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Felt so good to be back:-)
:') incorporating dance into TSD is the best thing ever~ such a stress reliever even tho I'm technically studying :))
It's only been 2 days and I am this close to giving up like this close but I'm not gonna it's gonna work out it has to it has to
Gonna start coughing up blood soon
Sorta done yay but I feel nauseous now lol hopefully it'll look decent tmr????
Then again I'm not thrilled for ct or pw results to be out
Quite happy that school's finally starting tmr:-))) hahaha tho I'll prob wanna die again 3 weeks later lol
Aspiring artist creates amazing portrait of #LeeKuanYew by writing Mr Lee's name 18,000 times
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Me: *gets stressed over life* Me: *doesn't care anymore* Me: *gets stressed over the fact that I don't care anymore*
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If you get scared, just be scarier than whatever's scaring you. –Thumper (Bambi II)
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"Sometimes it is the people who no one imagines anything of who do the things that no one can imagine."
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"Success is the ability to go from failure to failure without losing your enthusiasm." —Winston Churchill via @momentumdash
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The dress was really, really, really pretty though. Omg.
Pretty awful to realize what a cynic I've become
Like I'm retracing, walking backwards
I want cake 
Quite hungry and quite bored so spamming twitter
Also I have ridiculously delayed reactions lmao
Quite cool also
Quite strange but wow never knew someone could have the same sense of humor as me
you failed. so what? you live. you try again. that's what.
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Glad:) also hoping I've prepped enough and tmr will be a productive day!!
Also a boiboi tried to outrun me HAHAHA freaking adorable 
Damn cute HAHA a guy jus whizzed by with a chihuahua in the basket of his bike and some country music omgg so cute 
But looks like I'm not getting any
Quite done with myself
Quite done with the world
Today was like a downward roller coaster ride with no brakes and I'm still on it
One last paperrrr yaysyaysyays 
Omg I probably didn't blink during like the last 10 mins of my paper LOL only realized when I tried to close my eyes
Today was not bad (I think) sooo maybe there's hope for tmr too?? Gotta survive the next 12 hours 
The hall floorboards need some serious fixing ??
Omg pls keep quiet for like just 20 mins OMG
Thank god for the cup noodles
But it's k there's always hope lmao I can always go sell vegetables yes yay I've always loved vegetables
Gotten to the point where I can't even see how much shit I am in anymore cos I'm like buried beneath it
Lol pretty much sums up my life
Is my bus never gonna come
Was tossing my hair out of habit then I realized I got no hair to toss
Can't sleep with the haze suffocating me

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