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Health Habits
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Big news for us migraine sufferers - New research - Meditation may mitigate migraine misery - #health
Did you hear what happened to Cap'n Crunch??? - - #health #fitness #fitspiration
Thanks @focus__training - I am following your feed now :)
Fat-shaming: how the slim and sanctimonious help to cause our #obesity crisis - Opinion piece from The Guardian
RT @CaseyHinds: Please sign & share this letter asking McDonalds to stop using schools as ads:…
The Journey from Fat to Fit – article & infographic -… - #fitness
Science says.....A wife's happiness is more crucial than her husband's in keeping marriage on track -
It's pretty cool when a new client has that 'lightbulb moment' realising that they can transform their body...healthier, fitter, leaner :)
Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fey - :)
New research - superfoods could help key protein keep bodies healthy - #health #cdnhealth
New Study finds high protein diets lead to lower blood pressure - - #health #cdnhealth
New science - Online mindfulness intervention reduces fatigue, negative work-related worry - #health #cdnhealth
Abs are earned in the kitchen!!! - #fitness
Cool new science - Our microbes are a rich source of drugs, researchers discover #health
RT @picardonhealth: We need to build a healthcare system outside hospitals, by Michael Decter… #cdnhealth #health
Canadian drug companies knowingly sold defective / dangerous drugs & Health Canada kept it secret - #cdnhealth
New research - High levels of physical activity linked to better academic performance in boys - #health -
When talking about body size, African-American women and doctors may be speaking different languages - #health
Exercise before school may reduce ADHD symptoms in kids - #health
Autism: New Therapy Found To Eliminate Symptoms and Developmental Delays - #health #autism
New study confirms growth in autism cases - #health
Back pain killing your sex life? Research finds the BEST #sex positions for diff types of back pain -
Teens' neural response to food commercials predicts future weight gain - #health
RT @Nisafit - How Monsanto Annihilated a Paradise |- #health #GMO
Exhausted...sweaty... and can barely stagger home...WHAT A GREAT EFFIN' WORKOUT!!!!
Rated the Best #Core #Training Accessory in the world by a Berkley study:
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How I feel after a f☆€ng awesome deadlift workout... a bear with a machine gun on a flying shark. Yep,…
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Your dreams should be so big they scare you a little because big dreams take courage and courage requires a healthy dose of fear
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Eating habits, body fat MAY be related to differences in brain chemistry =… - #health #Obesity
Exercise before school may reduce ADHD symptoms in kids -… - #health #cdnhealth
Dr. Oz-endorsed product (Green Coffee Bean extract) fined by govt over misleading weight loss claims - #health
Adult Obesity in the United States: Interactive #Obesity Map -
Weird Science: Potentially large numbers of psychopaths in senior managerial positions and high levels of business -
Hey Twitter nerds - This is what social media is doing to your brain -
Big difference between "I can't lose weight" and "I haven't lost weight" - Words have power...choose them carefully - #fitness #health
Infographic: The Journey from Fat to Fit - - #fitness #fitspiration
RT @RachelsNews: ACTION ALERT Sign our petition asking @MinRonaAmbrose to discuss #GMO labels #cdnpoli #health
If you're waiting to "feel motivated" to exercise, you're going to wait forever. Action fuels desire which fuels more action..... #fitness
#NFL #fitness challenge: before the 4:00 games start, 100 bodyweight squats, 50 pushups and 75 crunches!!!
This is what happens when Little Debbie eats Little Debbies - (709×704) #obesity #fitness
Squirrel running loose in the @LCBO
Junk food = chronic disease = increased healthcare costs = higher taxes & insurance premiums = less $ in your pocket - #Health is Wealth