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Heidi Joy Parker ✌
Flannel Friday with the squad. #selfiestick #wallyworld
When a buzzfeed quiz asks a literally impossible question and you cant finish the quiz.
Often, a college education is the only way a young person can climb out of a life of poverty and into a life of debt.
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Seriously craving thanksgiving dinner right now
Just tell me you love me, if you don't then lie, oh lie to me And call it true, call it true love
The worst thing in the world is when your best friend is hurting and there's no way you can fix it.
This girl is talking about how much she loves coffee but she keeps saying "expresso" and I'm cringing.
We found love on an oreo box.
I think there's a huge conspiracy and Vance Joy and Sleeping at Last are actually the same.
Pretty sure the piano accompaniment for the second song the Heritage Singers sang was the Jurassic Park theme.
Natha will do that to ya
I think I'm officially over my 5sos addiction.
My favorite freshmen. My children. My spirit animals.…
My favorite freshmen. My children. My spirit animals.
The passion that @Jp_Jaramillo_ has for Disney movies is inspiring.
But you don't have to do the lab. It's just free m&m's while I get paid to sit here
Reasons Polycom is the greatest job ever: If you're in a science class and they do a lab with food, the prof. will probably give you food
The new Google logo makes me want to gouge my eyeballs with a spoon. It's that hideous.
[Batman at McDonald's] What's your chicken sandwich called? -A McChicken And the rib? -A McRib [pulls out his batwallet] I like your style.
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Let's move some freshmen in!
Successfully survived RL training. #mbulife
Me: I'm going curl up in bed Brain: You make no money Me: What? Brain: What's that pain probably a tumor Me: Wait Brain: Still sleepy?
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2 hours until back to school. 😷😷😷😷😷😷😷
Why do so many sick, twisted people on Facebook like the fact that my fish died?
I'm only going back to school because my Slytherin planner was delivered there.
What Does the Future Hold for One Direction? This is hilarious.… via @VanityFair
[english class in 2015] "Okay class today, instead of reading Fahrenheit 451, we will be listening to it" *teacher plays my mixtape*
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I had to text my availability to my boss and I'm not sure if I spelled "close" right. Like, it just doesn't look like a word to me.
Ever think about an old friend and wonder what they're doing right now? They're playing on their phone. Everyone is playing on their phone.
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100% ready to be back at school.
I made Internet friends and I like them so much more than anyone I've ever met in real life.
What in the world is wrong with this girl on #syttd big day?!
What is Donald Trump even saying right now? I don't think he has said a single complete sentence.
If you don't tell me happy birthday, I'll unfriend you in real life.
11 pm: I think I might go to bed early tonight 3 am: lol
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So, the power is still out and I have a test due for an online class.... this is fabulous.
Ahhhh I love and miss these two so much!!! It's crazy that you're both married now! We were the cutest freshmen ever. :P #timehop
"No, I can't go to lunch with you. I have a ton of things to do." *opens BuzzFeed to "Which Disney Princess Are You?" quiz*
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Someone please send me candy crush lives. (Bet you thought you'd never read that on twitter. But really, I need some.)
She flinches whenever I try to pet her. I think I've scarred her for life.
And then she stared at me with the most horrified look for a solid minute.
There was a moth in my house and my cat was trying to get it but then I killed it with a fly swatter.
Prince Charming: I love your dress. Cinderella: Thank you. Some rodents in my stepmother's house made it for me.
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