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I miss that conversation... So i'm following the maps that leads to you #maps
And you never sleep away, and you never hear me say
And forget about the stupid little things, cause i'm not fine at all
Is mr.MMM can play guitar ? Oh, i really want sing with him
I'm thirsty for success πŸ’¦πŸ’°πŸ’ŽπŸ’ΈπŸ’πŸ’³β€"
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#Stupiddayever cengeng, sakit kepala dikit aja tak kekampus :@
2 moment: 1.pngakuan live dr narasumber, 2.Dikerjain sm 2 dosen favorit. Kalau mr.MMM? Auk aah gelap..
I just try, is it enough or i start again ? #stupid
Smile baby Smile! NOPE Mom, I don't wanna move. I dunno when he is going to eat me up.
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If you feel like that, yhw ton uoy ot kcip em pu ? #mrMMM
Masih biasa aja semuanya #mrMMM
' I wish that i can wake up with amnesia, and forget about the stupid little thing ' #5SOS
How can i start to talk to you? Can u give me some idea ? #mrMMM
Why you gonna be so rude? Don't you know i'm alien...
Yes, i did it !!!!! #mrMMM
Hmmm..hmmm... Mr. MMM :D
Ssim mr. MMM os hcum #buti'msotired
I lost 1 follower recently and i know who that is thanks to app
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Mr. Donat kini berganti nama menjadi Mr. MMM (Muka Marah- Marah)
I'll paint you wings, to set you free, you can fly away ;(
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You gone too soon ;(
Mom,Can you choose the plant that has flowers, okie? Baby Nooo feeling to smile, mom.
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Lagunya pas banget : avril lavigne ~ the things i'll never say
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Why you gonna be so rude, don't you know i am human too...
Masih bisa hidup ,kok. #adaatautidak
Yah, gak jadi kekampus. Yah, jadi gak ketemu. Yah, belum tentu juga ketemu. Yah, sudahlah #siklusgalau
Minum sprite, smpe batuk, biar suara macam rocker
Kenapa gak ketemu, tuhan... ;(
Fix : he's not
Nyesek itu adlh: ktka km pengen ktemu bgt sm dia(walau gk janjian),waktu pas, suasana pas, tp dia gk dtg2 smpai jmputan dtg
Aku sang sepatu sneaker, kamu sang sepatu high heels #ehketuker
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Terima kasih Tuhan, terima kasih Rakyat Indonesia. Lupakan No 1, Lupakan No 2, Dahulukan Persatuan Bangsa. Tugas berat menanti kita.
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