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i love one lesson mondays
i have done 0 work
When did life get so complicated
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reunited with my 💞
Just had to ask someone for 40p because I didn't have enough for the car park what a beg
@Daisy_Flatman why am I not in Houston
Ly @soph_iann 💞 xxx
Help a nigga out and hop off ma dick
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Gerard Butler lookin fiiiiiiine in the Hugo Boss advert
Happy hardcore FM on @R1Breakfast makes my week
Had lovely time with friends tonight 💕💕
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R u mineeeeeee
Satisfaction feels like a distant memory
Feels like it never happened
@soph_iann "includes cheeky song (touch my bum)"
@soph_iann we're putting this on at my party
i hate it when people are like 'my essay is so shit' then they get it back and get like an A then i get mine and its like no still shit
Hard at work or hardly workin
Wish it was still summer so much
@georgialbatross I need some fineliners in my life
@Mr_Kelson and u kelson xxxxxxxxx
i miss anna and izzy sooooooo much
tomorrow is othello day and i hate othello days
Appreciation is rare nowadays
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Jennifer Lawrence breaks her silence on her recent nude photo leak here:
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When u sniff something naaaaaasty
tonight is a fleecies night
time flies when you're avoiding work
Overthinking will always fuck you up mentally
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@tillyroseEV yes pls i want EVERYONE to know x x x
@Daisy_Flatman thats when the deep shit is written
ur begging it if you change your twitter name to birthday girl/boy
@Daisy_Flatman we deffo only have to write 2 paras for greenacre???? Blackburn is a wednesday night job
i always take a break like every 0.4342 seconds when writing an essay