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Katie Romero
Dear Lord, please give me the strength to not slap a bitch today...Amen
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You can call me a gamma ray because I can penetrate anything #Pimp #Physics, #Bitch
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things to say during sex: - nothing - u dont need sex - the lord is watching - amen
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The new Twitter is weird
@TripInATweet: when u and the squad got the aux cord hooked up @Ohheyycodii Kara's car😂😭
Maybe they meant a flood of knowledge?
iPhone 6 for $800... shit better come with iBraille
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I love shotgunning after volleyball with @RobertsKara #roomiebonding😭👌
Yo excuse me miss❤️#myrocks
What would Beyoncé do?
You can drink a drink, but you can't food a food.
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C'mon starbs get into my veins
*tries to make messy bun 16 times*
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Lol thanks prof for canceling class after we all get there ✌️
Ok I'll stop complaining now
Literally 20 min of rain and already a flash flood #anotherdayintheT
If watermelon exist why isn't there a firemelon, earthmelon and airmelon? The elemelons.
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Why do we "bake" cookies but we "cook" bacon? Real eyes, realize, real lies.
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Three plays…80 yards…touchdown #49ers. Good guys lead 14-3. #SFvsDAL
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Puttin in work💛❤️#Ninerss
This hangover needs less cowbell
Sarong.. So. Wrong.
My nigga sittin there like "How can I dip without waking her ass up?"
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Happy Birthday Queen @Beyonce
@CuteTxts: I can't go to school tomorrow, it's a holiday
Don't send a Facebook message I'm not downloading the messenger😤
Is it bedtime yet
Lol just asked barista boy for two floated shots of espresso #ImDying
U of Arizona noticed people tailgating but not coming to game. Solution? A mobile ticket team. Sold 763 tickets
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T.W.I.T.T.E.R. = This Wonderful Internet Thing That'll Eventually Ruin Your Life.
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Also my prof picture looks exactly like this emoji🙎
When guys try and grow a beard but can't🙅