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i fucking love black and white tattoos i want 40
its 4.30 am lmao fuk i thought it was like 11
whats a towel
when u dye ur hair nd ur moms like dont get it on the towel nd u get it on the towel nd u just no ur gon die
professional people r so annoying dont u have a soul
when u go into a hair salon : pls bleach my hair hair salon : u need highlights!!! 3 times a year, and 3 treatments and a cut and maybe som
me emailing hair salons : can u just bleach my hair pls i dont care about damage i just want it bleached so its not patchy.. please
my friend told me i had nice boobs today asif i didnt already know lol
that spotify ad thats like "sometimes when ur listening to a song you can just....................... lose connection" fuks me up every time
who can i be for halloween that will give me an excuse to buy this
when everyone has cool af names and ur like... im becky.....
"write" i need to go to bed i think
is thAt the write word idk
i want everything from dollskill but im so broke
im actually crying i fucking hate this show
my mad fat diary is a piece of shit why did i start watching it its fucking me up
Arena wifi won't let me access @papermagazine because of "nudism" so I'm gonna go onstage naked tonight in protest.
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"bassists : moody, pissy, bitchy, always sulking" it u @Calum5SOS
i stalk hot girls on insta more than hot dudes. why u so pretty. how u so candid. how ur makeup so blended. where u buy that outfit.
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two deer walk out of a gay bar, one turns to the other and says “man, i can’t believe i blew thirty bucks in there”. OMH
Can't decide which lovelis sister I wanna be so ill just be both 😂
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for all of them not each
i just got billy idol, led zeppelin, the doors, the clash, queen and fleetwood mac records for £15 what a dream
omg it has like fleetwood mac and led zeppelin for £3 im
my dad told me about a charity ship that has loads of records but i cant find it :(( im sad
also remember when luke followed me on an account i hadnt used for 6 months what kind of stalker shit
he was only 16 yrs old and wore blue jeans what a l0s3r
remember when luke hemmings took a pic of us on his phone then tweeted it to me then deleted the tweet 😅
33 rts also remember when i was harrysbum_ LMAO SHIT
im on the way to my drum lesson and forgot my sticks arent i clever!!!
i got self tan all over my bed sheets fuk
idk who this girl is but im in love
will i ever get over pvris probably not
unblock me on instagram @Calum5SOS bitch
when will calum unblock me on instagram
when u have no fricken idea how to get ur outfit into a pic (trashy but sassy pool party outfit by me zx)
honestly roam are a dream i cant wait to see them

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