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Harvard Biz Review
Here are the best business reads from the past week (you're welcome):
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We need to redefine privacy in an open-office world
The rise of the talent economy has created an unsustainable inequality of income
Chinese management ideas are starting to get the attention they deserve via @TheEconomist
When others are unemployed, your well-being suffers
Business schools must rethink what they teach about executive leadership and the goals of the corporation
As Scotland considers independence, other small countries offer some important lessons
Learn how to manage for creativity in this article we've unlocked for the weekend
Help your team overcome their doubts
Research shows some surprising consequences of employee surveillance
15 ways companies can capture more value
Why the Apple Watch Is a Gift to the Swiss Watch Industry
When it comes to innovation, the most successful leaders don't push a vision-they help others push theirs @HBSAlumni
How Rotary strengthened their brand
How Silicon Valley Became Uncool
3 Reasons to Kill Influencer Marketing
Why Your Brain Hates Performance Reviews
"I don't need to be first; I just need to be best." –an interview with Bobbi Brown
Your Company’s Energy Data Is an Untapped Resource
To Close a Deal, Find a Champion
"It seems clear that the economy is heading towards another 1935 moment." @RogerLMartin
The danger of touting a product as "the best"
Get Your Team to Stop Second-Guessing Decisions
How Business Schools Can Help Reduce Inequality
The Economic Advantages of an Independent Scotland
Why we need to redefine privacy in an open-office world
Chinese management ideas are beginning to get the attention they deserve via @TheEconomist
Your Well-Being Declines When Others Are Unemployed, and Not Because of Empathy
How Being Filmed Changes Employee Behavior
How a new team should spend its first few weeks
Today's technological innovations seem much smaller than those of 20 or 30 years ago. @wfrick examines why:
Where does your industry fall on our 2x2 matrix of uncertainty?
How to deliver a great speech (for starters, put the paper down)
Public speakers who like to get close to their audience should read this
Another Reason to Take More Breaks
Tracking customer attitudes can help you better predict their behavior