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So why is it OK to ban in Scotland France and Germany and England thinks its OK
While all this goes on Rural Health Services continue to degrade
Energy company submit North Yorkshire fracking plans
We already have lots of minor earthquakes do we really want some major ones?
Amber Rudd Confirms Government Will ‘Kick-Start’ Fracking
If you want to keep up to date with Fracking in Staffordshire then join this group
Please sign the petition even if you dont live in Staffordshire. Fracking is coming to a local community near YOU...
#Labour ASK not what the Labour Party can do for YOU, you should be ASKING what you can do for the LABOUR PARTY
#Labour Unions is where our movement sprang from, the centre ground is where you win elections, SO CAN WE HAVE BOTH PLEASE
#Labour, no time for navel gazing, we need to watch the Tories like a hawk, stop the LEFT RIGHT Blather and UNITE to fight the TORIES
@Raphaelite_Girl @HaywoodsVoice that's very true. We're told what's expected of us in the first place but not how to deal with setbacks.
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@cloudchorus @HaywoodsVoice I've given up reading newspapers, apart from the local free rag...well I need something to line the bird's cage!
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
Carswell Tells Farage To 'Take A Break'
An MP Just Ate His Own Earwax On Live TV
Jim Murphy Announces Resignation - And Declares War On Union Boss
A Timely Reminder Of How Robin Williams Described The House Of Commons
Another Ukip Figure Wants Farage To Take A 'Short Holiday'
'It's Not Clear What Tories Are Trying To Do With Human Rights,' Says Tory
John Bercow To Be Re-Elected Speaker Of The Commons
Enough Is Enough! A Pre-Police Federation Conference Letter to Theresa May
Trident Whistleblower To Hand Himself In After Leaking Explosive Report
This Is What Jeremy Hunt Had To Say About Nurse Plans To Strike
#Labour surely out of 280 MPs we have enough talent to have a completely new person run for the leadership
@HaywoodsVoice @cloudchorus Political [and indeed human] resilience is such an asset in tough times like this...
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@HaywoodsVoice @cloudchorus Yep. I know it comes from a place of stunned shock atm, but high-performing groups recover quickly.
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@cloudchorus @HaywoodsVoice We also need some positive messages about EU or we'll be out of there by next year.
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
#Labour the Blairites Vs Unionite I don't want either I want a LABOUR man because OUR MOVEMENT has BOTH
blairite or Union candidate I WANT NEITHER I WANT A LABOUR PERSON to represent us ALL
@HaywoodsVoice @cloudchorus Yep. Agreed. At the moment, it's like watching a herd of wildebeest, staggering about, bumping into one another.
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
#Labour no need for debates over left or right, we are ALL LABOUR, those who are paranoid about one side get out of the way and UNITE
@HaywoodsVoice that's why my biggest worry is new leader caving in to Murdoch. Miliband stood up to him and got crucified.
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@cloudchorus @HaywoodsVoice I heard her too. Absolutely ridiculous. Unfortunately it's what the press have engrained in peoples minds
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@HaywoodsVoice It's getting really annoying only hearing them debate the leadership issue. People want to see them opposing Tory policies!
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@HaywoodsVoice I just heard a woman on news (vox-pop) saying "Labour wanted to stop people getting on" as though that even made any sense
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@HaywoodsVoice @sam4wong Yvette Cooper gets my vote #YvetteforLabour Not liking the press picking who they will interview.
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@HaywoodsVoice if we could stop saying "Labour were anti-aspiration" it would help. We're just entrenching that in people's minds...
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
@HaywoodsVoice if anyone says another bloody cliche ...e,g. Aspiration, tut loudly. Ditto hard working families
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice
#Labour, we must get out of the CLP rooms and get back into the communities
#Labour the Tories talk about Blue Collar Conservtives, that's just their blue rinses
#Labour, we cannot let the TORIES steal the mantle of the party of the working people.
#Labour whoever the leader, the beating heart of the movement is ALL of its members, UNITED WE ALL WIN
#Labour must unite and fight the Tories not each other
@AuthorAndArtist @HaywoodsVoice 🙌 it's the only way or we're going to have all our rights stripped from right underneath us
Retweeted by HaywoodsLocalVoice