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does anyone have an NUS card number i can use pls ive lost mine :(
i wasnt gonna go all out for my halloween outfit but i may have just ordered a daddys little monster shirt
i can never remember what number eyelashes i buy im so stressed
im gonna spend my night watching death note and feeling sorry for myself lol
might get someone from tinder to come cuddle w me
i wish i had a bf rn
might watch a film n feel sorry for myself
its not even 6pm and im considering going to bed fml
dinner lolz
i shoulda been che, sean and simon not mason
why did they put mason through on the x factor what the fuck
these tights are a size regular. yet another unrealistic standard for girls.
im gonna end up spending more time picking my essay question than i am on writing it lol
whenever we have a contempt lecture im set on doing my essay on contempt then we have defamation and im like nope gonna do defamation
hate when youtubers say dont worry about grades,college isnt important like excuse me not all of us can do chubby bunny challenge for living
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gonna sit in my lectures eating ice lollies and no 1 can say anything bc i have tonsillitis
happy birthday brutha @CaseyMoreta
listenin 2 some nightcore
im listening to an acoustic of my house and before the chorus lynn like whispers "1 2 3 4" shes so fuckihg cute im gonna cry
im gonna do it more like this on halloween but i dont have the colours yet i had to improvise w red lipstick
i jus want nice hair and nice underwear and nice boys
my room looks like this and the thing that gets marked as unsatisfactory is my fckin fairy lights oKAay
im@so@fckn bored omg
ur american tour is gonna get cancelled after they see this tweet…
πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•pulled a muscle because life is the hardest workout you'll ever do πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•
ive pulled a muscle in the back of my leg but i havent even been to the gym im confus???
four fucking hours uno, ive never even been to scotland
getting a 4 hour train to glasgow straight after bmth then queuing for hv gig the things i fucking do i swear to heck fuck @HeyViolet
why is the sun on ma face
i dont fucking but for sure
i love reading youtube comments its so entertaining omfg
im jus ded
omg im seeing asking alexandria in 2 days dude
i have no idea what to listen to im literally bored of everything how sad is that
omg. just fell in love again
i fricken love velvet things i want my entire wardrobe to be velvet
uno when u go on youtube n ur subs have 40 new uploads n u get excited then see its just hopeless records who have uploaded an entire album
what can i cook for dinner when all i have is pasta and oranges and bread pls help
i still read troubador as troublahblahbleur lol
are hey violet playing new songs on their uk tour bc they only have like 2 songs
also i rly need a wee n its cold n im still 10 mins away :(
i left my keycard to get into my flat inside my room aren't i just so clever?
can someone pls sell me a standing ticket to catfish and the bottlemen in manchester pls pls pls

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