for it?
I want to punch you in the face. On that note we're looking for a roommate.
Hello doctors of the world why does my nose run when I get drunk
I always retweet @UberFacts when the facts apply or are related to me in someway
Stress increases empathy in women, but decreases it in men.
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Holy shit target in the middle of the day. Why is it so packed. Don't you people work
We currently have multiple job & internship openings, more info: #MKE #job #internship
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All I care about is animals and little kids and hockey
Ps. This was not planned at all
Jordan and I spilled the beans about what we got each other for Christmas. Jerseys for our favorite teams. He got an Ads, I get a Packers
I have Hulu again so back to binge watching RuPaul's drag race
Walkers point @MKEFoodTour was flipping amazing. Britt was an awesome tour guide and delicious food!!
Don't throw repressed memories Emily!
I just realized I've been sitting in the dark all day.
My doctor told me to take two Vicodin with pain. I just slept 4 hours and couldnt move.
And the girl still couldn't get my IV in.
Almost famous is the best movie ever.
Who wants to drive me to the doctor or even to my car because I can't walk
6 hours in the ER. Finally have food in my belly. Now time for bed.
LORD HELP ME. I can't block him because he keeps texting from different numbers!! What do I do??
Everything is covered in cinnamon sugar I just wanna lick myself
There is nothing more frightening than religious extremists
Watching Jesus camp is seriously making me ill.
Santa Claws is coming to The Cat Doctor 12/6/14 12:30-3pm! Bring kitty down for a Christmas picture on Santa's lap.
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@hihoneybunnyy Yeah, he was such a darling young man. By darling I obviously mean #Awful
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I miss the days that @LyndsOldenburg and @xchelscrustx still loved me even though I dated horrible people
Bella has started doing this thing where she stands on her hind legs and stares at you judgmentally for a few seconds
After having one Newfoundland I want a million of them.
Margarita monday is here! $5/glass and $20/pitcher
Retweeted by annie
I just want all the snacks.
@socarolinesays: Bye buddy hope you find your dad” @JordanDBorst
I spend a lot of time figuring out where each district in panem would be in the country
Having a snowball fight with Jordan, slipped on ice, got a concussion. Oh jeeze.
Mrs Borst snuggling one cat goes "I don't talk to the other. He's a little shit"
Thrilled @AlaskaAir is joining @MKEairport next year! Hey @VisitSeattle, you should come try OUR coffee now w/ so many nonstop flights! ;)
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I love when @itsalexclark goes through and favorites all my tweets
Just kidding he's tied with @azizansari for favorite comedian.
Watching @donaldglover's stand up reinforces how much I fucking love him. Favorite actor, favorite rapper, favorite comedian, favorite man.
What I don't get is why my degree is a bachelors of science.
Waking up the boyfriend by shaking him and saying one month till Christmas is normal right?
Can I just say that ferguson would probably have a completely different outcome if the standard of forensic science was better?
God I've been trying to not say anything about ferguson but my fucking coworkers dumbass Facebook posts just set me over the edge
@hihoneybunnyy I want you to move down here and live with me ok thank you
Retweeted by annie
Wedged in the back of the borsts truck with Tyler, Kristen, and mrs Borst. Time for bed.