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can i fast forward to thailand pls x
Some manners can go along way
When u get ignored in the groupchat after producing some top quality banter
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Happy bday @con_allison !!! Have a wonderful day n see you soon 💞💞 xxxxx
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when u in a group chat and someone from the chat msgs u from outside the chat. that shit be feeling mad serious, like why we whispering fam?
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Love my friends so much 💜
Can someone that knows stuff about cameras help me pleaaaaaase
me after studying for three whole minutes
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In Britain there is still a pay gap between men and women. It's 2015. Close it. #EqualPayDay (Image by @JosephLCox)
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@TheCartoonLoon @kat263 @LadyLarunai yes but some women are getting paid less for doing the same job as men
Amazed at how many MEN are offended by my #EqualPayday tweet. So to clarify: BASED ON *AVERAGE* WAGES. NOT ALL WOMEN ETC ETC. Better?
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@TheCartoonLoon @kat263 @LadyLarunai how can you argue that just because it doesn't apply to your girlfriend it's therefore untrue?
@colinwatkins @Blonde_M @TinaDaheley Wait, did you seriously just try and argue young men are victims of pay discrimination?
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If you're a woman, you're effectively working for free for the rest of the year from today. Happy #EqualPayDay
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When all your pals are with their bfs so no one replies in the group chat :)))))
Somehow I always end up on Asos without even thinking
Best part about Kate Moss is this could be a photo shoot or a Friday afternoon. You'd believe either one.
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i can't feel my face when I'm with u
I get bored too quickly
Chinese with ur pals is the best
Think I might cry when I see flora
Why do people film fireworks you are never going to watch that video again
Sometimes I wish my dog wasn't so cute so I could refrain from taking pics
If you're sexist there is a 100% chance you are dumb
Ariana Grande serving gender equality realness
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So predictable, satisfying to know you were right all along
Potato waffles may be in my top 5 best things on the planet
emma watson is an incredible human
@ellenor_may @mollydawsont1 weirdest night of my life hahahahaha
got to hats and everyone is naked ahahha
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masculinity is truly so fragile
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Makes my heart melt 💜
Adele bringing back the sepia filter of 2009
So impatient, my stuff has been on eBay for less than 15 minutes and I'm already frustrated that no one has bought it

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