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The condo smells like fryer oil and feet @JordanDBorst halp need more candles
A year ago I was hooking up with a butthole but he had a very cute dog named Remy. I just like dogs named Remi(y)
Best feeling I've ever experienced, waking up in new soft blankets, therapy cancelled, Bella & Remi snuggling, and Jordan getting breakfast.
Spending my Saturday with my love and his sistuh is the best kind of Saturday
I love it when my exes are in relationships with beautiful girls because I'm like hell yeah they had high standards I'm pretty by default
I just rescued a little pitbull puppy I found running down state street! If anyone's dog is lost, he's at the humane society!
I spend my free time going through my brothers yearbooks looking for pictures of my boyfriend. Hi bby
Kim Kardashian looks like a Who from the Grinch movie off first glance in the nude photos
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This picture is killing me this is 8 years ago where were my eyebrows.
TOMS at target? Best day of my life
I love @revlon because I put on their colorburst matte balm 3 hours ago. Still good color and my lips feel soo soft
Can I make a job out of interviewing? I'm great at nailing interviews for jobs I don't want.
Such a great sight. Olli Maatta is already back on the ice after surgery to remove a tumor.
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I don't need fimsysm they are all lesbians and are trying to convert other women using earths' most beautiful women!!
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I think I'm dying
17 days until Thanksgiving, 35 days until this semester is over, and 44 days until Christmas
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I have no idea if I wanna go back into sales or keep pursuing child psychology but regardless it's something better than what I'm doing
Applied to a few sales jobs this morning. Already have interviews with a gym and two furniture stores
I am so unbelievably in love and so unbelievably happy ❤️
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As much as I love Remi, no dog will ever compare to Toews. 😻�
Working in a trailer park in Janesville and literally the whole park is filled with cops right now. WTF
Diapering teenage boys was not in my job description -_-
#tbt warped tour 2012 with @xchelscrustx EVEN THOUGH WE DIDNT GET TO SEE NEW FOUND GLORY
Remember when my brother @johnald90 would say he was gonna name his kid ball so his name would be BALLINN
Okay the whole "mom" thing started because Chelsea and I were like "NO MOM DONT BEAT ME" to be obnoxious And now everyone calls me mom. Stop
A heterosexual woman with a high sex drive will have a greater attraction to both sexes.
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She gave me a bunch of mediation apps, great advice, and told me to email her anytime I needed any help.
Today I had a panic attack and went to my moms school. Her school therapist wanted to help and is literally the nicest woman I've ever met
Totally at a loss for what to do.
A month ago a client left me with several bruises, bite marks, and a jaw fracture. And now I'm terrified to work with him.
I just want life to be a tiny bit easier right now.
Jesus fucking Christ I feel like I'm constantly fucking up
This is the best thing I've seen in my entire life I love my dad
I'm just apathetic towards the election. Walker has been & always will be a moron. We've been fucked all along, 4 more yrs might not kill us
This just in: you just need a high school diploma to be considered a serious candidate for the President of the United States!
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Congrats on supporting Walker. You're helping cut education, degrade teachers, and treat women like second class citizens. #MovingBACKWARDS
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If Scott Walker runs for president and wins I am not fucking with you when I say I will no longer live in the states.
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Marshmallow fruit loops are the best thing ever. Ever.
I can claim disability for having a dysautonomia???
Yay winter when 6pm feels like midnight
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My glasses are crooked and I take pictures in parking lots.
I guess BelAir is writing sick notes to your jobs today. Skip work, play hooky and get drunk!
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The first time I met @Shalfanonzo I thought her skin was so flawless #randommemoryoftheday
I literally just followed my dad for 8 blocks trying to figure out if it was his car.
If you woke up this morning and wondered, "Who the heck is #AlexFromTarget?" you're not alone:
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Guys, when I move, I'm gonna live soooo close to @hihoneybunnyy 😍
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Who the fuck is Alex from target