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Heidi Joy Parker ✌
Breakfast date complete with blackberry tea.
The little boy in the Shriners commercial gets me every time.
I really want to be a superhero's girlfriend but I don't think I'd like getting kidnapped all the time.
Corgi play date! Gizmo enjoyed pretending Annie was a horse. #AdventuresOfLittleLegs
#WhenTrumpIsElected, Americans will illegally cross the border into Mexico in search of a better life.
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#WhenTrumpIsElected you'll only get a law passed if you win the swimsuit competition.
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#WhenTrumpIsElected every American will voluntarily walk back, swim back or fly back to whatever county their ancestors were from.
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#WhenTrumpIsElected it will be a sad, statistical fact that over half of the country is extremely stupid.
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I haven't watched netflix in over a week.
I wish I was as cute as Barbie on instagram.
Today I'm thankful that it's a new day. Because yesterday sucked. Lol.
That chick's hair has low self-esteem. It must have been teased a lot in the 80's.
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I lost my wallet in Chicago today, so that was fun..........................................................
My train is delayed so I'm cranky right now.
Pandora is so off point today. -_- if that's even a thing...
Sorry guys, gonna be reposting a lot of these because I need to win :P #amazonstudentsweeps #Repost @amazonstudent ・・・ What better way to enjoy the Dog Days of Summer than with a hammock? Enter for your chance to win 1 of 6 hammocks by following us and regramming this photo with #AmazonStudentSwee
#amazonstudentsweeps #Repost @amazonstudent ・・・ It's the Dog Days of Summer and we're celebrating by giving our fans the chance to win a new prize every day this week! We'll be randomly selecting 6 winners each day, so be sure to check back throughout the week for your chance to win! First up, this
There's so much water in my ears I can hear it sloshing around.
This is the incredible headline Americans woke up to 46 years ago today.
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This sounds kinda salty, but I really just think it's funny lol.
Maid of Honor duty #1: Having every single person text me to ask what time the wedding is. Just for the record, it's at 1, guys.
If you look in your bathroom mirror & say "Donald Trump" 3 times, the hair in your shower drain rises up & starts yelling racist slurs.
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If I'm honest with myself my favorite food is just dipping sauces.
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Congratulations to @iNeed_aMANduhh!!!! Now let me meet your puppy <3 :D
And that 12 Days of Christmas play was also supposed to be in it. I had the lead role for my reading class, so I really need to see it!! Lol
I'm very upset about this. I worked really hard on the letter to future me.
I could have dreamt this, but I'm pretty sure we were supposed to open it at graduation. I know my sister's class for theirs.
Important question for people I graduated with: didn't we make a time capsule with Miss Crowder in Jr. High?
Her first Dairy Barn visit. #AdventuresOfLittleLegs
There's a cute little groundhog hanging out in our yard 😄
No, I don't want to join your secret society. Sorry, weirdo.
Ahhhhhhhhhh 😢😢😭
If Donald Trump could just leave, that'd be cool.
Ahhhh we were such cute little unicorn critters!!!!
[inventing nascar] We're totally out of sports ideas [guy runs in] Sorry I'm late, I was driving in my car [everyone looks at each other]
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Now I officially have nothing to live for. I have seen 236 out of 236! How Many Episodes Of "Friends" Have You Seen?…
2/4 summer classes: ✅😏😎😥
15 bald eagles who friggin’ love America… (sorry for the obsessive buzzfeed sharing, but this one was necessary)
YESS! I got Kim Possible! Which 2000s Disney Channel Girl Are You?… via @BuzzFeeders
The only day when an entire country can wear matching Old Navy shirts and nobody bats an eye. 🇺🇸

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