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Looking for help with your #depression? Use this guide to finding a #MentalHealth professional [PDF]:
Don’t wait. Get help right away if you or someone you know is thinking about #suicide.
Earlier delivery w/o a medical reason increases health risks for baby. WATCH to see why: #pregnancychat
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Check out this short presentation from @medlineplus to learn more about #depression:
Myth: “Pregnancy lasts 9 months.” Fact: A healthy pregnancy usually lasts about 40 wks—almost 10 months. #pregnancychat
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There are lots of things you can do today to have a healthy #pregnancy and a healthy baby: #pregnancychat
NEW Be Active Your Way blog post: "Help Children and Teens Get an Active Start to the School Year"
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Protect your teen’s mental health — talk to your teen and your teen’s doctor about depression. More info:
Got kids? Don’t forget to check out our brand new #parenting quizzes! #healthfinder
Back-to-school time can be stressful. Try thinking ahead about how to use your time. More tips to manage #stress:
If someone you love is depressed, suggest getting help. Here are some tips to start the conversation:
In this week’s #HealthNews, learn about the link between chronic (long-term) disease and #depression:
A strong support system is key if you’re struggling with #depression. Here are some tips to build yours:
Depression is an illness that can be treated. Learn more about #depression at the #NIMH site:
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Give the myhealthfinder tool a try today! Enter your age & sex to find out about preventive services you may need:
#Depression is a real illness. If you think you might be depressed, see your doctor. #healthfinder
This week, we’ll be talking about #depression. Follow us to join this important discussion.
Shout out to @NatEyeInstitute @KidsHealth @AAPNews! Check them out for great info about kids’ #EyeHealth. #FF
Protect your child’s eyes! Look for kids’ sunglasses that block 100% of UVA and UVB rays. Get more tips:
Give the myhealthfinder tool a try today! Enter your age & sex to find out about preventive services you may need:
Did you know that reading to your child can help develop your child’s vision? Learn more: #EyeHealth
Taking your child to the eye doctor? Plan ahead for the visit:
MT @NatEyeInstitute Feel free to tweet your #EyeHealth questions to the experts @NatEyeInstitute using hashtag #NEIinfo!
“Eye Protection From the Sun Especially Important for Kids” #HealthNews
Make sure your child wears the right eye protection for sports. More tips to protect your child’s eyes: #healthfinder
Parents: Learn how prevent eye accidents at home and at play #EyeHealth
August is Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month! Check out these facts to keep your kids’ eyes safe.
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Have you seen our new #parenting quizzes? Take one today. #healthfinder
Know the warning signs of eye problems in children:
It’s important for kids to have their vision checked at least once by age 6, even if there aren’t signs of problems.
Do you need help finding an eye doctor for your child? Helpful guidance from @NatEyeInstitute:
August is Children's #EyeHealth and Safety Month! Follow us this week to discuss kids’ eye health.
#FF shout out to @CDCgov @CDCFlu @AAPNews! Follow them for important info on shots (#vaccines). #NIAM14
DYK many shots (#vaccines) for adults are covered under the health care reform law? Find out which ones: #NIAM14
If you are 65 or older, ask your doctor for a shot (#vaccine) to protect you from #pneumonia. #NIAM14 #healthfinder
Shots (#vaccines) are important for kids of all ages. Get more information in our monthly newsletter: #healthfinder
Not sure which shots you’ve already had? Try these tips for finding old #vaccination records: #NIAM14
Use this #vaccine clinic locator to find out where you can get important shots: #NIAM14
NEW Be Active Your Way blog post: “Nutrition and Physical Activity Training for Healthcare Providers”
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Everyone age 6 months and older needs to get a flu shot (#vaccine) every year. #NIAM14 #healthfinder
Check out this rundown of what shots (#vaccines) you need and when, from @washingtonpost #HealthNews
What shots (#vaccines) do you need? Take this quiz to find out! #NIAM14
Adults need shots (#vaccines) just like kids do! Make sure you are up to date on yours: #NIAM14 #healthfinder
It's Immunization Awareness Month. Learn how the flu vaccine keeps mom & baby healthy #NIAM14
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