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Da Real Heidi Spice✌
Fiorina mentioned Wisconsin and I'm pretty sure I heard Dr. Marriott clap in the audience. #GOPDebate
"The Secret Sauce of America" What are we, a cheeseburger? #GOPDebate
Kasich is being a little bit savage here #GOPDebate
Homeless man: Change please Me: sorry dude I don't have any money on me Homeless man: No, change...That outfit is hideous
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Not gonna lie, Marty's train derailment puns really spoke to me.
y'all remember this episode of spongebob?!😂d
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Just got that dreaded message. I used all my data. 😓 7 days left.X
Date: what kind of work do you do? Me: I dabble in real estate [Dad yells down the stairs] She visits open houses and eats the free cheese
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boy: i hate being poor grandpa: were going to fun factory mr chocolate: hello naughty children its murder time
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When you make your friends watch your favorite movie and none of them like it 😦😢😭 It's ok though, they're just peasants.
If a creeper in Starbucks is ever staring at your computer screen, give them something to look at.
Stop standing outside our door and come buy something, you little punks.
When someone sends you a Facebook message saying to favorite their tweet. I'm talking about you, @LoriSado.
Just filing this away for future viewing. 😍😍…WYk
♫Stacy's mom Just got a brand new dog It is a lab and I pet it for so long♫
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In college when you get a care package, everyone gets a care package. Everything is up for grabs, except the money #unwrittenrule76
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.@OneRepublic r u guys going to start counting hearts instead?
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The speaker in chapel is named Pastor Tebow and I'm worried this is the closest I'll ever get to Timmy.
"Me when feeling suspiciously relaxed: what responsibility have I forgotten." — Ohio State
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This is extra sad because I have 15gb all to myself and I've managed to use that much.......................
I've used 90% of my data for the month and I have 13 days left.
Lori: I didn't wear socks in my boots because I thought it was supposed to be cold. Me:
Is #selfiesunday still a thing?
There are only 6 and a half more weeks until my last semester is over. SHUT. THE. FRONT. DOOR.
[baby saying his first words] Baby: d-d-d-d Mom: I think he's trying to say daddy Baby: d-d-d-don't stop looking for kony
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God’s grace appears more precious, electrifying, and even more amazing, when I see more of my own flaws and sins.
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Freshmen on Facebook have no chill. You don't need to post a picture every time you see one of your friends, guys.
I could be wrong, but isn't a disciplee just called a disciple?
Do you ever read your old tweets because you're just so hilarious?
Hot guy in Chick-fil-A reading Bible and praying. Marry me please. 😍😍😍🙏
Dr. Lincoln is back and all is right in the world once again.
it's the remix to ignition/ college student edition/ i eat poptarts for dinner/ i can't afford my tuition
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How you know you watch too much netflix: "I don't have those notes because I missed that episode...I mean that class period" - @lindsaykay_9
My heart naturally chooses all things but Jesus; yet, he looks to me, the one rejecting Him, and He chooses nothing but me.
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My roommate from northern Illinois just tried to correct my pronunciation of Urbana. #checkYourself #swerve @LoriSado
Shout out to the Cubs for losing again tonight! <3 <3
So @5SOS hasn't added anything to their snapchat story today and that makes me a little bit sad.
Dr. Clater just dismissed the class I do polycom in early and she left but all the freshmen are sitting here confused.
I was bored so I counted all the sunglasses I polished. 348 pairs.

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