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Why is this so hard to iron anyway blehhh so many complaints BUT YAY EXCITED :)
Spent forty minutes ironing my skirt omg please stay nice and straight
Thank goodness :))))))))
Just realised I didn't press submit for my T3A
Gotta pick myself up from the self-loathing and move on.
Just need to be healthy for 3 more days???!??? Idk I dont care afterwards but JUST THREE MORE DAYS
I actually don't feel 100% on form already so CANNOT SUCCUMB TO THE SUCCULENT MEAT NO X X X X X
Ugh minimum enjoyment and minimum health gotta strike a balance blehhhh
Holy omg a bbq tonight of all nights reallyyyyy
Sudden re-realisation that time is such a construct.
Crazy youngsters stuck in my head ant's enthusiasm rubbing off me now I wanna learn the choreo too ahaha
Have to remember to keep moving forward
Nearly fell asleep sitting upright
But should be fun
Tomorrow's gonna be a hectic day 4 stuff in one day sia lmaooo plus helping out = 5 looool why do I do this to myseld
So thirsty I was seriously tempted to drink my lime flavoured toothpaste omg
My bed suddenly feels X100000000 times more comfy omg
Finally home and super tired after running all over buying random little pieces of bleh for TSD.. 我想睡觉
Find it both really amusing and really sad that you don't know me at all.
Meep should stop staying up to 2am habitually this is why I look like a panda lmao
Frigging rude omg
One of those days where I just don't feel like picking up my phone for a while lol let it remain dead :-)
Learning curve.
Resisting the temptation
Want both a nap and food at the same time can I eat in my dreamssss
@heartcsnow hopefully it's "no worries Mother Mathematics will take you under my delicate wing and my grievous care will blossom you"
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@heartcsnow "Learn from experience and mistakes. 收拾心情 and move on." Ever the voice of reason
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Also was thinking about food and fighting a mcspicy craving throughout the paper and I'm still hungry somebody feed this hungry child
At least if I've died once I can't die again for geog righttttttt (pls don't let me jinx myself)
Ahahahaha never thought I'd fail H1 math but today was like a horrible nightmare replaying H2 times loooooooool
Almonds keepin me alive
Shit I feel so bad for my teacher seriously mrs wee is the best
The heat and numbers and lack of sleep are making me feel like I'm living IN a haze. Suffocating
Sleepy again exams make me so sleepy
But!! Must!!! Focus!!! On!!! CT2!!!
Need to start developing ultra thick skin and good acting skills to match
me: I'm going to bed early tonight. me: me: is that the sun
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That awk moment when a guy's wearing smt similar as u
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Quite blessed:') everyone's so encouraging hahaha
Haven't finished lit and damn screwed cos just started Godot but soooo sleepyyyyyyy
I mean I literally know to get on the train by checking the number of Chinese on it
Feel like we're actually starting to get pretty segregated already???

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