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Boston bombing survivor weds his rehab nurse: Photo: Prudente Photography
@goodhealth Thank you so much to everyone who joined!! Here's to #stressless for all!
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That's all the time we have! Thanks everyone for joining us to #StressLess with @DrGailSaltz!
@goodhealth Q5:take brisk walk around the block, whatever blows off steam, explain you just needed a moment. If you do lose it, apologize
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@goodhealth Q5: anger & irritability can be a symptom of anxiety or depression. Treat it the same way, exercise, healthy life, destressing
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Very helpful! Now Q5 @DrGailSaltz I find myself snapping at people & being short tempered. How can I cope w/ anger/irritability? #StressLess
@goodhealth Q4: if the "worries" are with you most of the time, consider treatment for anxiety. Get eval for therapy vs medication
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@goodhealth Q4:therapy book can help like Acceptance & Commitment Therapy by Steven Hayes, Freeing yourself from anxiety by Tamar Chansky
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@goodhealth Q4: practice mindfulness, aka being present in the moment now rather than the future. Relax your body with music, a bath, etc
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@goodhealth Q4:The harder you try not to think stress thoughts the more you do. Allow thoughts float in & out. Remind self "its just fear"
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@goodhealth Q4:1st eat healthy; avoid alcohol &caffeine, EXERCISE! 30 min aerobics 4-5 x's/week will decrease anxiety and improve mood
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