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#UKIP beware the beer and smiles, it covers their racist right wing agenda, which you only belong if you agree with them, vote the out May
#UKIP wanting to be friendly with foreigners, as long as they have money, buy British, and don't live here, outward looking?
#UKIP if they are the answer, then the question is, do you want a load of right wing nutters running the country?
@HaywoodsVoice does that mean they have no brains, can't think for themselves!!
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#UKIP the Empire has gone, just get over it, the world has changed, get into reality not the false patriotism of this yesterday party
#UKIP the world they hark to in the past never existed, if it did, it needed a standing army of millions to police it
#UKIP fruit cakes and right wing bring back matron and flogging loonies, be careful what you vote for
@HaywoodsVoice Just like all politicians nothing new there then.
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#UKIP when the beer and smiles are gone, what are they like behind the scenes, their new spin doesn't hide it well, the nasty party is back
#UKIP using any issue to peddle their false patriotism, peddling fear, peddling misinformation and half truths, vote them out in MAY
#UKIP they have no heart, they have to buy policies from a think tank
#UKIP remember in May that this party is the home of every disaffected extreme right wing party in Britain, BNP, EDL, NATIONAL FRONT
#UKIP debating with the LibDems is like listening to pol pot, discussing social etiquette with noddy, completely pointless
#UKIP remember they are relying on YOU not to vote to get in, if you don't want the looneys taking over the asylum, vote in May
#UKIP now the home of the swivel eyed loons of the Tory Party, vote in may, keep them in their box
A vote for #UKIP is a vote for right wing extremists, that is where all their votes have gone, Farage is now the acceptable face of BNP
#UKIP remember they are where all the extreme right wingers in society from the BNP. the EDL and National front have now gone, dont give in
#UKIP if you value true democracy, then get out and vote in MAY, they rely on voter apathy to win seats, get out and vote, don't let them in
#UKIP remember they are relying on a poor turnout to win in MAY, whoever you vote for, get out and vote, and put them back in their box
Is it just me or has @NickTriggle of the BBC, NEVER once, written a positive story about the #NHS , does he have an agenda??
BBC News - Dannatt: UK needs more troops to 'send military message' This govt slashes defence budget and army
BBC News - NHS fraud and error 'costing the UK £7bn a year' Yet HUNT agrees slashing budget priceless #NHS
Despite all the spin, the facts about exports are shown in these disturbing graphs, economic recovery built on debt
#budget2014 for the rich and well off, us ordinary people just get bingo and beer