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Regret that now😁
I can never find the effort to revise✋😶 failed my psychology mock exam tomorrow😁😒
why am I going through the same shit over and over again with you✋cba
proper hate stuck up people
no way😂😂😂
I honestly don't give a shit✋✋✋
this time won't you save me, baby I can feel myself giving up
Waffles and chocolate spread😍
hate you so much lmao
little things always piss me off😠
i'm loosing myself to the sadness
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we've all taken screenshots of tweets/instagram posts that some girl u dont like has put up and sending them to ur bestfriend
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hate seeing you about all the time😖😖
love laying in bed all night when I come home from school🙈
go on holiday soon and my figure is absolutely vile😩😩
think I have an obsession with rings💍
summer holidays can't come quick enough👌👏
don't know how you could have even done this
hate warm nights😖
wish i had never of met you
fucking miss you👊
I'm forever being tired 😴✋
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fake tanned for the first time in like 2 month, loooove it😍👌
love getting along with my sister🙈
Thought things were finally starting to get better😒clearly not
literally everything is getting on top of me at the minute😥
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Refuse to even speak to you anymore😒
Absolutely sick of you😭
Dreading school tomorrow😩🔫