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BBC News - Prisons 'in worst state for a decade', inspector warns…
@HaywoodsVoice #labour and consensus #Tory governments, post war built council homes, Thatcher's act ended that/reduced supply/hiked rents.
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@HaywoodsVoice How much do the 25% of Tory Landlords cream off in Housing Benefit? Rents will always rise under Tories. They look after No 1
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#Labourleadership if the candidates fail to respect each other, how can we respect them, vote for them or support them
@HaywoodsVoice Average of £730 per month? Wouldn't rent you a bedsit in Cambridge. Rents start at £950.
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#Labour policy without principle, crumbles to dust, under the weight of people's needs for living with dignity, under a Tory heel
#Labour remember it's a good thing that the Tories adopt Labour Policies, lets shout out how Marxist the Tory interventionist policies are
#labour on the anniversary of the Battle of Britain, remember Labour were at the heart of the winning government, during AND after the war
#labour millions still support all it does, so with that backing fight the Tories all day and every day
#bbcqt Labour didn't stick to Tory spending Yet cut deficit by 85% & borrowing 32% SHARE RT
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Private Renters in UK Pay Double the European Average
Budget Bad News Keeps On Coming: Fewer Cheap Homes To Be Built
Jeremy Corbyn Coming First? His Opponents Are Worried
LBC Host James O'Brien Rants In Support Of Striking Tube Drivers
Meet The Invisible Group That Osborne's Budget Will Hit The Hardest
Bumblebees 'Face Extinction' Due To Climate Change
Osborne's 'Regressive' Budget Takes More Money From Poor Than Rich
One nation #Tories Unless you are deemed unproductive for any reason #budget2015
One nation #Tories Unless you are ill or housebound, then they could not give a toss
@WatchStossel @HaywoodsVoice so no government, no rules just power for the rich, how democratic of you
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One nation #Tories Give a living wage in one hand and slash in work benefits with the other #budget2015
One nation #Tories Until it comes to paying tax, the poor cannot escape it while the rich routinely do
@SeumasG @HaywoodsVoice lol, if only they could constantly make our money work for us, nope, last good thing your EX: 25 years ago
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One nation #Tories Upping spending by £60 billion, paid for by the working poor #budget2015
One nation #Tories Still taking from the poor to pay for the banks #budget2015
One nation #Tories Always money for WAR never enough for the POOR #budget2015
One nation #Tories Unless you suffer from dementia, #budget2015
One nation #Tories Unless you need an appointment to see an #NHS doctor #budget2015
One nation #Tories Unless your school is massively underfunded
One nation #Tories Unless you need affordable rents #budget2015
One nation #Tories Unless you need affordable rents
One nation #Tories Unless you need decent infrastructure in the North
One nation #Tories Unless you are young, as more of your benefits are stripped away
One nation #Tories unless you are disabled #budget2015
One nation #Tories unless you need access to justice #budget2015
Tory legal aid scandal, ordinary people routinely denied access to justice, justice is now only for those who can pay
@HaywoodsVoice I'm happy to meet and explain what the real impact to justice has been so far. We need to spread the word.
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The poor, no justice, no benefits, slum housing, UK slips into Dickensian Tory nightmare
#ToriesMustGo to save dementia sufferers from poor care
#Tories believe food banks will replace cash for the poor
#Tories believe benefits are to subsidise business, not to support the poor
#Tories believe beggaring the poor incentivises them to work
#ToriesMustGo to save the disabled from misery

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