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Heidi Joy Parker
If all you do is post selfies on your snapchat story, then i probably hate you.
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I mean, the writing was good.... But the story itself was meh.
I joined the league of White Girls today and read #thefaultinourstars. I didn't cry, and I don't think it's worth all the hype. #TFIOS
I love going out to breakfast in the morning because I'm always the youngest person here.
I was just looking at pictures of the hotel we're staying at in Hong Kong and wow. Just WOW.
And they said they would be here right away
It has now been an hour since I called home for someone to come rescue me. No one is here. They're just so dependable...........
Do you know how fast you were going sir? "15,000mph?" Wha? No,like 65? "Seems pretty slow wouldn't you say?" I guess so. "Ok bye" bye?
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So the jumper cables are in the trunk but the trunk won't open because the battery is dead. This is like a twisted nightmare or something
Myyyy car won't start, so I'm stuck here all alone. Woo
Neil Patrick Harris is my spirit animal. If he weren't gay, I'd totes marry him.
And then returned it to it's rightful owner.
Someone's copy of Vanity Fair arrived in our mailbox, so I tore out the perfume samples (4 of 'em) & read the story on Neil Patrick Harris
Choose your own adventure A T H E I S T S W A N T A P E S H O E S Non-believers like primate footwear? or Godly bird repairs garden tools?
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Mad Goat >>>>> 😍😍😍
Hacked love yah heifen
#selfiesunday #Selfie #blackandwhite
Also, Neil Patrick Harris.
I love #RedEye. It is my favorite.
Creeping through old pictures and danggg, 2012 was a great year for my hair.
This majestic puppy was so good at the vet today. #prouddogmom #andy
"Komoticon" what Komodo Dragons would send if they understood smartphones or a great band name. Works on a lot of levels really.
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