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Heidi Joy Parker
Because I don't care anymore
I'm going to be brave and just not do my homework and see what happens
3 words: Verizon texting outage
Gonna kill Rachel's stomach if it doesn't shut up.
when i email my professors, it's hard for me to not put "lol"
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30 Of The Most Powerful Images Ever -
You know a test is hard when people just start laughing.
Petition for there to be a Sims 4 Hogwarts expansion pack
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That Developmental Psychology test I just took <<<<<<<<<<<<<< #failure #death #destruction #ow
Feels like -7, but at least it's #sunny. :)
Well, I got 14 hours of sleep last night 0_o
Check out how the mayor of Calgary responds to people on Twitter, it’s freaking hilarious...…
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Mullen's date! #icecream
Also requesting for someone to buy me the stuffed Sven that I just pinned.
I just don't wanna go alone
If someone will go to Taco Bell with me right now, I will buy them food.
Did I seriously cut class this morning why Heidi why
I have no motivation to get out of bed
any good jokes lately? yeah, the mirror. i mean your mirror. i mean your mirror, while you are standing in front of it & i'm not in the room
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So this morning I failed and wrote the date as 2012.
That #Illinois #sunset tho >>>>>> #nofilter
Me watching the Olympics: Oh wow, that was impressive! Announcer: ANOTHER DISASTROUS MISTAKE!
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Honestly, if you think frozen is secretly about homosexuality, you're crazy. It's a Disney princess movie.