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For future reference: Terminal command to restore OS X fonts to system defaults:… Thanks, @essl!
Thanks, @_tomconroy. It's the most ahistorical part of The Proteus Project, & my fave, too. Perhaps for the next Discover.typography theme?
More symbols of note. One so seldom sees "rime" in the weather forecast these days.
Twitter's "Who to follow" for me is consistently: (1) a designer, (2) a developer, (3) LeVar Burton.
GlyphNanny, by @typesupply, looks incredibly valuable — especially for first-time type designers. Go get it!…
Type Designers: I just made a new RoboFont extension and I could use some beta testers. Want to try it?… Thanks!
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Could these symbols find life anew, in the hands of some hipster mixologist?
Nice work, @migreyes & @VelocityWong: "The Distance" becomes the first to use Tungsten Rounded on the web:
Jerry Seinfeld wants to be a graphic designer. This is not a joke.
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"A type that stops you in the middle of a sentence and asks you to admire its smartness is a bad type." W.A. Dwiggins
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Here is the microsite of our T-shirt project. We chose our favorite lowercase letters.…
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Quick work: that's our new Tungsten Rounded font on the cover of this month's @WIRED!
.@mendelsund's two books pub next Tuesday, August 5. I've ordered mine; have you?……
Another print-vs-ebooks study. Why not both? Must Jane Austen and Learning Ruby on Rails share a medium?…
How our languages do not shape our thoughts, by John McWhorter.… (thx, @jessesheidlower)
Leave it to @ninastoessinger & @TeoTuominen to find the *perfect* response to the image I just posted!
I've ways been skeptical about the closed-loop "2," but never more so than when a "9" is adjacent:
Two approaches to the bar of the dollar sign, conveniently captured in a single glyph...
@HoeflerCo Not as crazy as yours, but here's another example from London.
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Doubleplusgood! I like a Número symbol with a dash under the o and a following period, but two dots? Below?
Accch, I wish I'd seen this fire truck when we were working on "Redline," here:
Please let this image, found on Wikipedia, become the standard accepted symbol for AI.…