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Hank Green
Playing Super Fight with these fools.
I'm glad I don't have claws growing out of my tongue.
I wish being annoyed felt like an orgasm. #throwspennyinwell
That's what...she said?
LA can be OK I guess.
If this is such a fancy hotel, why can't they buy toilet paper that doesn't suck.
Hey @Uber, drivers who activate the ride and then drive around a bit before picking up the passenger can be found algorithmically. Do it.
Two in one day? Yeah, OK.
Love ain't no billy goat. Love's got regular human eyeballs. Love don't got Satan's eyeballs!
I found @meghantonjes!
First stop in LA. Of course.
Katherine gave the cat bacon. And in so doing, has created a monster.
This was surprisingly painful. Check out vlogbrothers to see the dump in action.
Just bought @michaelaranda's minecraft server perk on his Subbable. I've seen the seed and it is beautiful.
We have named all of the "French" and, assuming that you don't actually want them, we're using them to help grow developing rural economies!
Dear @realjohngreen, for your birthday, Nerdfighteria bought you a llama for every year of your life:
Before and After.
Desperate times...editing two videos simultaneously.
I was trying to think of the names of some of my friends and I typed "friends" in to Google so...
The Missoula Parking Comission and Pemberley Digital have very similar logos.
Does anybody know anybody who works at @wattpad? I've got a question...
Online Video is Nothing Like TV (But it Will Be if We Can’t Think Differently)…
Just referred to myself as a "hoity toity pretentious hipster sonofabitch" in an email concerning VidCon strategy. #accurate
MEHEHEHEHEEHEEEE, my to do list is trying to eat me....
You can watch 9hrs of The Brain Scoop here: The first video is on Vlogbrothers @clmathers
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Sometimes hypocrisy isn't indicative of being an's just the only option available to people who want to exist and know things.
I'm not sure if I picked the correct bath towel color for my bathroom. I'm also concerned about the number of people who have Malaria.
I just forgot what avocados were called so I called one a "guacamole pear."
My grandmother gave me a ton of these antique glass thingies when I was a kid. Some of them are candy containers with ANCIENT CANDY STILL INSIDE!! No idea if they're valuable or what I'm gonna do with them...
If I learned anything from watching Murder She Wrote, it's when some adorable old lady shows away...because someone's gonna die.
My skin was feeling super weird and then I realized...there's moisture in the air. LEGITIMATE HUMIDITY! It's weird...
How to Deal with Copyright Claims (And More) On HanksChannel:…
But that's OK...we'll keep doing our thing and it will be fun...and hopefully important and great in its own, subcultural way.
On the scale of YouTube as a mainstream cultural thing...I feel a little bit anachronistic.
Also it makes me wonder if it's something I can affect...and I think mostly I can't.
I suppose I feel somewhat alienated from the idea of what a "YouTuber" is...and it makes me wonder if that's something I want to be.
Of course that's not really a sentiment prevalent in Nerdfighteria...and online video as a whole is very different from the parts I inhabit.
The #YouTubersIWantToBang hashtag makes me feel very weird. Remember when we all thought about each other as people?
I really like making YouTube videos...
Halloween 1999. #tbt
Huh...Amazon sent me a book that I did not buy. I am confused...
VidCon planning!! What does it all mean?!
Gunnarollas are nice for hugging.
Go Verb a Noun interviewed me about life and business and online video last week and here it is!…
Had such a great time hanging out with @thebadastronomer today.
Super freaking excited about hanging with Phil Plait (@badastronomer). He's doing a guest shoot for SciShow Space.
Imagine in 42 years when they're writing this book about YouTube. I'm gonna be soooo oooold.