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Heidi Joy Parker ✌
A life without mozzarella sticks is no life at all.
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"I just tried to make reservations at the library" You don't need a res- "Couldn't get one though" Don't do this "They were fully booked"
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(Lindsay, you should be proud of me. @lindsaykay_9 ...see last tweet lol)
I've recently become one of those people with At Bat on the first page of their phone. What's happened to me? ⚾❤⚾
If you ever feel like crying your eyes out, just watch If I Stay.
Noah just pronounced memes as memmies lololololol
“He probably won’t answer you. He has a speech delay. He talks plenty at home, but strangers have..."
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#selfie because my hair looks too good not to.
This guy in front of me in the drive thru does not look old enough to be driving. He looks like a fifth grader.
"Hi, I'm here for Paradox Club." -Actually this is Oxymoron Club. "Ok, same difference." *looks at group* -Oh, this guy is good.
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My new phone gets fully charged in like an hour and a half, so that's fun.
how did harry potter get down the hill? walking jk rowling
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DORA: "What was YOUR favorite part?!" ME: DORA: ME: DORA: "I like that part too."
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When did Chris Pratt get so hot? Like, I always found him slightly disgusting in Parks and Rec and Guardians of the Galaxy, but now like 😍😍😍
The Phineas and Ferb finale might have made me tear up a little bit.
New favorite dinosaur: Cankesorus Rex.
This literally just happened again and I'm sitting at the mechanic's place. Lol. My car must not like June 10th.
Lololol I've literally never felt so bad for a person in my life.
There is literally nothing I hate more than asking people for gas money. Lol.
It's only Tuesday and I have all my homework for the week done. Online classes are the best!
[Walmart music section] "Can you help me find that fire, that hot new music?" Associate: check out my mixtape
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Imagine proposing to your girlfriend with a bloomin' onion but your waiter is in HS and messes it up by going to the wrong table.
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Congrats to @brandonweight who just asked his girlfriend to marry him with the BEST flower ever - A Bloomin' Onion!
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Squad goals: achieved ✅💯 Turkey Run is bae. 🌲🌳🌿🌊⛺😍
I've watched 81 episodes of Friends since last weekend. I don't know whether to be proud or cry over the pitifulness of my life.
"REDNECK AVENGERS: TULSA NIGHTS" — A Bad Lip Reading of Marvel's The Ave... via @YouTube
Summer expectations: Getting tanned on a beach whilst partying with friends Summer Reality: Playing on The Sims moving only to get food
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I'll go inside when it starts to melt.
I can also barely see the screen because the sun is so bright. Meh.
My computer is super hot, though. This might not be my brightest idea.
Doing my homework outside because it would be a crime to sit inside on this beautiful day!
#becauseimbritish #teatime #scones #pgtips
That sad moment when you eat the last Jammie Dodger. :( #becauseimbritish
We had a blast helping with spring formal/banquet/whatever you kids are calling it these days! #roaring20s #killinit (PS - Rach, I totally typed Peasant when I was trying to tag you lol.)
Pinterest hasn't been working for the last few days and it's the worst things that has ever happened to me.
I just want to know how Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant would handle Isis. #Scandal
I smell nice. I can cook. I like watching baseball. Why don't boys like me? #imonlyhalfkidding
When people with straight hair ask why people with wavy/curly hair dont brush it...
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That horrifying moment when you finish an episode on Netflix and didn't realize it was the last one 😖😭😵
Happy birthday to the MAJESTIC, GORGEOUS, SUPER FLIPPING AWESOME @lindsaykay_9. #shesbae #iloveher.

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