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Jason Lee Overbey
So @yvette4cincy and @ChrisSeelbach are always doin and eatin healthy stuff. But I wanna know if they ever eat Skyline or fast food!?
@SpeakUpCincy Heroin's here. Still waiting on City Council to show up.The ‘stop watching Cincinnati die’ challenge
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Friday, Sept 5, New Foundations will be @MyFountainSqr at Noon to celebrate @RecoveryMonth with over 30 other providers! #Cincinnati
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Well when you put it like that! ;) @ChairmanAlex
.@SpeakUpCincy issues the ‘stop watching Cincinnati die’ challenge to address heroin epidemic via @Enquirer
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Very, very to "tweak" with you! Okay, that was corny. @msmir @klout
All the gays agree too! MRT @yvette4cincy Shout out @ninaturner "If God made anything better than a woman, he must have kept it to himself!"
My kind of crime story! MT @kjmcginty Woman admits using Pillsbury crust in fair pie-making contest via @jeredowns
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And @ChairmanAlex rants 2day seem to be exercise in self-righteousness & not offer solutions @CincyStreetcar @ChrisSeelbach @SharonCoolidge
Ur one of my favs @ChairmanAlex but ur fb post about @JohnCranley & @PGSittenfeld seemed u r excited to see it fail - where r ur solutions?
Sweet action! Thank you. Good to hear from you! @msmir @klout
Post of ppl overdosing on #heroin this week in public went viral. Guy in pic contacted me for help. Has 4 days clean!…
UPDATED: Man "Nods Out" from Heroin Overdose behind the Wheel of His Car in Traffic UPDATED… --- #Ohio #Cincinnati
Oh, wow. I'm kinda in sync then. Thank you! @SharonCoolidge @cindiincincy
Hey @cwilliam19 link isn't working (for website) am I doing something wrong? #FeedEveryKid
#centralfeed #photowall #cincinnati #bw
So according to Charter Mayor has to give annual address on state of our City. Did I miss it? When does this usually happen? @cindiincincy
Public Policy: Jails are for people we fear, not for people we are mad at.
Marching in unison may increase risk of use of excessive force in policing protests…
Off top of head, maybe politician wld want sourced names of all ppl who attended/attend/member of ___ that isn't public info @MaureenSharib
Well, not 100% sure? Real phone sourcing is getting "ungettable" names. I was thinking how a politician could use that? @MaureenSharib
This is what I'm reading right now. BOOM!
So I wonder if REAL phone #sourcing could work for a political campaign? @MaureenSharib
I fight this every day of my life at @NFTLorg VIDEO: Man nods out from heroin in traffic… @Angenette5 @cincynorthside
VIDEO: Man "Nods Out" behind Wheel from Heroin Overdose at Busy #Cincinnati Intersection… --- #addiction #StopHeroin
In our digital world, are young people losing the ability to read emotions?…
Bioengineers close to brewing opioid painkillers without using opium from poppies…
#Latino children make greatest gains in North Carolina Pre-K…
@SpeakUpCincy Oh my! Can we sell advertising on drones? *That* might solve the industry's problems.
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Going on @700wlw w Willie @ 1PM to talk ab my visit to Middle East & ab the @CincyStreetcar. He probably thinks they're equally fiery topics
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Hey @MichelleLISW I am seriously interested in ur thoughts on this. @FOX19 @ChrisSeelbach
I ran for public office with promise to myself: Always have courage to do what is right...even if it may be unpopular with some. #tomorrow
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So the @CJR says drones are cheap and can help newsrooms >… < I can see @cindiincincy w one parked over City Hall now!
@SharonCoolidge City Hall quiet but we had all hot buttons pressed: abortion clinic closing, call for Kroger gun ban, racial profiling, CVG!
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UC. I hope you had a good first day of school. Hope to see you around campus this week.
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WOW! Been stuck in research for several days and haven't even been able to LOOK at twitter. Hey ya'll!!!!!
Columbus Dispatch today: Every 29 seconds someone attempts #suicide in the US. Every 13.7 minutes it works.
@SpeakUpCincy @animal guess been that long since MIA. Missed chat puppet and Jason..long time..please tell me puppet u have been productive
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