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I and many other new and "old" Parish Councillors attended a training course last night from the Staffordshire...
@Nettydoors @gplondon @HaywoodsVoice Or it would be if @UKLabour were actually interested in being an opposition and not just #ToryLite
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Because they were frightened into it by Tory lies, lies that nobody in Labour or the media bothered to refute, alas…
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#Labourleadership Tories are floundering already can we help them along a bit
@HaywoodsVoice @BBCNews Funny that since 80,000 jobs lost in the High Street in 12/13. Many areas still like this:
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#fortheloveof WHY did people vote this divided useless crackpot government into power
BBC News - Hunt wants cross-party exam consensus, he could also call for the funding gap to be sorted!!…
BBC News - Elderly 'being trapped' in hospital, says Age UK, as the Tories continue to slash and burn the budget…
BBC News - UK unemployment falls again, time for the lies about unemployment to be told, figures exposed…
There was no leadership yesterday when @UKLabour could have defeated the Tories but chose to sit on their hands.…
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@gplondon @UKLabour @HaywoodsVoice The duty of HM Opposition is to defeat the government at every opportunity or why have an opposition.
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#Labourleadership when the going gets tough, the tough bash the tories....are you tough enough?
@HaywoodsVoice @UKLabour But that will be forgotten by tomorrow. A defeat, with some Tories voting with Labour would have had more gravitas
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@HaywoodsVoice there's plenty of unused ammunition to fire-off at them.....
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#Labourleadership Cmon attack the know you want to
@HaywoodsVoice Good luck with that. Given experience of last 5 years I won't be holding my breath.
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#Labourleadership the Media spotlight is on you all, use it to attack the Tories too
#Labourleadership no more polite chatter about internal politics, the COUNTRY NEEDS YOU ALL TO ATTACK THE TORIES
#Labourleadership Its time to start knocking the hell out of the divided Tories, no time for navel gazing
#Labourleadership show some leadership and make time to FIGHT THE TORIES before they set the agenda AGAIN
#Labourleadership I want to see some real vim and guts, lets take the fight to the tories
#Labourleadership come on show some spirit and knock blocks off the divided tories
#Labourleadership remember who the real enemy is THE TORIES, not labour left and right
#Labourleadership have a media moment every day where you all get up and attack the tories
#Labourleadership more schools to be made free schools................and Labour said?
#Labourleadership selling off Natwest at a £7 billion loss................and Labour said?
#Labourleadership Some of the worst immigration figures on record..........and Labour said?
#Labourleadership dont fight each other fight the Tories
@Nettydoors @HaywoodsVoice Think the current PM is doing the same for me.... he's our MP too so I'm doubly scarred,
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Will Chris Evans make a great Top Gear host? Or will he stall? Vote in our poll!…
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New post: Why the Left is needed to attack Osborne's shocking economic record
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Osborne will take a £7bn hit on the sale of RBS but needs to cut £15bn from welfare. If this isn't an attack on the poor then what is?
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Why we must march against lie of austerity - that ordinary people must pay for economic crash…
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BBC News - Ex-UKIP party secretary Matt Richardson returns to role UN THROWN OUT…
@Nettydoors @HaywoodsVoice & there's me thinking that it was just women that let our emotion rule over rational thoughts! #sarcasm
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@Nettydoors @HaywoodsVoice Thatcher was but one evil woman I've lost count of the many evil men who have had positions of power & influence
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#Labour #Tories never in the field of Human Political Misery has so many people be harmed by so few #ToriesOutNow
#Labour we must fight the Tories on the beaches, on the Landing grounds in the fields, in our streets we must never surrender!!
#Labour please do something, anything to inspire a vote. Fight the Tories, Wallop a Tory Lord, hang an MP naked from the ramparts ANYTHING
#Labour I cant believe we are going to let the Tories make the agenda again for the next 6 months while we navel gaze AGAIN
Relieved and happy to see #JeremyCorbyn on #Labourleadership ballot now we can have a true race of ideas and perspectives
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#Labourleadership I'm listening but uninspired, can we have a different bunch to chose from?
Is it just me or am I genuinely struggling to find anyone on the Labour Leader ballot paper I feel I want to vote for?
@HaywoodsVoice Hi Haywood Please read this, sign it and pass it on… Thank you
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#UKIP party Secretary UN THROWN OUT, thats a new one UN RESIGN was the first what next!!!

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