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Olly Alexander of Years & Years kisses boyfriend Neil Amin-Smith of Clean Bandit as they perform πŸ‘¬πŸŒˆl4u
Retweeted by becky
if i was jeans this would be me
aw that girl was signing the song thats so cute
so much stuffs
look at all my moving out stuff omg
I’ve never seen the Cha Cha slide hit so viciously in my life πŸ‘€οΏ½l3
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i want these so bad i cry
"what do you want to be when you're older" i want 2 b the center of attention πŸ’πŸ»
why does the magic mirror on the xtra factor sound like ja'mie
lol i eat so much pasta
some people should just have a massive tattoo on their forehead saying "I SMOKE WEED AND DO DRUGS. ALSO I'VE HAD SEX"
do ya ever wanna roll ya eyes so far back into ur skull that they erase the last thing u read from ur brain
When you're ranting on the TL and only one person is RTing
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Being drunk 100 years ago would be so fun- like omg did I blackout and ride my horse home last night again ? Is this even my horse ?
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how cute is my new doorstop his name is cheese
lmao this is the most ive ever related to a meme
lost in reality is my jam atm
i just found a diary from when i was 10 and all ive written in it is "I HATE EVERYONE ... except mcfly" tRU
im gonna stop tweeting videos now n go to sleep im just excited
u have no idea how hot brendon urie is like seriously
When I say "Netflix and chill" I mean "Netflix and chill" stop trying to kiss me , watch the 9/11 conspiracy theory documentary or leave.
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i feel so shitty why am i so lame
everyones going back to college/school this week n i still have another 3 weeks off ha ha bitches
i dont know who im more jealous of
i cant believe how good moose blood were yesterday i fell in love with them even more
is this real life or is this just fantasy
ive never been happier to have a shower
i just started talking to someone in the merch queue and he has the same guitar teacher as me how weird????? wtf!!???
someones pissed in our tent like full on wet themselves😩
the train pulled into reading station and everyone cheered same
Halsey just gave me a vagina pep talk in this gc omg
Retweeted by becky
am i allowed to unfollow someone im friends with if their tweets are fucking annoying
who cares if people wanna wear ripped jeans and band shirts and flannels round their waists get over urself lmao
id legit kill for hair like this
who sleeps til 4 in the afternoon im a sad excuse for a human
gotta stop staying up til 4am

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