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Alexx Matlosz

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I've realized that life is too short to fear what our limitations are.
Dude, you suck, what are you, 12? -
Keep your hopes up high and your head down low. @adtr #ADTR
You can do anything you want in life. Just don't be a fucking bitch.
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You comment shit on my videos while hundreds of others love them? That's cute.
I finally got a haircut cx
I can't wait to form a new band cx it'll be off the hook! #hardcore #awesome #ADTR #ommen #suicidesilence
I have a feeling that if @shanedawson and I made a video, we would get charged for killing people from laughing so hard. XD
Remember me? I'm that kid you bullied growing up, and where am I now? Places you wish you could be.
T-shirt design for my clothing line Double X Apparel. #fashion #original #cool
You know, I can't feel bad for you because he left without a reason, because you did the exact same. Sucks doesn't it? #karma
In Los Gatos to see a few friends c:
Most people have a few thousand tweets and 300 followers, then I have like 30 with 500, what.
My videos are starting to get quoted on twitter. Awesome. CX #justinternetfamethings
If you can't breathe, you should get off your knees. c; #Parody #funny #cyanerd
We have to cut the ties to our past, So we can make our future last. #Originals #LyricTweet
I find it funny when girls try showing off they're breasts when they don't have any. Like BITCH I HAVE BIGGER TITS THAN YOU! #swerve XDD
@Cats_Are_Cool2: @HeyAlexxMatlosz You're probably gonna get twitter famous xD” yup XD
Physical therapy, hurt today for a better tomorrow. c: #NoPainNoGain
This is not, what it is only baby scars, I need your love, like a boy needs his mother's side. @austincarlile thank you for these lyrics <3
I wish you knew what you do to me, but sadly you can't, and it sucks because you're the one for me #sad #Heartbroken
The rest of my tattoos will be sleeves with the theme of chains and my life story on my arms and chest and possibly wings on my back. #inked
#CommonCourtesy and For those who have heart deluxe re issue are my two favorite albums to do covers to^.^ thank you @adtr !!!<3
Thank you for being like a brother to me dude, sure we got out of touch, but I'll never forget you man. #RestInPeace
I was wrong, today was NOT a good day... :'c
It's hard being a single mom when you're a male teenager.
I have a feeling today will be a good day c:
The shit that people say in psychology <<<
When I'm at school(thinking) : "fuck you, fuck you, fuck you, FUCK YOU!!! Oh hey she's pretty cute. And that guy seems chill, but FUCK YOU!"
The Season of Cuddle Weather is here!:D But I don't have anyone to cuddle with.. :c #foreveralone #singleguyproblems #thestruggleisreal
Stuck in class? I'm still in bed! C:<
Don't judge my choices unless you understand my reasons.
Some nights I think of you and your smile, and then I realize all the pain I've suffered, was worth while <3 #love
I'm single by choice, and it isn't my choice. ;-; #sadlife #feels
I got asked to feature in a few of my friends albums c: can't wait to start recording. ^~^ #ThatVocalistLife #happy
You should've loved me there and then, but now I'm just the shadow of what could've been. #original #lyrics
My idea of flirting is making fun of each other until one of use fucks up and says something nice, then we fuck. c:
When life gives you lemons, just be glad it wasn't herpes. c: