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Tory MP Under Fire For 'Driving Poor Tenants Out' With Rent Rises (VIDEO) ethnic cleansing of the poor
Probation Service Accused Of Randomly Outsourcing Jobs By 'Picking Names Out Of A Hat'
BBC News - Staffordshire cancer care 'could be privatised' Stafford Hospital A&E also to close
BBC News - Staffordshire cancer care 'could be privatised' all part of the plan to scrap services in Staffordshire
BBC News - Staffordshire cancer care 'could be privatised' yet another blow to tax payers in the county
BBC News - Staffordshire cancer care 'could be privatised' this is a disgrace!!
BBC News - Out-of-hospital plan 'a recipe for disaster', MPs warn and still the govt believe they are right
@HaywoodsVoice If only they were paper! You could have built something out of em!
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#ukip trolls send me over 100 tweets with all their rants on, must have hit a nerve that nearly 25% of all the votes they polled were ex BNP
Cameron Telling Porkies Over UK Accepting Paris Veto on Patten as Commission President
David Cameron Urges Business To Be More Ethnically Diverse But Ignores His Own Team
Coalition Creating More Tax Loopholes Than They Are Scrapping, MPs Warn
'Selfish' Food Bank Users Spent Money On Booze And Drugs, Says Tory Julia Lepoidevin
David Cameron Fails To Stop Jean-Claude Juncker Getting Top EU Job, because his arrogance knows no bounds
#ukipBNP what policies will they think up next
@HaywoodsVoice @SLATUKIP block them all. Stupid ignorant bunch with IQ's. of 5
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@HaywoodsVoice don't keep the fun to yourself then? @SLATUKIP likes a ding dong with kippers too!
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Vote #UKIP get BNP! EDL! NATIONAL FRONT!, all friends together now
#ukip got their trolls lined up tweeting against, must have upset them talking about their new 900,000 BNP voters vote UKIP get BNP
@HaywoodsVoice @teuchtermac Thats why I left party. Its obvious who they will attract with such narrow message
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#UKIP no friend of the #NHS, they want to privatise it
#ukip marine le pen asks Farage for tips on their new immigration policy as it is not as extreme as #ukip s