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I'm a sucker for letters that imply a third dimension, like Excoffon's "Calypso." Dig this fantastic Tuscan T!
A lovely "Ø." Scandinavian friends, is there a morphological name for this? (@clauseggers, I'm looking at you)
Curious to learn more about Wagon, whose programming books look quite lovely:
Nice: two different reductivist interpretations of the ogonek accent, on this book cover.
Listening to Jonathan Hoefler talk about typefaces is like watching a magician show you how all of his tricks are done. Fascinating. #aeadc
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Jonathan's presentation at #aeadc makes me want to push for more webfonts in our client work! #MOARwebtype @ElectronicInk @HoeflerCo
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"Complexity is where you put it. You can put it in front of the user, or do the hard work yourself to hide it from them." —@lukew #aeadc
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Ahoy #aeadc — thanks for coming! Here's the video I mentioned, @brandondurham using chromatic fonts in CSS:
At #aneventapart? Pay attention to what @whitneyhess is saying about Presence. It's a life-changer.
Final slide is done, with a cool 84 minutes to spare… Looking forward to @whitneyhess's talk, and then I'll see you on stage.
Great, thorough summary by @lukew of @zeldman's opening talk at #anveventapart:…
.@zeldman on accessibility, and people who don't care about blind users: "Google is the biggest blind user on the internet." #aneventapart
More from @zeldman: "Like typeface design… web design is the creation of an environment that facilitates human activity." Spot on.
Great response by @zeldman to "the web hasn't produced an ___ as good as ___", is "Architecture has not produced a movie like The Godfather"
I love that @zeldman just name-checked Debabelizer at @aneventapart.
Idea: "Tarmac Life," a lifestyle magazine/website/podcast for people who are currently 17th in line to depart
I wonder how many other folks heading to @aneventapart are here with me waiting on the tarmac at JFK... #aJetApart
Now here's something about which I suspect feelings run deep: what's your favorite mechanical pencil?
"Built for the sea. Designed for the air." Etc.
Other rejected phrases include "Built for humans. Designed for cats."
The tag line "Built for work, designed for life" suggests maybe not the most solid understanding of how design works.
After 13 years, I give up. Wrote a script that does this for ⌘N in the Finder:
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I'll be talking about webfonts at @aneventapart in DC next week. Come say hello!…
Indeed, @bzigterman: It's from the Barnhart Bros. & Spindler type specimen book "25-A" of 1920.