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look at this walking to college playlist i got goin on
Firefighters use tiny oxygen masks to treat hamsters rescued from fire:…
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uk better be part of this OTRA tour ¿
@OTRAusa: And 5sos will NOT be opening for this tour!”🙏🙏🙏
the video of sam pepper crying isnt even like I HATE HIM SO MIVH HE ISNT EVEN TRYING ITS LIKE HES TAKING THE PISS
does anyone 18+ in london want free tickets to see rufus hound tomorrow
#GuessAllTimeLowsGoodNews there aren't any support acts for their next tour theyre playing a 4 hour set instead
i really want one of those giant yorkshire puddings w a sunday dinner inside they look amazing
everyones going to see the 1975 tonight im so sad
someone make a blackboard iphone case so i can draw on it
they should've unfollowed calum too
why do u hav to hit the drums so hard on guitar hero i dont wanna brEAK them
i have tickets to see ed tonight but i cant go :(
This girl yesterday gave me m&m's with Taylor Caniff's face on them
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im so sick of teenage boys & their uneducated opinions on social issues & 10-13 year olds buying their bullshit only bc they have nice hair
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gonna kms in the morning for not going to sleep earlier
when i grow up i wanna look like lauren jauregui
he should keep the second girl band
@SimonCowell: The groups category very strong this year.” is this sarcasm
i dont think id hate the pow pow girls so much if their name wasnt so shit
blonde electric are so shit louis doesnt know anything
x factor gives me stress spots
1D wannabes make me wanna kms so bad
if any of u become overload fan accs im unfollowing u js
girl bands are literally so annoying apart from fifth harmony
thank u louis
the girl band is awful
she looks like denis the menice
only like 4 of them can actually sing
and none of them are cute whats then point
how ridiculous having a band with 8 people
they put bands together every year to try and get another 1d but they always flop
1d did it better
nobody knows omg😥
jack whitehall is so pretty
my brother asked what the vamps sung and my was like weee are the vamps the vamps the vamps the vamps 🆗
"whos the lead singer in one direction" "well harry plays the drums..." ok
acoustic steal my girl is gonna be so good omg
nanana its the motherfuckin d o double g SNOOP DOGGGGGG
every time i add new songs to my ipod it gets rid of the artwork on some of my other albums why is itunes sos crappy
THE way they sing the world doesn't turn alright sooundds so nice thats my faVOURITE part