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Hassan Rouhani
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Pres @HassanRouhani tours Royan Institute,a leading #Iran-ian research center in stem cells & regenerative medicine
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Congrats to #MaryamMirzakhani on becoming the first ever woman to win the #FieldsMedal, making us Iranians very proud
Green techs, green jobs planned / discussed in visit at Pardis Tech Park in Tehran,steps toward a green economy
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Mr @HassanRouhani, I'd like to share with you this interview featured on @TTimesOnline about my last visit to #Iran…
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Congratulated @RT_Erdogan over the phone on being elected president by the #Turkish people. Discussed closer bilateral ties & cooperation.
My heartfelt condolences over today's plane crash in #Tehran. A full probe will be launched. Pending outcome, such planes will be grounded.
Iranians - both Christian & Muslim - gather outside UN office in #Tehran to condemn persecution of Iraqi Christians.
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This administration is firm in its conviction that #Iran cannot move forward through rentierism, corruption, factionalism & sectarianism.
World knows that threats & sanctions against this great nation will have no effect--On trip to #ChaharmahalBakhtiari
Iran will continue its policy of #HeroicFlexibility but will not surrender to big powers--Among people of #ShahreKord
At the #NAM Ministerial Committee on Palestine, discussing strategies to address #GazaUnderAttack & #GenocideinGaza.
#EidMubarak to all my Muslim brothers& sisters. Unity& solidarity key to securing peace & stability. #GazaUnderAttack
Israel's occupation of #Palestine& oppression of its ppl must stop-Marching in solidarity w/ Palestinians on #QudsDay
What's happening in Gaza is one of the biggest tragedies of our time! Stop the aggression and stop the killing! #GazaUnderAttack
We're able to make history by this time next Sunday. Trust is a two-way street. Concerns of all sides must be addressed to reach a deal.
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All freedom-loving nations & int'l organizations must support the oppressed people of #Palestine against Israeli aggression #GazaUnderAttack
Scientific estimate of breakout capability of #Iran puts country at minimum 3 years away from uranium bomb 10/6/2014
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Along with Supreme Leader @khamenei_ir, I too have full belief in our #nuclear negotiating team's commitment to safeguard #Iran's rights.
Leader of Revolution: I approve of the govt & I ask them to take the #economy_of_resistance serious. #Iran
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Ayatollah Khamenei: We trust the negotiating team; they will not allow encroaching on the nation’s rights. #Iran
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As4 #nuclear issue, the other side is pressuring #Iran 2be content w/the least. In negotiations country’s #future needs shud be considered.
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Let everyone know that I support & approve of the govt of Mr.#Rouhani. I do my best to help the govt & I #trust its high-ranking officials.
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Best& most sincere greetings on behalf of Gov& people of Iran to Gov& people of #Algeria on the anniversary of your independence.#Fraternity
#Ramadan is a time of reflection & compassion. What a joy to break bread with the lovely children @ IKRF Orphanage.