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suicidal teens talking other suicidal teens out of suicide
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He's nobody. And I'm nobody's fool.
Words speak Actions scream
You can't be afraid to put all your eggs in one basket. If you don't, you'll end up bearing the load of a hundred baskets.
You might get hurt but you can't be afraid to live.
Give everything 110%
Why doesn't anyone ever dive into anything head first, no strings to pull them back.
You said I wouldn't catch you hung up on somebody that you used to know.
When you finally decide that my fucking feelings matter... Take that decision and choke on it.
I don't understand how you can be okay with this.
you meant so much to me
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You fight about things you care about.
Here's to the fakers; Here's to the heartbreakers.
But why do we always listen to sad songs when we're already upset?
I should be asleep, I shouldn't be upset
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These words are my diary, screamin' out loud.
My God, it's so beautiful when that boy smiles.
I want your eyes to burn into my soul with a passion you get from only your one true love.
I want your undivided attention and affection.
I just want someone, anyone, to put me first.
i love you you love her simple as that
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Hopefully I make it.
In less than an hour, it will officially be 5 months since I last self harmed.
I can't see, I can't think, I can't breathe. All I can do is cry.
That does kind of leave me an infinite second best, doesn't it?
Like I literally can't breathe and I have so many thoughts and I can't form them normally and what if you leave what if I end up alone again
Please say you'll stay?
I'm gonna puke.
mood: wilted daisies, dusty books, bee stings, moths stuck in a hot car, dull blades, blistered fingers, cigarette ashes on the carpet
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It's a struggle just to breathe.
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on the bright side, 72 days until Halloween
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the pills cant make me forget you and all your unfulfilled promises
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And I'm not so sure my thoughts are very beautiful and poetic at the moment.
I literally have no place else to vent than right here.
Does anyone else watch rlly funny vines every day til like 4am or jst me
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I don't fucking care if you thought I was sleeping. That's fucked.
Like who gets on Skype with their girlfriend and answers the phone when they call, much less tell them you love them
Like I fucking heard you tell your ex you love him WHILE WE WERE ON SKYPE.
Why is it that you can do no wrong?
I hate the way you treat me
I'm about to watch vast amounts of porn because, hey - why not???
I have so much I'd like to say, But it's too late, you've gone away.
I taught my boss all about sexting today and now I really wanna sexy sigh
a b c d e f g someone please make out with me
Sometimes night thoughts aren't so beautiful.
I don't even really know what I'm saying
My life will be like 'Shameless' and I'm okay with that.
I think it'd be fun to be a trailer trash alcoholic whose only job is to take care of the kids and go muddin' on the backroads with my hubby