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#Tories tax cuts.....given in one hand....then you have to pay for scrapped public services, privatised so taken with the other, #taxcutcon
David Cameron promises seven-day GP access by 2020 @StaffsNews thats if you still have an #NHS by then :(
BBC News - UK economy grew 0.9% in second quarter, says ONS, the UK has never had it so who's profiting
BBC News - UK economy grew 0.9% in second quarter, says where are all the tax revenues??
BBC News - George Osborne proposes two year benefits freeze, but can always find cash for foreign wars
BBC News - George Osborne proposes two year benefits freeze, but he can always find billions for bombing raids!!!
BBC News - David Cameron promises seven-day GP access by 2020, not done it in the last 5 years dave!!
Twitter Troll Jailed For Rape Threats Against MP via @HuffPostUK via @HuffPostUKPol climate change all parties should unite on this one
Tory Ukip Defectors Could Be Playing right Into Labour's Hands via @HuffPostUKPol
Boris Says Ukip Defectors Are 'Type Of People' Who Have Sex With Vacuum Cleaners via @hu
Big Beast Slams 'Neurotic' Eurosceptic Tories For Party's Poor Election Record via @HUFF
A Tory Eurosceptic Has Threatened To 'Punish' Pro-EU Businesses via @HuffPostUKPol
Shock Second Tory Resignation After Social Media 'Sex' Scandal via @HuffPostUKPol
Another Reason Yes Voters Will Be Disappointed via @HuffPostUKPol
Tories 'Genuinely' Worried MP Chris Kelly Will Defect To Ukip via @HuffPostUKPol
Poll: Labour Has A Commanding Lead Over The Tories In Marginal Seats via @HuffPostUKPol
#UKIP bonkers.................just bonkers
#UKIP like Salmond, asserting their view of the future is great, with no knowledge of if it will be, just making it up as they go along
#UKIP fighting for a better future, only they haven't decided yet to allow us to see any detail as to what that future looks like
#UKIP where political nutters go to live
#UKIPConf14 now over.......sorry what happened....I did watch but I can't remember one single thing.....forgettable
#UKIP they have 2 ex Tory MPs, but still no policies, #NHS not safe with them, no friend of the working people
Dave Really Would Not Like What His Ex-Big Society Guru Has To Say... via @HuffPostUKPol
Nigel Farage Is 'Weirder' Than Ed Miliband, Poll Reveals via @HuffPostUKPol really!!
Cameron Raised Terror Level And Scheduled War Vote To Overshadow Ukip, Suggests Farage
Ukip Condoms Back 'By Popular Demand' At Party Conference via @HuffPostUKPol
Can anyone think of real #UKIP policies?
@HaywoodsVoice I'll bet they'd legislate to ban hanging underwear on the clothes line on Sundays.
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No policies on support for pensioners, death duties, benefits, welfare reform, nothing just media hyped sound bites pints and fags
#UKIP no policies on doctors, nurses, care workers, medicine, GP,s, nothing no policies about anything that matters
@HaywoodsVoice: #UKIP the home of 900,000 people who used to vote for the BNP and EDL”Brilliant but you forgot NF there too
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@HaywoodsVoice worrying thing is that appeals to some ppl, watched news and ordinary woman in a factory thought he seemed down to earth.
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@HaywoodsVoice @MacfarlaneRobin They have the one policy that will re calibrate all policy - exit EU
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@AndrewFellow5 @HaywoodsVoice Erm hang on there! That *does not* characterise a sec mod education today!!
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#UKIP the home of 900,000 people who used to vote for the BNP and EDL
#UKIP promised a manifesto of policy promises and just about zilch has arrived, just Farage a pint and a fag
#UKIP no policies on the Internet, cyber crime, hacking, international crime enforcement and arrest warrants, no policies !!!!
.@HaywoodsVoice Farage: "If bombing mission so important why couldn't they start yesterday" Dummy out at being upstaged by War #UKIP
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@sandra_sanlawro @HaywoodsVoice @Yah_Reed That's the problem #UKIP are Tories and the big fear would be the two forming a coalition
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Policies shmolicies! Who needs policies @HaywoodsVoice @killhopelaw when #UKIP can manipulate ignorance, fear and envy?
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#UKIP no policies on international trade, trade barriers, UK workers abroad, no policies to curb housing prices, no policies !!!!
@HaywoodsVoice except pull up the draw bridge and flood the euro tunnel. Narrow minded biggots
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