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From the archives: why many fonts contain a 'Yq' kerning pair.…
40 Photos of Happiness to start your day- from bunnies and flowers to gorgeous homes:
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For Wwwwednesday, a letterform fence surrounds a Latin grammar's title (1763).
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Dan Provost at @studioneat explains iOS8 Time Lapse (& well-dressed in our webfonts!)… Via @daringfireball
I admire the way @pentagram's Paula Scher has evolved the identity for The Public Theatre over the years. Old+new.…
I knew it. I take one sick day, and the robots take over the design department.…
This one's for the nerds: Prototype keyboard extension for @roboFontEditor shortcuts. Gearing up for @robothonconf
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Join me in Berlin this November, where I'll be speaking at Beyond Tellerrand.
I love the bycatch of Google Image searches. This one: a single line connecting every US Zip Code, in order.
.@SassBites got it right: Our Official Party is a Karaoke Yacht! Thanks to @HoeflerCo, our party sponsor and co-underwriter.
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I always enjoy @aworkinglibrary's reading list and thoughts on communication, so this sounds interesting.…
The thing is, I'm 100% behind this, for real.…
Hey, @dribbble! Thanks for including our flamingexplosionman NITRO art in yesterday's replay.…
Bill and Jim Moran from @hamiltonwoodtyp are leading a hands-on letterpress workshop with @aigaphilly on October 11…
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"To retweet tweet, click RETWEET. ------->" #interfaceidiocy
Nice job on the new @Eater — responsive, and using our Whitney webfonts!…
I'm going to have to follow @fantasticvocab.
Start of Star Trek episode RT @Gizmodo: NASA Is launching the1st 3D printer into space tonight
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Perhaps, @andrewareoff, although "replicate" isn't my hope, as much as "equally thoughtful and rewarding." Web typography can be both!
Also, the delightful surprise of title pages like this one. I'm growing impatient with iBooks & the Kindle.
While I love the convenience of e-readers, the thrill of the used book store is unmatched. Behold, $11.
It’s official! Robothon 2015: Thursday 5 March + Friday 6 March 2015. KABK, The Hague. More info about programme and tickets will follow!
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Are you disabled and do you use @WordPress? Please help me do some accessible user experience research. Thanks, and please RT.
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Of course it was our own @szkolny who most enjoyed the 'sz' ligatures here:
Granjon's "Great Primer Roman" of 1566. So beautiful; that perfectly even rhythm looks simply effortless.
A banner week, as we welcome @JordanTBell, @7roy, and @anisharamnani to H&Co!
41 Stencils, included in the Wright Art & Design auction.…
And, you bet I backed it. Can't wait.
Fantastic idea: a reissue of the NYCTA Graphics Standards Manual!…
Bookmarking this for future reading: List of Latin-script digraphs.…
Request from @colinmford, regarding a font in progress: "Please check frog flesh razzmatazz."
The human eye has three types of photoreceptors, for red, green, and blue. The Mantis Shrimp has 16.…
A nicely made sans serif on this bronze sestertius, A.D. 37-41.
2nd century Roman inscription at the Met, with an unusual 'K' in line six.
I love "Design to Annoy," this project by Erik Askin.…
Friends old and new, I hope I'll see you in October for @brooklynbeta's grand finale.
Hey, is there anyone from @Pinterest listening in, who can help us figure out an odd thing that's happening with image compression?
Funny, it takes no time to see it’s off. But it takes a sec to know what is wrong.
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It's the first week of school and @typesupply did all your homework for writing OpenType features: Class dismissed.
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Amazing: What happens when you translate "Lorem Ipsum." It's like Dan Brown x Umberto Eco.…
I nominate @IBMWatson for the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.
Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine this. 10 minutes ago on the #ISS #aurora
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BTW there's lots to enjoy in this month's Wired, including "Build a Cyber CDC" by @peterwsinger, an incredibly astute idea.
Nice work by @billysorrentino at @WIRED, coaxing a smart editorial tone out of our Surveyor font. Sober and direct.
Hey @HoeflerCo! Have you though about getting one of these? Could really increase your walk-ins.
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