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Kendall Schmidt
I'd love to! Lets see how we can make it happen :) RT @MarciiaJ: @HeffronDrive would you like to collaborate with @nickjonas ????
So Happy to hear that my brother @KennethESchmidt passed his Bar Exam in Washington DC! Can't wait to see what happens next :)
Lots of news today :) Hope you are are excited!!
"Drum Master" Thanks for the pic @TravisBarker ! Good running into you at #CaliforniaAdventure , Seeya at the next show! #HeffronDrive #Blink182 #BigTimeRush
"Early as Hell/Stuck In Traffic" I hope my face explains how this drive is going. Gotta save up for a helicopter ;) 🚁 Watch me on KTLA at 8:45 this morning! #HeffronDrive #kendallschmidt
I mean you're..whatever. Just watch lol! @KTLA for @ktlaENT with @samontv at 8:45am PST! #HappyMistakes
If your up early try and catch me on @KTLA for @ktlaENT with @samontv at 8:45am PST! #HappyMistakes Interview will be posted after :)
👍😎 R@kendallxhemmomo: Don't forget to catc@HeffronDriveve today o@KTLALA fo@ktlaENTNT wit@samontvtv at 8:45am PST#HappyMistakeses
Big Happy B-day to @mannystreetz ! If people only knew how hard we partied in Mexico for the #PenaVega wedding!
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Tomorrow tune into @KTLA for @ktlaENT with @samontv at 8:45am PST to watch my interview live! ;) #happymistakes
Dare to be Different - Join the No Bully Zone @ today. #gromsocial, #standup to bullies
@HeffronDrive wrote it for all ages?? Cause my mom loves #HappyMistakes too!! By the way: Love you!
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It was written for everyone..what do you think? RT @rachelmiddleman: Who did you write #HappyMistakes about? @HeffronDrive
.@HeffronDrive Tweeting too much outrage today. Breaking it up with "Everyone listen to #HappyMistakes by #HeffronDrive because I like it!"
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"NICK" @BoogieNickRadio and I resting on some classic nickelodeon furniture. Make sure to listen for me on #NickRadio cause they're playing #HappyMistakes !!!!
Im gonna take them a few copies of #HappyMistakes ;) Drop some tunes on em! 📀📀
Im heading to @NickelodeonTV 's animation studio.. Not only have I auditioned for so many things there as a kid..but its where I booked BTR!
Good morning everyone!!
"Heart and Soul" I think this is during #CouldYouBeHome A lot of fun on the #happymistakestour Photo by: @TheeNikkiMarie
"Just Passing Some Time" Check this out..wana play? ⛳️ #HeffronDrive #HeffronGolfing
"Slow-mo Kiss" I've now learned that a kiss sounds an awful lot like a fart in Slow Motion. This has had me laughing for 5 minutes now #HeffronDrive
"Batter Up" More from the batting cage tonight with Kevin I don't know if you can tell, but I'm going to really enjoy the slowmo feature. #HeffronDrive
"Cables and Cables and Cables" Happy to support an American Company and also some of the bast cables around. Im having a gear nerd moment. #sorrynotsorry #HeffronDrive #Spectraflex #madeinUSA
Of course!! Good times :) RT @Mil_Schmidt: @HeffronDrive Remember this cover? follow me please? x3
The UK shows are gonna be special :) Gonna keep it intimate and I know you're gonna love it!
"Some Saturdays" Just dum tss! Its actually really hot..where is the cooler weather?!? #HeffronDrive #kendallschmidt #sissydog
I made it out alive 🙌
This next surprise is all about simplicity :)
Well...I guess it's actually a few different surprises haha 😎
A lot of you are saying Music Video..I mean besides that :) (Video's are on the way)
Working on some really cool stuff at the moment..If you love #HappyMistakes then you'll love this. Any guesses?
Can't wait to see you! RT @CaitlinBTR01: @HeffronDrive I CANT WAIT UNTIL YOUR LONDON CONCERT! 😃❤️!!#HeffronDriveUKK
be sure to look to @HeffronDrive in the Heffron Driver's Seat: New interview with 👏�…io
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