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Hank Green
I just received this amazing dollar bill bulldog not only folded but designed by Janessa Munt.
Last night I talked to @PlanetofFinks for like 20 minutes about the necessary procedures for acquiring eyeballs. Life Goal Met.
Watching @anitasarkeesian at XOXO and feeling terribly frustrated and amazed and hopeful all at the same time.
I found @vihart eating wings!!
Last night, the LEDs on the thermostat and TV we're bugging me so I fixed it.
And now I am officially (at least temporarily) hanging out in the chat of that hangout.… #WhatIfBook
In a few hours I'm going to be talking about #WhatIfBook with Randall Munroe on Vlogbrothers. Not nervous at all!…
The answer is yes! Thank you.
Australians...weird question...when you get a soda at a fast food restaurant, does it have ice in it?
I really like fire escapes.
Apple gets the details right: no Pluto.
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the apple watch is stunningly beautiful and completely inaccessible to me, apple design at its finest
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[P] "The iPhone 6 comes equipped to deliver a 100,000 volt shock to anyone attempting to take a vertical video." - my dreams
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Sorry to the people who just stumbled into my attempt to create a hangout three days from now.
I spent an hour chatting with @rhettandlink about some pretty heavy stuff...that Ear Biscuit is Now Released!…
@SciShow @BadAstronomer @hankgreen You mean, we can't just ask them how far away they are? #LaughLearnGive
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Secret Project Step Seven!
Onzie wezie gozie!
I meant to make hamburgers but they turned out tiny so...SLIDERS!
Secret Project Step Six!!
Secret Project Step 5!!
Do other languages have alphabet songs? Do the suck as much as ours?
Lemon's super special giant ear trick.
Lemon can do pretty much whatever she wants with her ears. She very rarely does this. SO CUTE!
Secret Project Step Four!
Just found a flyer for a Matthew Gaydos show at my favorite bistro. Three bucks!
Today is the last day to vote for #SXSW2015!! Please vote for panel on Entertainment+Education with me and @Ehmee!!
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Secret project step 3!
Today's #TUNESDAY is on a THURSDAY. What does anything even meet at all anymore? Also this happens:
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Wanted! People with physics degrees to do jobs that have nothing to do with physics...'cause at least we know you like a challenge.
Step two of the secret project!!
I just like goats.
We filmed a super fun sibling face-off episode of Quiz Show last week! @realjohngreen @hankgreen
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If you watch this clip, some of this Friday's Vlogbrothers video will make more sense:…
Sweet map of Nerdfighteria Island arrived today.
@hankgreen @YouTube No kidding. You get one troll posting something negative and 200 comments disagreeing, so that troll counts as "top".
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I'm gonna go ahead and say it out loud. @YouTube..."Top Comments" is a broken and bad system that promotes bad discourse. Please Stop.
Ok. This binder of old stuff is too good. I need to turn the camera on.
Holy. Crap. I just found an email argument between me and some random internet person about evolution and creationism. Apparently I thought this was important enough to print out and save for TWENTY YEARS!!!
Oh God! Winter is Coming!!
Gettin a new tag for Lemon :-)
All of my thiiiings! 😨
On this episode of Table Talk, I discuss punching @realjohngreen, being bullied, and what a perv I was when I was 12…
Electronics tip! Never use a piece of straw to complete a circuit. Things go totally haywire. 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Sheep grazing Jumbo Saddle. Montana, you's worth it.
Still so many cool things happening in vlogging behind the scenes. Loved this video:
Late night signing with @johngreenwritesbooks