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Kendall Schmidt
♫ Today: Anaheim, CA - Sep 29 at House of Blues Anaheim…
"The Boys" So happy that @jamesmaslow @therealcarlospena and Instagram-less Logan made it to the show @HOBSunset last night :) #BigTimeRush #HeffronDrive #HappyMistakes @dbeltwrites
@Rusher_Lover You can request the CD for your local store at: Thanks! -Marie
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Don't forget Heffron Drive is playing at the @HOBAnaheim tonight..Make sure you go and check them out! 👍@HeffronDrivee@dbeltwritess
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I had such a fun time.. I'll go tomorrow and do it all again at Downtown Disney. That's where @katediferous and I roll 😛#HeffronDrivee
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♫ Tomorrow: Anaheim, CA - Sep 29 at House of Blues Anaheim…
♫ Today: West Hollywood, CA - Sep 28 at House of Blues Sunset Strip…
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OMG, #Drivers! @HeffronDrive's #selfie at the dentist's office is absolutely hilarious! More dentist pics HERE:
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Now available: special $15 all-in tix to Heffron Drive on 9/29! Enter password HAPPYMISTAKES:…
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"My Li-i-i-i-i-i-i-ife" Ran into the @americanauthors at the #BiteOfLasVegas Such a great show as well..hope you all enjoyed it :) #HeffronDrive #AmericanAuthors
Yeah!! Blast it! RT @GvilleAb: @HeffronDrive Dude, Happy Mistakes is epic! Just bought it yesterday and I'm loving every minute of it 😍
Las Vegas here I come!
"Ooohh" Writing songs with @afsheenmusic @joshcumbeemusic #HeffronDrive #KendallSchmidt
U can also listen to #HappyMistakes anytime, anywhere on @Spotify !! Check it here:…
Thanks!! RT @FiireWalkWithMe: To @HeffronDrive and @dbeltwrites: Loved listening to #HappyMistakes last night. Awesome album!
Ummm..yeah :) Wouldn't you?… #HappyMistakes RT @KrisbianRush: @HeffronDrive did you order your own cd on amazon
Can't find your physical copy of #HappyMistakes in stores? Order it on @amazon like I do :) Tell a Friend!…
Thanks so much to @HeffronDrive for hanging out & taking over our Twitter account today! Get tix to their show 9/29:
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so im in the car and my mommom picked up my happy mistakes CD and started looking at it😂
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Alright, im outta here! Make sure you come to the last two #HouseOfBlues shows Here's the link for ANAHEIM #HeffronOC
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Okay everyone, we're signing off now, and @HeffronDrive will be signing on in a minute! Use the hashtag #HeffronOC so they see your tweets!
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I mean twitter Ahh who cares..ill be posting selfies anyway haha Follow @HOBAnaheim for all the details
Yo! Im taking over @HOBAnaheim's Instagram in 15 minutes!! Post with #HeffronOC and say whats up! Tell me what u wana see!
Tomorrow at 1PM PST, @HeffronDrive is taking over our Twitter account! Get your questions ready for the guys!
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Finally found #HappyMistakes in stores! Walmart is stocked back up! Go grab a copy! (I grabbed 5👍)
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"Soaking it up" Taking in some of the LA sun everyone has been burnt by lately..I for one could use the #vitaminD #HeffronDrive #KendallSchmidt
♫ This Weekend: West Hollywood, CA - Sep 28 at House of Blues Sunset Strip…
"Gold Tooth..Kinda" A good smile takes work :) Luckily my Dentist is like an it! Check out those #SafteyShades 😎 #HeffronDrive #HappyMistakes
♫ Playing Live: West Hollywood, CA - Sep 28 at House of Blues Sunset Strip…
#HeffronHOB on Sunday and Monday! Who's coming? LA and Anaheim stand up!
LA & UK! It’s your chance to be an HD VIP! #HappyMistakesTour
"Hole in 1" I swear on my life..I'm speechless at the moment. #golf #holein1 #lifemade #HeffronDrive