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Heidi Joy Parker ✌
Like, I'm super proud of you for writing it and stuff, but be a bit more humble
It bothers me when people share a blog post and are like "This is the most beautiful blog post ever. Read it." And then it's their own blog.
I downloaded every single one of their songs and have been listening to them all day. Someone kill me. I love them too much.
But for real, guys, I've gone full 5sos fangirl.
Shoutout to what Huckabee just said.
A running list of the eyebrow raising things that have come out of @realDonaldTrump's mouth tonight: via @mashable
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BARBER: What can I do today? RAND PAUL: Give me something nobody would vote for. BARBER: Got you, fam. #GOPDebate
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Key takeaway from the first half of the debate
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Like, we all make fun of the Donald's hair, but what about Rand Paul's little pile of curls?
All these guys need a good hairstylist.
"The problem isn't that I'm an incredible garbage monster. It's that America has a low tolerance for incredible garbage monsters." -Trump
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Ok yes political correctness is not always necessary but being a horrible person and treating women like objects is not ok #GOPDebate
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Lol people are already booing Trump.
Don't tell anyone, but I'm secretly in love with Ashton Irwin from 5sos.
That awkward moment when you mix up the words bidet and duvet. #frenchisstupid 😵
This is so creepy, but I love it and it speaks to me on a personal level.… via @MattBellassai @BuzzFeed
Dear @Pinterest Can we have folders to organize out boards in please? Thank you 😁
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I need Chick-fil-A. Who wants to go to Terre Haute with me? (I feel like maybe @anna_cooney does? :) :))
The view from our hotel room 😍🚢❤
Breakfast date complete with blackberry tea.
The little boy in the Shriners commercial gets me every time.
I really want to be a superhero's girlfriend but I don't think I'd like getting kidnapped all the time.
Corgi play date! Gizmo enjoyed pretending Annie was a horse. #AdventuresOfLittleLegs
#WhenTrumpIsElected, Americans will illegally cross the border into Mexico in search of a better life.
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#WhenTrumpIsElected you'll only get a law passed if you win the swimsuit competition.
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#WhenTrumpIsElected every American will voluntarily walk back, swim back or fly back to whatever county their ancestors were from.
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#WhenTrumpIsElected it will be a sad, statistical fact that over half of the country is extremely stupid.
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I haven't watched netflix in over a week.
I wish I was as cute as Barbie on instagram.
Today I'm thankful that it's a new day. Because yesterday sucked. Lol.
That chick's hair has low self-esteem. It must have been teased a lot in the 80's.
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I lost my wallet in Chicago today, so that was fun..........................................................
My train is delayed so I'm cranky right now.
Pandora is so off point today. -_- if that's even a thing...
Sorry guys, gonna be reposting a lot of these because I need to win :P #amazonstudentsweeps #Repost @amazonstudent ・・・ What better way to enjoy the Dog Days of Summer than with a hammock? Enter for your chance to win 1 of 6 hammocks by following us and regramming this photo with #AmazonStudentSwee
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There's so much water in my ears I can hear it sloshing around.

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