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.@SciShow Meaning of Life: Serious Silliness!
Today we tackle the Q: "What's the #MeaningOfLife? Our answer: to create life. What's yours? @hankgreen @johngreen…
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Unbreakable rule of iOS redesigns. If it ain't broke...break it.
I have found that the key to getting up early is tea with lots of honey and cream.
Got up at 4:45 to do a bunch of radio interviews! I know how all of you listen to morning radio shows so...keep an ear open.
EqualityFTW 94% of the way there! Get a zine of my high school drivel!… is one of my favorite websites in the whole world. Here, J says the word "Sock"…
Signing periodic tables at the warehouse. Available only as Subbable perks.
Thomas Eric Duncan Remembered for his Compassion.…
Arkham Horror. The most complicated board game I have ever experienced. Nick just said, "Circle white, square diamond black. Sneak and will checks negative one."
Since starting Games with Hank I've become obsessed with @markiplier and @Jack_Septic_Eye ...I was already obsessed with @DanNerdCubed
What's it like to have your face on a bus? Find out here:… Hint...I don't actually know...
In eight years of Vlogbrothers this has never happened. Finished editing a video, first run through, EXACTLY 4:00!
Michael and Caitlin are doing a @SciShow meetup in NYC on November 2nd!… RSVP HERE
@hankgreen judging by all the press, it's clearly not a ShyShow
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@hankgreen Get one on the side of the pentagon and you can call it SpyShow
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@hankgreen comparatively, all other advertisements are a real SighShow
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@hankgreen If they make it to South Korea people might mistake it for Psy-Show
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@hankgreen get an ad on an airplane, and you could call yourself SkyShow
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@hankgreen I think you've taken ads to the next level. Like the 17th level of the Chrysler Building.
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@hankgreen in a couple of months they'll be covered in SciSnow
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I'll start....I used to be on YouTube. Now...Hey NYC and Chicago, I'm in YOUR TUBE! (I'm terrible at this.)
OK...let's change the subject. SciShow has advertisements on busses, subways, buildings, magazines, websites. Any good puns?
Now I'm patiently waiting for the first YouTuber to try and Ponzi their audience. STUPID BAGEL GUY MAKING ME QUESTION EVERYTHING!
@hankgreen Hold up your phone and say very loudly, "Siri, what is a Ponzi Scheme"?
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@hankgreen The argument can be made that the bagel place is full of dillholes.
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Attempting to not lose faith in humanity because of one dillhole at the bagel place...
So...btw...if a charismatic person wants you to pay money to get involved in any system that will make you rich. They are lying assholes.
Sat at the table next to a dude pitching an MLM scam to a bunch of kids at lunch. Extremely depressing. Didn't know how to help...
I have reached the stage of the cold where my nose just constantly drips.
If anybody has pictures of the @SciShow ads, please share them! I'm making a collection and I have no idea where or what they are!
Some people just want to make science-based parodies of popular music.… I'm supporting!
So...Google actually has a list of the World's Most Asked Questions. They gave it to us...and we're answering them on @SciShow #WMAQ
Nice article on @SciShow over at Business Insider!… this week has been very weird...
Hearts to @realkgreen for making my sick ass chicken soup tonight. I'm a lucky dude.
Far Cry 4 on Games with Hank!… ...without Hank? Maybe...but still frikkin' awesome.
Ohhhh HELL YEAH!! Got fiber at the office.
I have a cold and I was like "God my ears are SO CLOGGED" but it turned out I just still had my earbuds in.
Stah-wong Baaaaad
I love my new medicine but I hate what it does to my immune system. This is my third cold of the last six months :-(
Either that or Walking Dead has way more internet-connected, science-interested viewers.
Ok. So now that we've had ads on The Walking Dead and Big Bang Theory, I can tell you The Walking Dead has WAY more viewers.