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Solar Heavy
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This incredible Artwork by James Zapata, from one of my favorite movies is the visual theme to the next EP...
Just grabbed this center console midi, I've had 4 axioms in my time, this one im most excited for
I'm back from outerspace
Staying until Saturday in NJ, it's been a fun trip so far :)
The iPhone's background I made for @SolarHeavy ! Fav's & RT highly appreciated. High quality…
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I liked a @YouTube video from @SolarHeavy Solar Heavy - City Lights [Constellations EP]
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Can't say I own to much music, as I mostly listen to YT. But, two artists I can't help but buy from: @SolarHeavy and @NegativepH. Amazing!
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I've been in NJ the last few days, it's been interesting taking a break while the EP is doing it's thing, but...
Space, the final frontier.
Here's the latest track off the EP, enjoy the visuals! #music #chill #space…
I was alive when pluto was still a planet.
Sunday funday, or for me #music and #relax time :)
Why do people insist on feeding your dog after you've told them a million times, please dont feed my dog.
it's just a journey everyone, there's no right or wrong way to live life, make sure you stop and enjoy it.
Nasa is putting people on mars, seriously. :)
We're sending humans to Mars! Watch our #JourneytoMars briefing live today at 12pm ET: #Orion
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@SolarHeavy Some delectable herbs, clear night sky, Constellations........Bliss
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We love ya' NASA - National Aeronautics and Space Administration
Soundcloud hasn't loaded for me all day, this makes me a sad musician.
@SolarHeavy I'm actually creating an iPhone wallpaper for you ! ;)
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Weekend is almost here, what's everyone doing? any music events?
This is one of the most relaxing songs I've ever made, #sleep #relax #music…
Break time after 4 hours of mixing and mastering a clients song. How am i not tired yet?! #audio #ninja #solarheavy
I miss the 90's so I'm just gonna have to fuse some new school and old school 👌
I see you, yeah YOU.
Okay who else has been playing Far Cry 4? This is going to kill my music career.
Shout out to my night owls, sleep is lame
When you listen to music transparently, you'll interpret each element in a higher contrast, and that will reflect in your own art.
Wish I was smoking a blunt on the beach right now.
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The #snow right now is beautiful!
Just another reason I love space
Constellations EP [Dream Crusher Media]…
Have an awesome day #space travellers
Have you heard the EP yet? if so, what's your favorite song so far :) #music #spotify
Just listened to my EP outside and it's a clear starry night in the mountains :)
Drakes twitter bio : I should've tweeted you better
The Theory of Everything was such a good movie
Hanging out thinking of ideas, whats up instagram? #studio #producer #music #synth #midi #maudio #behringer #alienware
Mmmmm turkey at 10am