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Harvard Biz Review
How to overcome the unexpected consequences of your success
Sales managers should focus on decisions, not technology
Why business managers may want to pay more attention to academic economists
Bash won't be the last threat of this magnitude
How SpaceX learned to make collaborative decisions better, faster
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How to influence employee behavior without telling them what to do
Would you read fiction with your coworkers?
Your biggest analytics bottleneck could be your company
If you want to be a better manager, start coaching your employees #HBRMgmntTip
We need three levels of response to get ahead of threats like Bash bug
Approaches to improve sales processes using analytics
Three lessons for leading large-scale change
What frequent texting can do to your thumbs:
For every hour a product teams spends on heads-down work, they spend 48 minutes waiting on decisions
Five ways economics helped shape smart decisions
Ten Ways To Become A Digital Master Without Ever Setting Foot In Silicon Valley via @Forbes #LeadingDigital
The right way to handle your next big win
.@BlueOceanStrtgy authors Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne will answer Q's this week re #blueoceanleadership. First up:
Beware the Analytics Bottleneck
The broader context of the Fed/Goldman tapes: How finance is eating the economy @gmukunda
The Bash Bug Is a Wake-Up Call
The Ways Big Cities Think About Large-Scale Change
[Sponsored tweet] 5 questions to help bridge the #analytics gap #SAS
How Companies Can Learn to Make Faster Decisions
Sales Data Only Matters If It Helps You Take Action
What an Economist Brings to a Business Strategy
Repeated Texting Can Thicken the Tendons in Your Thumbs
The Unexpected Consequences of Success
What average workers would earn if the ideal CEO-to-worker compensation ratios were real
Options beat predictions when it comes to talent
Some things to consider before you start collecting employees' data
Motivate employees with the customer praise you want
Before you can collaborate, you have to agree on the problem you're tackling
You should think of Apple as a band, not a company
This won't be easy to fix: Secret recordings of the New York Fed show regulatory capture on display
The unconscious cues you need to master if you want to wield influence
Locate your company's "super geos" to drive growth
Management Tip: Be a Better Manager by Coaching Your Employees #HBRMgmntTip
ICYMI: The best business reads of the past week
Listen: How Google manages its smart, creative team
Research: When giving customers fewer options is a good business model @whartonknows #shortlist
Why customers are better than managers at designing strategy
The unsung hero on your team who deserves a raise
How companies can retain the Gen Xers they're at risk of losing
How too much transparency at work can really backfire