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Heaven Sent Gaming
Liv cuddling with my leg during the storm. -m
Isabel created an quick origami crane from a McDonald's Hot and Spicy wrapper. -m
Bored with le phone. -m
Lazy kitties on lazy days featuring Liv! -I
Rain in Albuquerque
When freedom of speech is taken away, a free society is dissolved, tyranny is erected on its ruins. - Ben Franklin
Jason at Best Buy for Smash Fest
Some awesome people we met, while waiting in line, playing Smash 3DS. Their daughter was a sweetie.
Isabel playing Smash 3DS
Al Hurricane with Isabel and Mario. Mario's being a goof :p
Al Hurricane with Isabel and Mario
Guess who went to see #tfios #sob #beautifulmovie #TheEntireTheatreWasSniffling #happytfiosday #TheFaultInOurStars
Did some late night swimming in my #NewSwimsuit -I #waterfun #SwimmingUndertheMoonlight
Isabel Plays - Catherine demo - Part 1 (Originally from July 15, 2011):…
Mario & Isabel play - Halo: Reach "Part 3" (Originally from June 16, 2011):…