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Alyssa Avellanosa
My body clock follows a different time zone. 👀
The laggy livestream ladies and gents. Huhu. But @joe_sugg was saying that his first red carpet experience was at Brad Pitt's World War Z and he can't believe he's on his own red carpet now. @caspar_lee and Joe look so great tonight! Congrats jaspar! We are extremely proud of you! 👏👍❤💋 #HitTheRoa
Did Jim really say Naomi is looking delicious?! OMG haha #HitTheRoadPremiere
People going mental on the live chat!!! I am so excited! #HitTheRoad @Caspar_Lee @Joe_Sugg
Ran to my room when I heard the music! The livestream is so f*cking on!!! Here we gooo #HitTheRoad @Joe_Sugg @Caspar_Lee
Uh okay. So there's five of us now. 😂 Goodluck loves! �@Joe_Suggg@Caspar_Leee#HitTheRoada8m
I hope ITV livestream would still work great 11 hours later. Mawalang galang na PLDT o.
I'm voting for @WALKTHEMOONband for #AMAs New Artist of the Year Presented by Kohl's, you can too here!…
I'm voting for "Where Are U Now" for #AMAs Collaboration of the Year Un-leashed by T-Mobile, you can too here!
.@teenages0unds outside US you can vote by tweeting @WALKTHEMOONband + New Artist Of The Year + #AMAs as many times as you want :)
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Why am I always late at twitter parties?! Ugh
And suddenly, I wanna be the countess. 😉@ladygagaa#AHSHotell#MrMarchh0
And suddenly, I wanna be #thecountess. 😉 Only, I won't betray #MrMarch. #jamespatrickmarch #hotelcortez #ahs #ahshotel #ahsseason5 #americanhorrorstory #evanpeters @booboodaddy #ladygaga
.@FinnWittrock's new character is luscious. I love it ❤ #AHSHotel
Okay @PLDTHome kamusta naman yung ang mahal mahal ng bayad napakabagal naman ng net utangnaloob.
And we made it! 🙌 @joe_sugg's getting a tattoo! ❤ @caspar_lee #doitforjaspar #jaspar #joesugg #casparlee #youtube
.@Joe_Sugg's to do list: 1. Upload a cover song on @YouTube. 2. Get a REAL tattoo. 🙌💋#doitforjasparp@Caspar_LeeLbCJ
400K LIKES!!! TATTOO! TATTOO! TATTOO!!! @Joe_Sugg's getting a tattoo! Great job guys! Yayyyy! 😂😂@Caspar_LeeL0I1
Welcome to the Philippines, 🇯🇵 Prime Minister Shinzo Abe! Take me home with you pls.…wV
340,000 likes and counting! What would your tattoo art be, @Joe_Sugg? Any suggestions, @Caspar_Lee
Naloka ako sa tanong ng PhilStar: "Mexico or Canada? Who's your #APECHottie?" Jusko pati world leaders hahahaha!
'"@ilovemichico: Kangkong nanaman to! 😂😂🌱" May sinasabi ka? Haha!
🐕This is how they do.�#snapchatat: alyssa21stavn2
Patay gutom mga Pilipino? Sa laki ng tiyan mo ikaw lang patay gutom dito. Nako, Erap ha. Matulog ka na lang.
Aww. 😭 It's easy for others to say that war is the only way to defeat terrorists but what if this happens to you?…9
Pictures of innocent civilians hurt and dead, including children, bc of Raqqa bombing breaks my heart. #PrayForSyria #PrayForTheWorld
#Raqqa a lot of people ask why the Main HQ for #ISIS is not bombed The answer is there is a prison in the basement
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Yes. Bombing Raqqa's a great revenge. But how about the innocent civilians in that city? How is this different from what happened in Paris?
Bombing Raqqa will just nudge terrorists to kill more people.
I think Pink's songs would fit Monica Michael's voice well. #XFactorUK
4th Impact's meeting @onedirection tonight. Can I be their sister for a night and teleport to London rn? lol
Alma Moreno on birth control methods: dapat laging bukas ang ilaw. So pag bukas ang ilaw, kahit magsex, hindi mabubuntis? Ganern?! NKKLK PO.

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