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Hank Green
Butternut squash totally won the squash-naming lottery. BUTTERNUUUUUT. BOOOTERNOOOOT.
Pleasant evening decorating Ukeleles for World Builders supporters.
Amazing analogue gauges at the Blue Mountain Observatory #latergram
I can barely believe this, but this is a real-life photo I took of our real-life galaxy. 120 second exposure from the top of Blue Mountian last night.
Just got back from the Blue Mountain Observatory public viewing. Pretty much every single person was a Nerdfighter. Saturn kicked ass.
My favourite thing of the day - Tom Lehrer's response when asked if rapper 2 Chainz could sample one of his songs.
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So if a shart know. Can a "foop" be when you fart while pooping? Technically the same thing...yet so very different.
Modern great white sharks are about the size of the extinct Megalodon's penis. -Peter Klimley #Relativity
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Any nerdfighters living in Gaza or the West Bank listening right now?
I saw a post on Tumblr this morning that was just a compilation of dumb things Harry Potter did and I need it but I CAN'T FIND IT NOW! HELP!
Last night I dreamt that I rescued @mametown from a tree. What were you doing in that tree Mamrie!
In the comments on Reddit someone suggested that Michael Collins is the only person to ever take an "everybodyelsie"
Poster from @hankgreen's Tour Because Awesome looking great on my wall!
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I just gave Ever his first ever Corndog (it was a mini) and he was enthusiastically in favor!
Denonym!! Of course. We have a word for everything.
Is there a word for the name we give to people from a place? Like "Colombian" or "Belgian"?
I downloaded "Kardashian" and named myself "Butts". Totally worth it.
Sunny river Saturday.
And this marks the only time I will use any of those three words in a tweet #oldman
I would love to see some research on the rise of the words "thirsty", "slay", and "bae." With attention paid to the roll of social media.
Would it be weird to live-tweet a book?