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Need time to reflect about so many different things.
In my opinion smiles are the most precious and pretty things in the world 
There are 2 kinds of inspiration. One born out of pain and tears and one born out of seeing what can be. Thankful to life for giving me both
2⃣9⃣ days to A's! Push yourself to do better!
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Vvv great study sesh with the Jclp peeps today:)))))))) 
My hair loss is so bad I'm gonna go botak soon I swear ;_;
Americans on Twitter glad that there are 30 days to Halloween. I'm sitting here terrified I hve 30 days to As which honestly is much scarier
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YAY:))))))) !!!!!
Hahaha Wongfu is the only youtube channel that makes me eagerly check for uploads on a particular day of the week <3 XD
Michael: "Why me?" | Mia: "Because you saw me when I was invisible." –The Princess Diaries
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Can't even describe how stunned I am.
Sometimes I suspect you have no sense of morals at all. I didn't think that was possible in a human being but then I met you.
No more school pls:( v drained
My eyes feel like sandpaper.
I just know it in my gut and this, this is truly worth it. I'll make it happen, or die trying. It's worth it.
Got a bit lost today but I'm now more determined than ever, I have to do this and I will 
Ugh scorch trials was soo good but the aftereffects are so bad lol all I can think about are those infected creatures :'( how to sleep halp
Quite disturbing staring at the poster he just looks wrong :( bleh
Hey armin doesn't look bad but I thought he was blonde wth
Rule of thumb pls never tell me you're going to be late bcos I will consciously or unconsciously find a way to be later than you
Yikes forgot to bring my mask out:(
Quite funny how I just naturally wake up 10 mins before the alarm nowadays even tho I set it at diff timings 
:)) hahaha my cat always sits waiting for me to finish my prayers so I can pet her before bed:))) <3 nice constant to end my nights~
Been feeling quite impatient with myself and everyone else in general nowadays whew I need to chill all will be well
Also listening to new Chinese songs making me wanna watch those romantic movies haha daaaammnn can't wait till after As
No one achieves great success who is unwilling to make personal sacrifices. #MondayMotivation
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Ahaha but really have to get over my need for clear lines and predictability yes
Omg pls be certain and clear and OBVIOUS in what you want cos I'm already insecure af I can't take ambivalence it messes me up so bad
A thousand disappointments in the past cannot equal the power of one positive action right now. Go ahead & go for it.
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Probably gonna become one of those plus-sized women in old age but idc cos food is life food is happiness HAHA <3
Was feeling silently pissed at everything but then I had DINNER and the world suddenly became a much much better place hahahha
Can barely remember how it feels like to breathe fresh airrrr
Though with the haze and rain I suppose there's nothing much to see
Perhaps we all too often see what we believe rather than believe what we see.
The more I listen to the album the more I love love love it (omg reminds me of Waterland lublub)
Is it so hard for my phone to work normally T.T I am so DONE with this
When I went to Cebu. I swam with sardines. Doesn't sound amazing. But watch this to see --->
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"You are what you repeatedly choose to think, do and feel". I'll remember that.
Now I feel so inclined to do something for you!!!!! But seriously idk what lmao I shall mull over it slowly 
It's not even the scale of what you're doing, it's how you do it thanklessly and don't make a big deal out of it. That's beautiful.
Just so hard to fully appreciate someone when you're busy being annoyed by their need to loudly proclaim every good thing they've done
The more silently you do all the little well-intended and thoughtful deeds you do the more deeply I appreciate it
That's the most beautiful thing I've ever read.
Cause we're young and were reckless. We'll take this way too far. It'll leave you breathless Or w/a nasty scar.
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Desserts make everything better. I want thissss hahaha…
Funny how none of us can express our affections through anything except our actions. I wonder if you can ever tell when I see you trying.

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