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Junk food makes rats lose appetite for balanced diet...Same for humans??? - - #obesity #health
Client of mine just rocked their physical..weight loss, lower BP thx to Paleo diet & exercise...after all this, Doc says #Paleo is dangerous
Doc says #paleo is bad because we NEED grains. NEED!!!! WTF?
New YouTube Video: Kelly Starrett & Jill Miller's Treat While You Train DVD
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The Economist doesn't see a promising future for #Fitness tracking wearable devices - what do y'all think??? -
Marijuana compound may offer treatment for Alzheimer's disease -
New study claims that a Soda Tax is the BEST strategies for reducing adolescent #obesity - #health
New study throws into question long-held belief about serotonin & #depression - #health #cdnhealth
Q: When is a doctor less like a doctor and more like the rest of us? A: When their family is involved -… #health
Last strongman workout for this year...DL 780lb w straps & Military Pressed 365lbs...time to drop the xtra blubber & focus on #fitness
Labelling soft drinks with "28 cubes of sugar" instead of "70 grams of sugar" reduces consumption -… #Health #fitness
New science - Ruminating on "bad stuff" in the past = higher stress, poor sleep, bad relationships & depression -…
New science....You are genetically built to be a SELFISH BASTARD. Props to all the people who deny their dna to be fair & caring
Before you buy another weight loss book...ask yourself...Do I truly believe that I can lose weight, get fit, live healthy??? YES or NO???
Do gamified #health / #fitness / #exercise apps actually work??? - Here's some science -…
Would you be surprised to learn that chronic overeating, chronic undereating, drug and alcohol abuse are linked by brain biology/chemistry?
If my client can do can do it - START 45 yrs old, 320 lbs - TODAY 46 yrs old, 190 lbs, 60 pushups non-stop, ran 1/2 marathon
Depressed? Hate to exercise? - Your dorsal medial habenula may need a boost -… - #fitness
Watching my client, a 44 yr old Dad smoke his 17 yr old "jock" son in a hill-sprint workout sure does make this trainer happy :). #fitness
What are the health benefits of sweet potatoes? #nutrition #food
When it comes to weight loss, emotion trumps logic & willpower every time. Promising new research looking into how the brain drives emotion
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Self-massage for neck stiffness, kinks, and cricks
I added a video to a @YouTube playlist Self-massage for TMJ disorder, jaw pain, and headache