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im watching all these how to pronounce words videos and i dont think ive ever pronounced anything right in my life
ok who even invents words bc u need to do ur job better
still cant believe meme is pronounced meem and not me-me
my mom told me im not allowed the hair dryer on bc its loud so im trying to dry my hair with a hand fan and its making me rly cold :(
my tweets are just commentary of me online shopping
why is unif so expensive
there are lime crime lipsticks on sale for literally £3 and i still dont wanna buy them lol
u should only care about who a person is dating if the person they are dating is you 🌸
its 2015 and u still care more about who bands are dating than the music they make
gonna book my tattoo tomorrow also going to reserve a place to be buried when my parents kill me
my guitar teacher just emailed me this how amazing
i look so ugly recently i need my hair doing and my eyebrows and i need new make up and someone to do my make up for me and dress me and i n
why do accidental selfies always turn out better than planned selfies im so mad
i was gonna go to sleep then ended up starting a harry potter book now im 5 chapters in and very sleepy but omg im in love
how am i only just watching the music video for ghost holy hell
this song just reminds me of when i was 14 and going through my most intense emo phase ever…
ben bruce
When your leftovers are ready in the microwave & u hear it beep…
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ok i literally just tweeted this…
i can feel it is gonna be on the i can feel it ep lmao NO WAY!!
i ordered so much stuff yesterday and today i cant even remember what half of it was its gonna be like christmas when it all arrives lmao
my dog has been barking at a balloon on the ceiling for 10 minutes same
when its hot all i listen to is house music i turn into a different person
i wanna go to a disclosure concert again
u win a prize if u can correctly count the number of half empty water bottle s
my mom told me to tidy my room what r u talking about this is bedroom goals
im trying to holiday shop and the only sizes left everywhere is like xs or xxl why me
looks like im off to costa lmao
i made a massive jug of ice tea and its gross 😩
wtf am i gonna do then sunbathe while its dark?????
its almost 4am but im not tired what am i gonna do
r the foo fighters gonna reschedule their london shows or am i gonna have to kill them
imagine if no one had invented the razor and u had to pluck ur leg hairs one by one
that is some make up goals right there
someone just told me i cant say make up goals about myself y the f not i am make up goals look at me
ill sell u ashtons drumstick for £999

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