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Hessie Jones
Inspiring words from #toscareno Resilience is having the ability 2 stay afloat despite life's tragedies & challenges
Adding greens to diet, getting rid of sugar, increasing hydration will mitigate effects of menopause, menstruation #toscareno #canfitpro
Stretching - builds long lean muscle and get the toxins moving out of the muscle #toscareno #canfitpro
Cellercising 15 min on mini trampoline equivalent to running 5k. Being airborne helps change cell structure. #toscareno #canfitpro
Human growth hormone stimulated when you're training to keep you young, vital; increases brain capacity #toscareno #canfitpro
Body beautiful formula: 80% food + 10% genetics + 10% training #toscareno #canfitpro
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The gym and clean eating are my drugs of choice. Via #toscareno #canfitpro
Set ur clients up 4 success: create a story of your progress, face your fears, and train with a buddy for motivation #toscareno #canfitpro
'I want to share with you how good it can feel to be fit.' Here, here @toscareno #toscareno #canfitpro
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Are you or your clients working hard enough? The human body was designed to be challenged and pushed #canfitpro #toscareno
The pornographication of Fitness. It's not about T&A. Just live your life, be healthy. It's not all about appearances #toscareno #canfitpro
@toscareno: As personal trainers, why do your clients come see you?”
Decaf coffees are processed and still diuretics. High performance athletes need more water, more electrolytes #toscareno #canfitpro
Carbs, healthy fat, hydration and protein most important immediate post workout food! #CanFitPro #toscareno
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Caffeinated beverages are diuretic means you're shedding water. Need 12 oz water to offset 8 oz caffeine canfitpro #toscareno
Win an autographed copy of my book by participating online using both #canfitpro and #toscareno! We will pick a winner today!
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Did you know a cup of broccoli a day can increase your libido? #themoreyouknow #toscareno #canfitpro
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One of my favourite clients who's teaching me about clean eating and living life #toscareno #canfitpro #mylifelessons
Working out is one of the best ways to manage blood sugar. Feed Glucose receptors with some protein and carbs to feed the muscle #toscareno
Awesome eating clean menu. Your craving for sugar diminishes. Your taste for food increases! #toscareno #canfitpro
Broccoli will give u vitamin C and keeps blood flowing, for 7 days and increases libido #toscareno #canfitpro