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Heidi Joy Parker
If you ask a fundamentalist to burn a cd for you, he probably will.
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We did our nailsies. #nailfie #itsaselfiewithnails
The kids' parents just arrived.
Currently witnessing a drug bust in the Wal-Mart parking lot.
"@SimsLogic: Childhood's most difficult decision" *adulthood's
There are these old people dancing and they're so I'm jealous of their moves.
"Boldly I approach Your throne Blameless, now I'm running home By Your blood I come, welcomed as Your own Into the arms of majesty"
World's most perfect leaf. #Bob
There are 16 bathrooms in this dorm. Why are they all being used when I need to pee?!
So, I've come to the conclusion that people need to grow up.
And my whole room is in bed by midnight. That's how you know it was a long day.
October is not a color, y'all. -_____-
“I know what I’m about, son.” A Ron Swanson quote I to use in conversation at least once a day.
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I feel like I tweet that way too often. This is what college does to me.
Is it nap time yet?
"Before he was born, so much of my life was about moving forward. I was always looking toward the next house..."
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Lol, five years ago today, @AbbyCadabby32 and I created limm.
I forgot to post Rachel and I's date from last week, sooo #latergram
I just want to go on an adventure. Who wants to go on an adventure with me? ✈🚀🌎
Fuzzy toilet=success ☑
If you don't love The Sandlot, then I probably have no respect for you.
Other than that, yay road trip!
That terrifying moment when a swarm of bees fly into the car. <<<< 🐝🐝🐝
Fall and winter are the worst because I want to go to the bathroom, but I don't want to have to pull my tights back up.
The leaves on the trees are dying. Another tragic result of the fall.
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Please don't tweet about AHS, guys!!! Don't ruin it for me pleeeeeaseeee!!! Wahhhh
@susanjaramillo made me delete the other #wcw that I posted because it was so ugly. Hahaha but this works too. #dualcamerafolyfee
“we’re far worse than we ever imagined, and far more loved than we could ever dream.”
I can't find any of my headphones.........where are am I supposed to sleep........
When I get bored and send Susan 122 selfies and 4 majestic videos.
New York. A girl approaches Drake on the street and asks for directions. Taking her hands, he looks deep into her eyes. "Follow your heart."
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A waitress drops a tray of dishes. Her eyes puffy from tears. Drake kneels beside her "Were gonna pick up these broken pieces together, ok?"
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I just want to go to a haunted house already, dangit. 😡
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do caterpilars kno they becom buterflies or do they just eat and eat and eat and eat and then somhow things just magicaly work out for them
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Ready for nap time.
#latergram. I love my Suzy Q.
We had to take Cody to the dentist, so naturally, we brought slushies and air heads to munch on in the waiting room. We're so cool.
So, obviously the only thing I can do is go back to China. Right now.
And apparently Google doesn't know what that is so I can't look up how to make it.
I just want moving cake. Is that too much to ask?