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Yes I believe in dreams coming true. Now quit being so negative and live a little. #HerWords
#Thanks to all my great followers with their own unique qualities and support. & #Thanks to every positive person for making my life amazing
Would love to make a trending topic called #Thanks . Thanking special people for what they have done and #spread the #love ...
*Has no clue why, out of the blue more than 700 people followed me. But is VERY exited about this* #Thanks!
Its not hard to choose between no money, but doing what you love, or tons of money but hating your job. Is it?
Sometimes I think its better this way. Still, I can't help but miss you. #love #LetGo
If today would be your last day, what message would you leave behind? #ask #rt
I laugh, you laugh, we all laugh! Join my #LiveALittle project! Upload your photo, use the tag and: Live a little.
For me a song that never gets old. Fatboy Slim - Praise you. #SongsThatNeverGetOld
#Ladies & #Girls , this one is for you! Oh boy by Boy.
Wrote a few words about letting #love go. Did you ever feel like this?
Alone, you're strong. Together, you're stronger.
Question of the week: did you #find #true #love ? And if yes: how/where. #ShareHappyMoments #WeeklyQuestion
Why would you look for answers when you already know them?
If you would die today, could you honestly say you've lived life to the fullest? #Question #Life #Die
Explain to me why the sun only shines when Im at work. -.-
Keep the good memories, forget the bad ones. Don't look back, don't worry about tomorrow. Live now and laugh. Laugh a lot! #Enjoy #Life
Having problems? Or is life just a complete Ahole today? Put on your favorite song and #dance your #problems away! No excuses! GO!
New #blog online! From the inspiring and beautiful artist @LuciaMariaNow . Listen to her song here:
Do you feel life has been hard on you? Trust me, its for a reason. #motivation :…
Who ever tells you your dreams are too big: NONSENSE! Dream big, act even bigger and better! Show them what you're made of! #motivation
Use your brain and you will exist. Use your soul and you will live. #quote
I really #dislike being so nervous for my first day at my new job.