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Hassan Rouhani
Want to see our #parliament's actions resulting in more unity, cohesion& jobs. No vice is above joblessness, poverty& lack of good education
Rue the day we see vice manifested only in bad #hijab & overlook lies, slander, corruption& bribery. #Majlis #Justice
Rue the day some lead our society down the path to insecurity,sow discord& cause rifts, all under the banner of Islam
Now meeting with Haider al-Abadi, #Iraqi PM, who is on his first trip abroad. Fight against terrorism priority. #WAVE
Official Visit Armenian PM , Environment Minister, decided Transboundary Peace Park, PM vowed prevent Aras pollution
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Now, meeting with Hovik Abrahamyan, PM of #Armenia re deepening Iran-Armenia historic ties & expanding economic co-op
Representatives from #private sector have accompanied government on foreign trips to Turkey, Kazakhstan, Russia; this is a positive step.
If for whatever reason there's a shortcoming/failure in achieving goals we promised, we'll apologize to the people & try to make up for it.
This government prides itself on being absolutely honest with the people. They're the real owners of the country & need no guardian.
Great results achieved in tourism leading to lower #unemployment. In addition, hundreds of foreign companies ready to enter Iran's market.
Historical achievement of this government has been to overcome #Stagflation: Inflation decreased & positive growth achieved. #Hope #Prudence
Clearly, details of a final #nuclear deal are still being discussed. A deal based on mutual respect & understanding will benefit all.
Positive steps taken in #nuclear talks result of clear voice of our people. Only solution is accepted to be #negotiations w/ win-win outcome
Re #Nuclear Talks, positive steps have been taken. P5+1 have recognized Iran's right as an #NPT signatory. #Negotiations #IranTalks
Positive economic changes result of social capital. People putting their trust in this gov; & this gov relying on top experts & specialists.
Today Islamic #unity and fraternity is one of the most essential religious duties for Shias and Sunnis. #EidAlGhadeer
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Green Management Scorecard for Ministers distributed,each ministry ranked on water,energy, waste programs ,DOE rank1
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Re #AcademicFreedom, progress & development on start of new academic year at Tehran University. #AlmaMater
Start of new academic yr:Irrelevant restrictions will lead to lack of tolerance& departure of honest competent individuals. #AcademicFreedom
Particularly proud of our women's historic performance in #AsianGames while upholding Islamic values. #Empoweredwoman
Congrats to the sport-loving nation of #Iran, dedicated coaches & athletes for the medals earned in #AsianGames2014
On #EidAlAdha spoke w/ Emir of #Qatar. Both emphasized the need to coordinate fight against terrorism& restoration of regional peace. #WAVE
Gift from President Putin to people of #Iran. Iranian warrior's shield from 17th century, returned 400 years later.
As the 5 #CaspianSea littoral states, signed 3 #cooperation agreements & issued a joint statement. #Development
Interviewing with Russian state TV Россия-1: Global conditions such that continuation of illegal #sanctions no longer possible. #Dialogue
Interviewing w/ Россия-1. Greetings to the great nation of #Russia. We can cooperate w/ #Russia in natural gas market
Iran Pres @HassanRouhani tells me nuclear deal is still possible, but there are still big gaps
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Iranians are a peace-loving nation. In previous 2 centuries, Iran hasn't attacked another country, but has been target of aggression & #WMDs
Re Iran-Italy ties, we have traditionally enjoyed good relationship w/ #Italy & we're ready to expand & deepen bilateral ties. #RouhaniLive
Re #Hezbollah I'm astonished you call them #terrorists while they are voted in by the #Lebanese people. They're part of Lebanon's government
#Terrorism is terrorism & by its nature is anti-religion. Thus, asking what religious belief terrorist groups hold is irrelevant. 2/2
#Iran's 1st fight agst a terrorist organisation was agst the #Shia terrorist group MEK. Which sect terrorists belong to is not important 1/2
Had it not been for #Iran's timely assistance, many of the #Iraqi cities would have fallen to the hands of these vicious #terrorists.
For us to help the US combat #ISIS? Or for them to help us? We've actually been the ones countering #terrorism in the region for years.
Re #HumanRights, believe country's atmosphere has actually improved since elections last year; encourage a visit to our university campuses
Re Jason Rezaian, important is for those detained to have access to competent legal counsel& for their case to be processed in a just manner
Re fighting #terrorism, Iran was the first to enter the scene--prior to any other country--and assisted the Iraqi government. #RouhaniLive
Natural to have people for & agnst #IranTaks. Important to bear in mind majority of iranians voted for negotiations rather than against it.
Win-win deal would benefit both sides. It would recognise the right of Iranian people and offer enough transparency for confidence building.
Any agreement in which continuation of enrichment in Iran is not considered will not be accepted. Sanctions must be lifted fully. #IranTalks
The idealogical link between the atrocities committed by #terrorists & any of the Abrahamic religions is nothing but facade. #islamophobia
To combat #terrorism, first financial support should dry up. Must cut off terrorist recruitment. #RouhaniLive
A staged fight / a show cannot bring us to the objectives of #peace and stability in the Middle East. #RouhaniLive
Watch Live Now: Press Conference (in English)
Iranian Pres @HassanRouhani says U.S.-led attacks on ISIS are mostly for show, not victory:
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Right now meeting with Frank-Walter Steinmeier, German Foreign Minister at our hotel. #ConstructiveEngagement