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Hassan Rouhani
Without addressing root causes of terrorism, and inclusion of regional states, challenge of defeating terrorism will remain. #WAVE
Airstrikes cannot eliminate Daesh. To put an end to terrorism, there must be cooperation to address both cultural & economic poverty.
Dialogue bet civil society / govt is an important process for democracy and sustainable development
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For the second time president Hassan Rouhani paid a visit to Ayatollah Khamenei this morning.
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President Rouhani came to the hospital minutes ago and paid a visit to Ayatollah Khamenei
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Our society demands #modesty - but our culture won't and can't be corrected with the help of minivans, guards and soldiers.
We must make bureaucracy more efficient. One of the ways to confront inefficiency and corruption is to introduce electronic government.
If you set up #filter, somebody'll set up anti-filter. Nothing'll be resolved in this way - if it did, issues would've been resolved by now.
In this day and age, there is no choice but to satisfy [the aspirations] of the new generation. We cannot close off this or that by force.
Now in #Mashhad, meeting w/ Martin Lidegaard, Denmark's FM, who's visiting Iran after 10 yrs. #ConstructiveEngagement
Together, anything is possible. #Iran Pres @HassanRouhani visits site of construction of Mashhad metro's line 2
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Difference of opinion should not destroy the #unity in the country. All should #support Mr.Rouhani's govt; yes to #criticism & no to insult.
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There is nobody in Iran who is opposed to the nuclear negotiations.
I'm very grateful for work of FM @JZarif and his team. Indeed, our Foreign Ministry is among 3 Ministries distinguished for its performance.
Our nuclear negotiating team is strong and capable. It negotiates very well, and our counterparts see this and even make note of it.
If anyone wears a cloak of eloquence but seeks subversion and sabotage, we won't hesitate to remove that cloak before our people.
Iran is diverse w/ many different voices. We accept and even welcome criticism, but do not accept subversion or sabotage.
The impeachment of my Minister of Science & Technology will not change the course of this govt. Next Minister will follow same path.
Our relationship with our neighbor #Turkey is exemplary of how two nations can enjoy excellent ties despite some differences of opinion.
We're ready to engage with Saudi Arabia to find solutions. Differences exist, but this doesn't mean that good ties will be precluded.
There is understanding of that the past approach, which emphasized useless sanctions, was lose-lose. Now, we all seek win-win.
Our broad sense in the nuclear negotiations is that all 7 countries want to solve the issue.
The recent measures taken against #Iran by the US are against the spirit of the Joint Plan of Action and confidence building.
Watch press conference in English #live here:
Hope #nuclear negotiations will be fruitful. If counterparts avoid excessive demands outcome would benefit all parties. #WinWin #RouhaniLive
We condemn #terrorism anywhere & everywhere, hoping to move towards a World Against Violence & Extremism. #WAVE #RouhaniLive
Re foreign policy, we want to reflect the true image of Iran--as a peaceful nation--and of Islam--as religion of mercy. #RouhaniLive
Steps taken by this Government re healthcare have been unprecedented #RouhaniCare #RouhaniLive
We've kept our promise re bringing #inflation under control--reducing it to 24% from 40% when we took office. Target is single digit figure.
As victims of #WMD, Iran has never sought nor will ever seek WMDs; conventional arms sufficient for our self-defense.
More than 100,000 survivors of chemical attacks live in #Iran--more than any other country in the world. #WMDs
We seek an end to the unnecessary crisis over our nuclear energy program.
The United States must put away its animosity towards #Iran in order to realize change.
To each country which displays friendship with #Iran and respect for its rights, we extend a hand of friendship.
Arrived in the province of #Ardebil though wish could be present in #Majlis to offer unequivocal support for Minister of Science #FarajiDana
Reminded my esteemed guest DG Amano that our nuclear negotiations w P5+1 are abt nuclear issue. Our defensive capabilities not on the table.
#Iran is determined to forge accord with the IAEA in the shortest possible time span. God willing, it can be done in less than a year.
Positive outcomes of #IranTalks will benefit all negotiating parties & lead to more peace in the world. #WAVE
Now, meeting w/ #IAEA Director General Yukiya Amano. Iran is very serious in IAEA & P5+1 negotiations. #IranTalks
Pres @HassanRouhani tours Royan Institute,a leading #Iran-ian research center in stem cells & regenerative medicine
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Congrats to #MaryamMirzakhani on becoming the first ever woman to win the #FieldsMedal, making us Iranians very proud
Green techs, green jobs planned / discussed in visit at Pardis Tech Park in Tehran,steps toward a green economy
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Mr @HassanRouhani, I'd like to share with you this interview featured on @TTimesOnline about my last visit to #Iran…
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Congratulated @RT_Erdogan over the phone on being elected president by the #Turkish people. Discussed closer bilateral ties & cooperation.
My heartfelt condolences over today's plane crash in #Tehran. A full probe will be launched. Pending outcome, such planes will be grounded.
Iranians - both Christian & Muslim - gather outside UN office in #Tehran to condemn persecution of Iraqi Christians.
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This administration is firm in its conviction that #Iran cannot move forward through rentierism, corruption, factionalism & sectarianism.
World knows that threats & sanctions against this great nation will have no effect--On trip to #ChaharmahalBakhtiari